Failures and Philosophers

What is the difference between an unexamined life and a life spent in examination?

Absolutely none. Both are failures, low achievers, a life spent in mediocrity is the same as a life spent pondering about mediocrity. At the end of the day, a philosopher is the same as the ordinary Joe. where Joe lives a life of mediocrity, a philosopher does not live his life, instead he ponders about things he can not understand. A philosopher is powerless, if a philosopher is truely understood then he can’t remain a philosopher. Philosophy survives precisely because it is not understandable, the element of unknown allows scholars to debate about the unknown, to build their own intepretation on what is essentailly groundless.

Philosophers are humans, too human.

I will not spend my life pondering, I will devote my time and energy to achieving greatness in the world! If worldly values are meaningless, then how are philosophical values which derive from the worldly values any more valuable? Philosophy like religion is a denial of the self.

if anyone is going to be a writer, let him be a social commentator, never a philosopher, the babbler who speaks but never act.

I’d rather spend one day as Himmler than a life time as Plato.

I want to debate this issue with lovers of philosophy, I want to reveal their patheticness, I want to show my contempt for the little people. vent my anger at the idiots. the reason I keep coming back to ILP is to satisfy my ego, because I am so much better than everyone else. here, I feel like king. king of the philosophers. heheh, or king of the herd of idiots. nah, I prefer to be known as the raider against idiocy and arrogance.


Alcohol + Megalomania.


A magnificent attack, my friend. I love a good cynical critique of philosophy.

From one megalomaniac to another, a few words regarding ‘greatness’ and the strengths and tendencies to practice good philosophy. Not all people can think, although, fortunately for them, the very question of knowledge is at hand in the first place, so that ‘am I smart and can I think’ is a question that can be answered ‘yes’ one way or another.

Once upon a time stupid people didn’t have a say in anything- they were stock, if that. Today, bad politics has far removed our potential for greatness, and egalitarianism through democracy has made even our most important philosophical truths ‘relative’- the ‘party opinion’- finally, with post-structuralism and deconstructionism we get the subtle intellectual nihilism spawning from the disarray and mediocrity.

You wouldn’t believe it but every ‘age of philosophy’ is preceded by a political atmosphere which generates the language, culture, material and social circumstances. It is my opinion that the existentialism of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche was the last lingering event of post-industrialism and the succession of science over religion, and the new democratic economy emerging from the rubble of the old Roman brand aristocracies. The final attempt to re-establish the aristocratic ideals in human politics was with Germany in WW2, in turn, causing the the icing on that existential cake- Sartre.

It is as if Sartre’s philosophy was what would become if Hitler lost the war…indeed, that is what happened. Sartre’s brilliance revealed the soon-to-be practicio-inert in all manner of capitalistic and civil settings- then a return to the last breath, the solution, what has been trying to develop for the last five hundred years- a true Marxist socialism.

Anyway, its black and white for me, P. One is either part of the problem or part of the solution. Any antagonistic activity toward American politics is progress. Resistence is floundering, part of the problem. I don’t spend my time explaining to the world why it is stupid. If I stopped to argue with every Joe I have contempt for, fuck, I’d never leave the gate.

So you can maintain the traditional principle that what is popular is generally weak and mediocre. So it is with philosophy in a consumerist setting- education systems do not make or teach philosophy, but rather take the student through a tour of philosophy…like one would walk through a meuseum.

If one doesn’t fall into philosophy by ‘running into the gaping jaws,’ as Nietzsche called it, and one is introduced to ‘thinking’ as a luxury, you can bet that it is a replica, a simulation, and product and a pose.

One must also be of age to be stupid. A man doesn’t become stupid until his late twenties and early thirties. There is still time to escape the psycho-indoctrination of capitalism and democracy in the early twenties. Fortunately most of ILP, being young ladies and fellows, still have potential to resist. Those older fellows should act as shepards of sorts- pointing the youth in the right direction.

I know all this, PoR, because I have seen you make a complete 180 degree turn in ideologies, and I suspect that your thinking has been influenced directly or indirectly by your participation at ILP.

Look to PoR, kids, for inspiration and strength.

