Fat people who claim they cant lose weight are liars

Also, people who claim they survive without food and water in any form are liars too.

Listen, it is this simple. Human body is an organism which requires energy to perform its functions (performing functions necessitates movement, which is work, W, and requires energy).

Energy cannot be destroyed or created. It merely changes form. This is a very fundamental principle of physics upon which the entire infrastructure of modern society is built, so this isn’t something that is up for discussion.

Humans require an intake of energy (expressed in calories/Jules) in order to survive. Without taking in energy in some form, the body starts consuming fat and muscle it already has and converts it into energy for work so as to maintain basic bodily functions. Eventually, it runs out of fat and muscle to consume, the organs cannot function anymore and the organism dies. This is called dying of starvation, or dehydration.

A more immediate form of death occurs in case of oxygen deprivation. Oxygen is another thing our body needs to survive and without it, we die.

Fat is created when an organism consumes more energy than it requires in order to survive, so it stores the extra energy as fat in order to use it up later in case of famine. Fat doesn’t come from nowhere.

A physique like this didn’t come out of nowhere:

It was preceded by weeks, months, possibly years of the guy continuously stuffing his mouth with far more food than he should, almost certainly junk food.

If somebody achieved such a physique whilst eating a normal quantity and quality of food that would go against every law of physics we currently know. It would be a worldwide scientific phenomenon and the person would be extensively studied, because apparently their body could create energy out of nowhere, only to store it as fat.

Likewise, it is impossible to survive without food and water, despite of what some religious retards think (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inedia). This would mean the body can do work without having to consume energy, it’d also be a freaking miracle if it happened.

In fact I could pretty much prove both of these wrong myself. I can guarantee that if you put a fat person under my authority and I dictated their diet, they’d lose weight and all the magic and mystery about where their fat came from would soon be unraveled.

Also, if there are any “breatharians” around (the imbeciles who think they can survive without food and water), I’ll offer you to test it too. I’ll lock you up in a room and you’ll only receive oxygen and you’ll be under supervision by a video camera 24/7. We’ll see how long you’ll last without food and water.

But we all know how full of shit such people are, and that they would never subject themselves to an actual test.

And just before somebody says, yes, I know people have different metabolic rates, but these are minor differences based on internal organ composition and lifestyle and don’t disprove any of my points. It is also possible to lower one’s energy consumption by meditating or some shit, but again, this can only be done to a certain extent, and a person would have to be extremely calm (do very little work). It also doesn’t disprove any of my points.

Fat shaming works.

I’d be more worried about hormonal imbalances, altered metabolic rates and immune disorders. Given the right diet/exercise, environment, a healthy person, even when fat, should restore his body equilibrium. But if someone has underlying conditions (like diabetes, or immune disorders), it would be much harder, if not impossible to restore this balance. Some people’s internal machinery is out of whack, sometimes temporary and sometimes permanently (and some of it may be hereditary). I’m just saying; some people get fat because they are lazy or emotionally unstable (yes, many men engage in emotional eating too), and there are some who have actual underlying hardware malfunctions (medical conditions). If you did your exeriments on people like that, you’d probably just kill them.

Stress adds to the problem. If blaming is the only thing a person knows to do, they are just adding to the problem and probably should just shut up. Blaming works only when the person is sufficiently disciplined to not feel anxious or depressed by the overwhelming stresses in life. Anxiety and depression subtly, subconsciously force pleasure seeking; usually sex, food, gossiping, and/or media entertainments (movies, football games, TV,…).

To help. help re-establish self-discipline pride (hope), not foolishness shame (threat). Such people have had far too much negativity injected into them long before you came around (parents, siblings, schools, society, medical environment,…).

I agree with JSS, but his suggestion requires more work to supply and uphold supportive measures, it’s quicker and easier to be an asshole to get immediate, but often temporary results rather than the supporter who enhances an individual’s overall wellbeing over the long haul. In other words, most people are too friggin’ lazy to really help.

Very true and note that “too friggin lazy” is EXACTLY what the too friggin lazy blamers are doing such as to merely exacerbate the problem - friggin laziness propagating friggin laziness.

Oh JSS, when I am the voice of reason :open_mouth: , the world is in dire straits! :wink:


If I eat a bucket of KFC fried chicken while I surf the internet in one setting, does that mean I have a eating disorder? Yes, or no?

When fat people claim that they can’t lose weight it’s not necessarily a lie, especially when it is spoken in the subjective sense in relation to their personal will power, which is what they are referring to realistically, obviously in the biological sense they can lose weight, but that’s not what is happening here.

The reality of biological differences is what it comes down to in relation to their environment. I would also say there were previous ancestral factors that have been passed on in the sense of desires for sugars, carbs etc in relation to food being scarce or abundant.

Exposing these particular types to a man made environment where food is very abundant fused with secure comfort produces obesity.

There is also a difference between fat and weight, weight can be muscle, fat, water etc. It is possible to drop in weight (size) but still maintain a level of body fat, this is why you see anorexics with stubborn belly fat despite them eating next to nothing, even when the body dies, it still has that remaining fat for a time being.

Interestingly enough,in order to remove it you have to eat consistently and place the body in a physically demanding stimulation, that burns fat while accumulating muscle growth. When the body doesn’t consume any food it goes into preservation mode thinking food must be scare so when the person does eat, fat is stored to the extreme in order to promote survival.

This mechanism is being trigger by modern diets, and even exploited by the creators of such diets. Overload of information and confusion heavily promote that “i can’t lose weight” attitude that people have, especially when they are subjected to fast work lifestyles and unhealthy food is always at a arms reach away. False hope is also promoted, diet pills, quick shortcuts, overly designing exercise machines etc all of which negate the obvious truth that there is no quick way, but the method alone is simple basic to understand. which is cut the carbs and get the body moving.

Fat people have very little will power and dedication to a change especially when it’s within a sheltered modern environment. Reality literally has to smash through the walls before they feel compelled to do anything about their circumstance. Even then it would be difficult to attribute success to them as it would be down to the fear being triggered or a consequence of collateral impact form societal collapse when food becomes once again scare, but I imagine most them would actually just die off, the shock alone is probably enough to kill them.