Ah, it just hit me why all of this breitbart.com/europe/2019/0 … ay-brexit/.

It baffled me. Like what could be the EU’s incentive in being so difficult here?

In being assholes, they clearly alienate their more doubtful members. In being intransigent, they are clearly risking the UK leaving on terms that are not beneficial to it. It clearly splinters Europe.

And then I thought, if UK leaves without a deal, that is a bad sign for the EU regarding other would-be leavers because they would see the EU is not almighty and doesn’t always get what it wants.

But, of course, they WANT Britain to leave, and they WANT them to leave with no deal.

The message is: yes, the UK which is a global economic superpower is better off leaving with no deal. Ehem, is that the case for you? Because we will be JUST as intransigent, and maybe US and Australia and others won’t be there for you, waiting outside the door with a magnificent trade deal in their hands.

Maybe, unlike England, you take more money from us than you give.

Maybe you oughtta ponder what no deal means for YOU.

The intransigence is the message.