Kneel down and you shall be knighted.

Sir Pinnacle of Reason

I hate life itself. But I love everything that has to do with it.

Sure, I could go to some bar, get some beer, and a nice chick, get laid. At least that’ll make me feel good. That’s always better than wondering if the outside world is there for real, or not.

But instead, I turn myself to books. Why? Well, I got some drive to read them. I generally feel miserable, but I’ve come to ignore that, and instead focus on staying clear in my head for as long as possible. Feeling happy, that’s what I do when I’m dreaming. But in everyday life, I study.

Does that make me any better than the avarage Joe? No. But I feel good when doing it, so what’s the diffirence between philosophy and alchohol? Both seem to serve the same purposes. Narcotics for the mind! :wink:

You misunderstand, Sado. You cannot hate life, because somehow you enjoy that, and you wouldn’t want to lose the privilege to hate something by making a total and complete movement toward nihilism.

Chances are you are one of those intros I speak of that are created in the fog of modern reality. You actually like philosophy…you have slipped into it like it were some wonderful quicksand.

Do you know how un-cool philosophy is? Dude, and I’m assuming you are a dude, if I so much as utter a word with more than four syllables I am ‘cut off’ from the keg and will certainly be sleeping alone that night.

So no, you love life and argument because you like to be right and have power. You want to win, don’t you!?

The first seven years of philosophy are spent unlearning everything you thought you knew. That’s why its like quicksand. Before you know it, you were totally wrong and a light-bulb explodes over your head- “Aha!” you shout, “I can’t believe I thought ‘so and so’ all this time. Wait till’ I get to Las Vegas!”

There will come a day when you know everything and what you believe will be a matter of choice- everything has its antithesis and knowledge is ultimately held by ‘faith’…a strange word, it is, sort of untouchable.

To Is, or not to Is, that is the question.

Actually, I hate life. I really do. But that’s only because I seperate mind from the body. Body-wise (feelings, emotions, etc), I feel miserable. But in my head, I know how wonderful life actually is. So, if we make up a balance, you could say, yes, I love life. But not my own. I love life as a mystery, something to wonder about, something to be amazed about, something to think about.

I pretty much agree on all your points, though. Philosophy is insanely uncool. At first, since I was interested in it, I thought everybody would like it. But they don’t. And I have a lot of problems with the fact that I always take the philosophical turn, while others prefer to keep it simple. But that’s something I’ll just have to ‘live’ with.

I read the same book. Yes, I acknowledge that everthing I do is to gain power. I know that turning to philosophy is just a strategy applied by my body (or my subconscious or whatever you like to call it) to get me to become powerful. But this is all a subjective thing. Because on the objective level, my strategy isn’t giving me any power at all, in fact, it’s weakening me, since I get cut off from the social sphere. But that’s all fine with me, since I feel pretty good about philosophy. That’s always better then the ‘oh, why me’ kind of attitude!

I’ve had plenty of paradigm shifts too, but ironically, they are all linked to things I experience that involve strong emotions. Perhaps that’s not so ironical, but rather logical. There’s enough emotions out there to turn your world, and your views, up side down. That’s actually one of the brighter sides of emotions.

Oh, but I don’t really believe in choice. I only believe in inevitablity. If I suddenly like the antithesis of my thinking more, then it’s probably because that was bound to happen. No free will on this side of the screen!

Pinnacle of Reason:I will not spend my life pondering, I will devote my time and energy to achieving greatness in the world!"

UHHHH, If you are on the internet telling how you will devote
your time and energy achieving greatness, you have already
failed. Remember the old saying:

Those who can achieve greatness are out there achieving it,

those who can only talk about greatness
are teaching greatness in schools,

and those who can’t teach, are on sites like this telling us about



I’ve already presented you with as yet unanswered criticisms of Sartre’s alleged brilliance. I’d thank you to not make pronouncements on such topics (and not misuse terms like ‘postindustrial’) until you’ve done your homework.

Whatismore, Nietzsche wasn’t an existentialist.



Philosophers are humans, size=59[/size] too human.


Dudes, Nietzsche was Nietzsche.

