Fall of Nations: What Scapegoating Will Do For Your Precious

The history goes: Rome had a proxy regime in Jerusalem, Jesus rebelled, Rome had Jerusalem formally request his death and then executed Jesus, and then blamed the very group whose leader they had just crucified.

The trick proved effective, and was played countless times upon the Jews since.
Rome went down when it became Christian and ceased to be responsible for itself.

Nazi Germany went down as soon as it was erected, because its was nothing besides a scapegoating routine, which annihilated German honour and strength that had been carefully cultivated for thousands of years.

Now, we have the modern American believer, who like a fairy in the American mind tempts Americans to grow blind to themselves and everyone else except for a specific group they must spend their life-energy to condemn - the same trick is bring played again.

Naturally there are other problems the US is facing - postmodernism and all the liberal policies which I abhor all add up to the scapegoater-weakness. I don’t believe the cowardice of the antisemite would be sufficient to bring down the US - but in concert with all the other depravity that does on there, it is a bit of a problem.

Just saying.
Nothing much that I can offer to resolve this problem.

Well - that is not true. My very philosophical method creates an immune system make such profound dishonesty impossible. But one requires strength and integrity to attain to it.

I’ll go with the Rothschild family owning the Federal Reserve, Bank Of London, IMF, European Central Bank, and World Bank Alex. :sunglasses:


Your idiotic television shows may have told you and you may believe them at face value, as your dumb predecessors believed everything papa told them.
Its wonderful how gullible you spoiled Americans still are.

Whatever you say you wana be Canuck.

Both Rome and the Pharisees had their reasons to want him dead…moron.

The romans had the Jews decide.
Barabbas…or the Anointed one.

Of course there’s Atwil theory.
Caesar’s Messiah.


You spoiled self-loathing German Catholic wannabe Jew mask-wearing ballerina…

Excellent reply.
Try something more poetic…alluding, implying great depth of meaning.

Mask your stupidity in superstition.
What do the stars say?

Now look into Hollywood, and who controls the cRap music industry…and porn.

Im must say Im fucking relieved you came up with an actual piece of data.

Note that all these except the ones held by Rothschild people (BBC, the Guardian, The Economist - quality driven companies), are anti Trump, against a religious Israel, pro-Obama and pro Iran.

Thats the point Ive been trying to get across. Not all Jews are Zionists. Trump is a Zionist, but liberal Jews who are Marxists are the opposite.

Marxism and Zionism are exact opposites.

Zionism, being Jewish nationalism, is very far from being relativistic.

The conflict inside Israel is over whether orthodox citizens should be compelled to serve in the army. Real Zionists obviously say yes.

Who, the fuck, gives a shit about the Trump?

Considering what the alternative was in 2016 I care, yes.
Trump is a American Nationalist and Zionist
HRC is an internationalist warmonger.

Zionists don’t favour US civil war, for obvious reasons. They require of America that it is stable and prosperous so it can defend them. Zionism is not suicidal, it does what it can to keep the US alive, and to that end helped get Trump elected. Because of Trump, America, far from suddenly being “cured” or something, simply lives another day.

Yes…he’s a shill. That’s the only reason he got elected.

He will usher in America’s decline.
A perfect clown for the job.
But he isn’t in control. No president was after Kennedy.

But what will the Jews do without Americas hosting protection?
What other nation will they infest, after so many have kicked them out over the centuries for their parasitical behaviour?
Europe, if it ever gets its act together?
Certainly not Russia.

This is why the image of Jews as all trying to bring down the US is a true clumsiness. There is an opposition between religious and secular Jews. Liberals, among whom may secular Jews too like Spielberg and all these other media people, want to bring everything down to whatever the fuck point there may be to Marxism.

Religious Jews such as Netanyahu and Trumps son in law, are in fact sane and conservative, and want both the US and Israel to remain as nations in a shared world-hegemony.
The only place their interests somewhat overlap is that they both want to subdue Russia. But since the liberals want to destroy it for some reason, and the conservatives simply want to contain it and know that if you try to destroy Russia things tend to go badly for you, this turns into the main point of contention.

Trump has done more than can be expected of one man and that he is bending to the enormous leverage there of course is on him is natural. If he was a shill they wouldn’t work so hard to impeach him and to cast his followers into such a negative light, as this simply radicalizes the populace and that wouldn’t be very Machiavellian of them. But given that there are naturally hundreds of videos of Trump doing lewd shit like pissing on beautiful young women or being pissed on by them, what you would expect from billionaire pranksters, he can only do so much. Its unfortunate that our world is so puritanistic that piss-sex is equated with pedophilia in how dangerous being implicated in it is. European commentators in the 80s and 90s were always making predictions on how America’s puritanism was its Achilles heel.

About 5 years ago when Obama was really licking Irans ass very deeply Kissinger said: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”
4 years and 11 months ago:

“The sixteen US intelligence agencies agree that Israel cannot withstand the coming pro-Palestinian juggernaut consisting of the Arab Spring, the Islamic Awakening, and the rise of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

gazetawarszawska.net/judaizm-is … -kissinger

Then, Trump got elected.



Still, no time to be cocky. Trump may have averted an irreversible hegemony of islamomarxism so far but its a tough job to keep doing. Thankfully he has understood that he must pay tribute to various secular superpowers, acknowledge them and their interest, which has paid off in a much less violent International order.

The amount of open warfare under Trumps presidency has been the smallest it has been during my life.

Parasites appear when the organism is already dying.
Insane leaders, barbarians attain the highest powers, only when the Empire is in decline.
They feed on the decay the host produces. Engorge themselves on its rot.
Trump is a symptom of decline. A big, shiny, orange, pimple.

Internal strife. The Jews are creating a fever - the ghost trying to rid itself of the infestation.
It will take a century…but the US is already gone.

But the parasite has learned. It goes from host to host, appropriating form each one a bit of glory, because it cannot produce any on tis own.

Turmoil has spread…Israel is in political, chaos.
They need to adapt to the coming end of the empire they parasitically lived off.
Who will be their new host?

As a reminder, I consider myself spiritually pagan and philosophically a naturalist.

I’m neither a Christian or Jew imbecile as I despise all Abrahamic religions to the point that if Abraham was an actual historic figure I day dream about going back in time only to murder him. :sunglasses:

I despise Christianity, Judaism, and Islam equally. :sunglasses:

As far as I’m concerned all three religions are pestilence and a blight on all of humanity. Europe converting to Christianity was a mistake in my book.