Fantacy afirmation, the root of religious insanity?

The title sais it all.
id read a write about about “trauntic sex” or who ever you spell that,
and id then realized how sentual or emotional religious insanity could be.

People help each other in a religion to re-afirm lies and make them seem more and more real, and it can feal even more real then reality itself!

daniel kanarski: “The truth cant hurt you, but lies can make you feal better!”
^i remember this again and again, and the truth of these words can be seen in religios falsehoods to.

They told me that i “needed” to keep takeing in “spiritual food” or i would slowly get “spiritauly weak” and “spiritauly die”…
it is terrorism, and seduction. Promises of an after-life or paradise or heaven are infinintly tempting, but then that will be denied if you do not obey? so then it is like a death threat realy…

Do not under-estiamte fantacy afirmation,
many people think and feal somthing is valuable when it isnt,
seductions and propaganda are fed into you through the media aswel.
It is often method of controling the masses i think…

My last words at this post are:
I am truely happey now, more and more so with time.
I realize what love and truth are now, and am relieved at my being so difforent then the people around me. I may have less freinds now, but i have real freinds now. Goodbye.

Although I wish you would make this easier for me to read…

You’re right. To a religious person, damn near anything and everything is proof of their god. You have to start thinking like an atheist before you can accept atheist evidence. If I can convince someone to leave their religion, all I did was point out the logic that their own mindset housed.

Heheheh, sorry.

Ive been making my own language that was partialy inspired by greek word structures and computer programming code, and then i feal like doing experiments with wordings in english even.
also im dyslexic yet, sorriez :smiley:

Still, once im done my langauge i wanna maybe post it!
I think that its realy cool because its very general and sentances are very short in it, and it leaves alot of room for intelegent guessing at perpose. Its not so mechanical because a few words can say so much…
its at the level of a new way of thinking, not just talking!
i call it ‘global’, and it orginonated with my sci-fi books.

here is an example of ‘global’
“Dan sin; Dan ait; ref uh sin; ref uh ait; uh; ref Dan oc;+ait+sin”
“i can communicate feal and think, i am alive,
you can communicate feal and think, you are alive,
we can combine, unite, co-operate, become freinds,
we each are alive and can communicate feal and think.
It is my perpose to unite with you in some way.”
and even that translation is very general. English fails it in some ways.
see how short 1 line was in ‘global’ compared to english?