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The above turned up on my facebook page. The video sought to justify/explain the US obsession with gun ownership. It occurred to me to share it. Is it an accurate depiction? Opinions appreciated. :-k

No, it is not an accurate depiction unless you are a white American who is ashamed of being white and who likes to be misrepresented.

How do you think people should protect themselves from threats?

Thanks. So you’re suggesting that I shouldn’t share it? I’m in the UK. Where is the inaccuracy?

ah, Mr. Derleydoo, from what I could hear, I wish it was close captioned,
but it seem to hit the nail on the head… fear has driven the gun society…
it sounded like a south park episode and I wouldn’t be surprise
if it was part of south park family…

and the latest shooting in Vegas shows us the failure of the argument
of everyone being safe if everyone had a gun… the entire crowd
could have had a gun and it wouldn’t have matter one bit…
the solution to gun violence isn’t more guns and the solution isn’t
avoiding the problem and saying prayers and wishes to the ones lost
as usually done by politicians bought and paid for by the NRA…

the violence was committed by a 64 year old retired white guy,
you can’t claim terrorism or any such thing…this points out the fact
that more acts of terrorism is committed by guys like this, then
muslims or any such terrorism groups…but of course he did the
cowardly thing by killing himself as is the MO of cowards who own guns…
fear drives this group and until we understand this, we won’t be able
to stop it… guns aren’t the answer and more guns aren’t the answer…
we have to assume that if the problem is people, then we must do something
about people which means we must take away guns from the people if we are
to prevent this, but don’t worry next month, there will be another and another
and another attack because we have gutless cowards in congress who would
rather take the NRA’s money then actually doing anything about gun violence…

democracy bought and paid for by special interest groups like the NRA…
modern America at its best…


Mr. Doo,

A great deal about this most recent Vegas shooting doesn’t add up which Peter made no mention of. First, why would a 64 years old guy bother shooting concert goers…makes no sense an old guy doing something this ridiculously destructive without making his reasons clear. Second, how did an average guy with no military background get his hands on loads of specialized military grade weapons? Third, how did he smuggle them all into the hotel without drawing attention to himself? How did a regular joe know that these weapons would shoot successfully such a long distance? It wasn’t like it was a measurable 30+ stories and he had no military weapons training for such guns. Isn’t it convenient that he was found dead at the scene so he can’t be questioned, so we’ll never know why he would bother performing such destruction. I say it was an inside government, military operation to eliminate someone or warn someones family to keep their mouths shut about something to do with the USA government. The 64 years old guy was already dead when he was placed inside the hotel room to take the rap for this life taking charade. Specialized military shooters pulled this off and I say it was more than one.

K: when all else fails, return to some conspiracy to explain something…
such a small mind, it is either someone hates themselves or some conspiracy…
a one track mind at its best…



How do you think people should protect themselves from threats?

There is no protection from the scenario you describe!

Personally owned guns are the last line of defense from a corrupt government.

The shooter was a multimillionaire who lived the high life in Vegas gambling and schmoozing on the Vegas strip. His brother said he was not religious or politically inclined. None of it adds up.

A regular occurrence in the USA. I have had this discussion with PK in the past. Paddock managed 50 or 60, apparently that’s the record! It’s there to be beaten. Soon enough, someone will try. Paddock received a great deal of attention. It is highly likely that somewhere a seed will have been sown.

Yes, there is a huge campaign by the liberal left USA to take everyone but the government’s guns away. Once men and woman can no longer defend themselves successfully against government tyranny like the Europeans who are helpless, then we’ll be permanently held hostage by the military industrial complex until the globalist agenda is enacted enslaving all human beings equally.

Well, you folks in the UK can simply throw massive amounts of acid on an aggressive military since you know how to mix it up.

K: and the lies go on… really, you think any gun you might have, are any match for
the firepower the feds can drop on you if they get really motivated…
they can hit you from 15 miles out without a fed anywhere in sight…
your little pop guns are no match for the federal firepower…
this is a delusion along with tax cuts create jobs…

there is no gun defense against a corrupt government and are delusional
if you believe so…


K: and the gutless politicians will offer condolences and prayers for the loss of life and
do absolutely nothing because those who have bought and paid for these politicians don’t
want anything done… the largest terrorist group in the world is the NRA and they
don’t want anything done about guns and so nothing will be done about guns…
lives are irrelevant to money from special interest groups and terrorist groups like
the NRA…and next month we will hear of more terrorist attacks funded by the
NRA…and nothing will be done ever until the NRA is designated as a terrorist group…


When the military comes house to house to round up dissidents and people are armed the government won’t be so confident to rush in and drag those people from their homes now will they? In the UK, who or what would stop your government from pulling you out of your bed in the middle of the night if they believe that you are a troublemaker?

When military sons and daughters are told to harm their own citizen families, many will walk away from their paychecks and take up arms against that corrupt government if there are any arms left to take up.

This latest shooting is an anchor to disarm this country before the economy tanks out. This is the political beach head to disarm the country.

K: it doesn’t matter how many guns or what type of guns you use, the fed are going
to outgun you… you simply don’t have enough firepower to defeat the fed even
if millions took to guns…your idea’s are some right wing fantasies about fighting the feds.
it isn’t going to happen… the answer has to be different then guns because having guns
doesn’t make you safe, doesn’t protect you as last night showed, doesn’t give you shit…
guns are simply not the answer…look at Nazi Germany, Germans had no problem
killing Germans… it wasn’t a thing… it doesn’t matter how many military families
take to fight, they won’t, but it doesn’t matter…you are dreaming some right wing fantasy
of fighting the government like John Galt or some John Birch society type…
it won’t work and no amount of dreaming will make it work…


K: and were back to conspiracy theories…


Crazy media games!

It is a conspiracy that magically comes when the approaching negotiations over raising the debt ceiling are going back and forth between the Democrats and the Republicans. Well played corrupt Democrats! =D> But the larger issue is the global agenda the Democrats are pushing, Trump wants to keep the United States independent.

Wendy wrote:

I agree.

A deliberate intention to create chaos so taking control will be easy and WELCOMED.