Fanta appreciation thread

Oh yeah. :wink:

I like the old fanta commercials with the Brazilian girls shaking their asses.



Oh yeah. :wink:


I really want to fuck the chick in purple.

I rarely drink the stuff, and stopped completely drinking it in Kuwait, they sell middle eastern version of Fanta and Mountain Dew, doesn’t quite taste the same, and the drinks leave a nasty colored residue on the tongue. I only drank Mugs Root Beer or Dr. Pepper, as we for some bizarre reason imported them (said made in America, seemed so) or juice from Qatar or Saudi Arabia.

After I got back, I strangely enough could accept Mountain Dew again, but not Fanta. I gotta be desperate to drink it. I know it won’t physically break down in my mouth, is made with tap water and not toilet water like in the middle east, but still can’t do it.

I’m not joking either, that hair color, hairstyle, and face is very very close to my ideal of beauty. If she was in a crowd if 10,000 models, and got my pick, I would take her over the rest most likely, as long as she got rid of the purple makeup. Still not drinking Fanta.

Some fine bitches out there man. It’s good to be in a crowd of em. Think about an Alabama football game. All those corn fed, fake titted college students. Thousands of them everywhere you go for miles around the stadium. Streets blocked off, open containers abound. Last game of the season before it’s too cold to dress like a whore. It’s mind blowing. Like south beach in the country.

I try to have standards for one, so no, not a lot of fine bitches out there. I’m not into take books. I’m not into sports obsessed girls. I’m incredibly retarded and literally fall for that hair color and hairstyle, to my annoyance, but otherwise don’t go head over heels for a woman until she is shown to be interesting. I’ve been dissapointed in the past for not vetting a big more in depth. I’m unlikely to find a woman I like being a beach bum. I’d rather have a woman I’m attracted to, can talk with, and gave decent kids with. The ability to get along really matters if your going to be around her till the kid at least reaches maturity. I don’t want to explain to some kid "yeah little Jimmy, there are a lot of bitches out there, and I picked your mom, and fuck, I really picked wrong. Oh, by the way, your a accident, I’m your father and I’m a insensitive dick and your mother is a feminist, and your going to need to learn to smile if your to be adopted after we drop you off at this orphanage up the street, cause we both suck as human brings. Afterwards, I’m off to find new bitches at a ASU game.

Don’t cry Jimmy, geese, your just like your damn mother, always crying. This is why we are getting rid of you. I hope the new women I meet on the beach and I produce a better replacement son than you, your always crying and clinging scared to me, get off me. No… I don’t love you, you’ll be fine, just remember lots of bitches on the beach! "

They probably don’t have that many fine bitches at the ASU game.

So… easy enough to score a Fanta at the ASU or… What?

That part of the country is really racist and fruit flavored soft drinks, along with menthol cigarettes are most popular among black people, so it’s probably harder to score those things around there and if you’re seen drinking fanta or smoking newports then people will judge you.


Just came back to watch purple girl in fanta commercial again. I really don’t like the purple makeup on her. I wish I could just hose her down, for a couple of hours, till it comes off. Till it all comes off.

Gonna watch it again.

Andrea De Oliveira

That’s purple girl. Just don’t Google nude pics, cause she turns into a chubby black chick with a dick. Not cool how some people age.

Racist homophobe.