What’s to explain - he didn’t believe in an eternal soul, in fate, in free will, in absurdity, in inherent meaning. He criticised just about all of the philosophers on which existentialism draws, demonstrating them to be full of presumptions and errors. Calling Nietzsche an existentialist is like calling Hume an existentialist…


Pardon me for replying so late, I did not realise you have graced my thread with your presence and your unusually sharp wit!

Once again, you are right in all direction, regards to philosophy, existentialism, you understand me very well. I am both shocked and thrilled!

Thank you for introducing me to the marvelous word megalomaniac . What a joy it is to come into contact with such an absolute description of my identity! Oh what happiness! Oh what great joy!

Precisely! May I add that for those who can think, rarely can they be bothered due to inherent laziness. You are the only true thinker I have meet! What an honor it is to have made your acquaintance!

and in that way, things ought to remain! The mob have taken the place of heroes. What a disgrace!

With Hitler as the last overman. As he said, and recorded faithfully by Bormman. ‘All products, whether it is in cultural life or artistic life, is but the product of a very few men, originally perhaps of one race.’

That is why our work is required on this forum, we are the shepards to lead the herd!

Yes, only after conversing with the herd have I realised that I am different! We are to take up the struggle as two Titans, as the Last Two Overmen! Take my hand, brother. Together, we shall rid the world of


détrop: All Hail, Sir Pinnacle of Reason! The bringer of Light and the Eternal Inquisitor for Justice!

The herd: Hail, Sir Pinnacle of Reason! The bringer of Light and the Eternal Inquisitor for Justice!

détrop: May your thoughts and wisdom bring us closer to Everlasting life.

The herd: In truth and in Wisdom, help us Mighty Sir!

détrop: May you finish you Gospel and may you have mercy on the unlearnt and give them understanding.

The herd: Show us mercy, Mighty Sir!

détrop: Finally, may the Sir O’ Mighty bring us to Everlasting glory, united in the Pinnacle of All Reasons, forever and ever!

The herd: Take Pity on us, Mighty Sir!

[From the Heavens above and beyond…]

Sir Pinnacle of Reason saith: ‘This is my Good Shepard, with whom I am pleased!’

As Der Fuhrer said, in Mein Kampf that, our strength, derive from our superior intelligence while the power of the mass derive from their great numbers.

Yes. Also don’t forget that we are all unique snowflakes, and that heaven is a halfpipe. I mean, like, what if God was one of us, Sado? Well!?!? What if we were in the Matrix? (That is some fucking good steak, man. You think I want to eat porridge for the rest of my life?)

Anyhoo… carry on. :astonished:


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these Australians are crazy (taps head as in Asterix books)


You must understand that the causes and conditions pertaining to WW2 is not some great evidence that the Nazi ideals are necessarily correct, or ‘right.’ The war was inspired through a reaction to the Versailles treaty and its terms, and in that sense it was a reactionary war, a resistence more so than a war of repression. That is why it was so beautiful and controversial. If you have a scattered people who can be led to believe that their very nationality is at stake, it can be through the propaganda of eugenics that the reaction and patriotism is inspired, when the appropriate reaction should be only political and not racial.

Racial purity is great, PoR, but it is not an inherent or teleological program for evolution. If it were, inter-racial breeding would not be possible biologically. To maintain that racial purity is better is a matter of ideology and not science.

What was really a cultural war was glossed over by the Nazis as being a genetic war, and they were led to believe through propaganda that not only were world politics destined to become a disaster, but also that certain races were at fault. This is partially true, but it is certainly not an issue of race. It is an issue of political sciences- where cultures and traditions are created.

Anti-socialism as espoused by the democratic allies was, I believe, to Hitler, the embryonic stage of capitalism by-way-of religion. He felt it his task to try and stop it- yet he also has his own ‘religious’ ideals which he secretly entertained himself. I might add that they are as far-fetched as the fundamentals of Judaism and Christianity, the religions he opposed.

This is what makes it so difficult to fully sign oneself over to the ‘Nazi Ideal.’ One wants to pick out a few principles here and there, but stands in outrage at many others. It is very important, PoR, to recognize the difference between the obvious controversial matters of racism, and the easily accepted matters pertaining to political science.

Should white people be breeding with black people? Well, thats one way it can happen here on earth, but the other way could work as well. However, both are contingent and improvisational. Nobody has a fucking clue what the future holds or if there are any ‘purposes’ which we are evolving to achieve.

When you say that inter-racial breeding is a bad thing you are simultaneously presenting a larger set of ideals and philosophies which originate in language and metaphor moreso than in empirical proofs. Sure, if John Boy fucks his sister, chances are the kid will be deformed. That’s an empirical proof. But when Tawanda reproduces with Brad, we get a generally healthy offspring whom is not noticably degenerate. I fail to see how ‘evolution’ has made a mistake in inter-racial breeding.

You know what you are doing, PoR? You are fighting the good fight for the wrong reasons…just like Hitler, but he purposely did it- the propaganda was tactical, you, on the other hand, are accidentally promoting good politics through irrelevent means- racial purity.

Look, it is okay to hate. I do it all the time. But I do not resent. If I find a person, black, blue, or purple, I do not anger at their race but rather their mentality- a culturally bound production. I look at “La Tron Jackson,” the resident wanna-be gangsta who wouldn’t have the balls to kick an attacking poodle, but parades around as if he were a ‘made-man,’ hardened on the streets of Brooklyn, and I say to myself: "This guy is pathetic. But its not his fault. I don’t resent him, I resent his effects, his inauthenticity, his hipocrisy. The extinction of the type is what is sought after, but not the extinction of individuality itself. To achieve this one attacks the culture, the soil from which the mutant grows, the capitalism in our case. La Tron is not, ironically, expressing originality or individuality. He is a class type that is generated in consumerist discourse, and rather than achieving self-expression he is alienating other classes from himself as well as a false elevation of his own.

La Tron, as an individual, is a beautiful human being. As a personage he is like a disease.

Know where to aim your guns, PoR. Say nothing more to La Tron than “you know not what you do,” and walk way. Don’t even begin to try to explain to this idot what he is. Instead, your gift to him is the efforts you make toward his extinction. This is done in the long term ramifications of social science, not in a gas chamber or oven.

Just because something is possible, does not make it right. It is possible to kill with your hands does that mean you ought to do it.

Racial integrity is the preservation of our identities. The Nazi WW2 is a glorious struggle for the existence of a nation. Though i do condemn the treatment of its Jewish population. If I were them, I would simply expell the racially different individuals. The treatment of the Jews is unjust, and is terrible. I do not support the means, but I do support the end.

Yes, Hitler did say ‘there is something unhealthy about Christianity’ for it is a religion that encourages men to sleep on throns and turn away from smiling madens.

I think you are missing the point about interbreeding. Let us say, two people of race A and B, they breed and produce an offspring DISTINCT from race A and B! A new race C. Race C does not resemble A nor B, so in such instances, the race of A and B have been lost. It is suicide by love.

Racial identity is important!

What do you mean race C does not resemble A and B? They may not grow up to look EXACTLY like their parents, but they will most definately resemble them.

Let’s talk about ‘growing up’ for a sec. Take PoR in his early youth, then take PoR in his adolecent years, combine the two and you get adult PoR, are you saying that your youth has been lost because the adult you’ve grown up to be isn’t EXACTLY like how you used to be? Personality, like race appears to be a single concept, but instead it is layers, constantly in flux, and never achieving a true amalgamation.

There is no such thing as race, it’s something we invented to categorize the world. I mean by your insane logic, shouldn’t the WHOLE world be the Adam and Eve race anyways? Oh wait… that’s called HUMANITY


[size=150]You are a liar![/size]

Which of A or B does C resemble?

Incorrect, personality unlike race is unchangable. The young PoR, adult PoR, old PoR are PoRs of the SAME race. As I explained before, race is the only attribute that remains of identity value as we grow older. Everything changes, but RACE! Thus it is our eternal identity and ought be preserved.

A LIE! what do you mean by invention? A watch is a invention, does that mean it does not exist?