Exposing vulgar and primitive Yanks to a bit of culture.

This thread will be for a bit of culture for the barbaric and half-naked Yank goons to at least see what kind of civilization their great-grandfathers used to belong to. Semi-daily positions.

Todays position.


Todays position.


If I am not mistaken Chopin was 17 when he composed this piece. He attended Paganini’s concert in either France or Austria and felt so inspired that when he returned to Poland he began writing this piece as a tribute.

you should listen to some real music like lil wayne or justin beiber.

Bad music taste is not the end of the world, just like being short or short-sighted does not mean you will be a useless human being.

youtube.com/watch?v=dHOB3FV … nesCouchet

youtube.com/watch?v=syB9mxe … cesofMusic

youtube.com/watch?v=DzoFKG7 … erClassics

youtube.com/watch?v=3dOQB0o … rpsichordM
Whole of Couperin should be listened if one has a good ear for music.When the French had a serious culture and when God stood over European souls. Before all the filth, the Derridas and Zizeks, the Nazis stripping Jews naked and gassing them in hundreds, before Communism, before the overflow of capitalistic garbage, before widespread anarchy and vulgarity, before widespread Godlessness…In terms of culture and class, these times tower over ours without a doubt; in fact, they really tower over whole of mankind with the Great Ancient civilizations and the Romans included.


youtube.com/watch?v=DKnn5PH … bney-Topic

I am no yank but I damn well appreciate me some Haydn.

I am just joking, even if I thought this, I’d not be a pretentioust piece of shit and say it. Same way I completely don’t give a shit about autism or think or care if SATIRE has a personality paranoid disorder and so on…hehe.

I figured it was the sort of satire that naturally is required when talking to yanks.


I just really like F minor.

youtube.com/watch?v=5EGuJSe … roque6hiro
For me, this is my jam…this kind of music…forceful, vibrant, elegant and classy in the Baroch conceptions yet full of melancholic determination and rebellion. Unpretentious, unassuming, sharp, vital but without any heroism or deluded grandiosity. These harpsichord pieces are what civilized rage is, a man sitting down and tearing melodies through the air without any intent or purpose. A man who wants to play and a man who wants to listen on the other end. The end result…musical experience itself.

If you wanted to kill a giant…would your throw yourself at it to cut off its head or would you poison the well it drinks from gradually??? You Yanks should ask yourself this.

youtube.com/watch?v=0-mfy9w … 9lectrique


I for one grow nauseated at the anti-American sentiment being espoused by one such as yourself, but apparently my AI agrees: