feeling theory

my theory is that it is all about feeling. that is how i feel about it.

My philosophy is that all philosophy, science, and understanding revolves around feeling and is at its core feeling.

Take for example, the cosmos. The cosmos is a certain feeling, there is a certain feeling you get when looking at the cosmos and thinking about the cosmos. A certain “cosmos” feeling.

Take for example, the unknown. The unknown is a “feeling” a feeling that drives us to explore it, a certain yearning feeling. Take for example a sitcom, garden of eden, or simulated constructed environment such as a videogame DMC 4. They all have “feelings” associated with it, a feeling identity you get when watching a Sitcom, say, Seinfield for instance, is different from the feeling identity of the Garden of Eden. The feeling of watching a history channel about India, or ancient egypt, has a feeling of a lot more importance, and seriousness, a “history” feeling. Watching the News has a special “feeling” (a feeling they specially crafted by use of circles and various effects to create a “news” feeling.) And all human laws are passed based on a feeling…when we thinking about someone close to us dying, there is a feeling of loss, something must be done, laws must be passed to prevent such feelings occurring (the feeling of loss is hyperfeminine.) Similarly, the feeling of being robbed is an undesirable feeling, the feeling of starvation or being stabbed is also an undesirable feeling, so laws are passed to reduce those feelings.

All scientific creations and discoveries were done in the name of feelings. Cars were invented, to take us to point A to point B so we wouldn’t have to experience the feeling of waiting, or to drive tractors so we wouldn’t experience the feeling of starvation. Even the “Eureka” moment is an intense feeling. The drive to build is a feeling…even someone who says they have no feelings, has feelings, anger still motivating them…the entire network of the brain is comprised of sense-feelors…When someone complains about a “society that cares about feelings too much”, they themselves were motivated (caused) by a feeling which motivated them to post that way.

The amount of purely-thought motivated posts on the internet is very few…but most of them have some feeling in mind as the end destination.

What I forgot to say is also this. We seek to find the meaning of life (the reincarnation equation is the meaning of life.)

The reincarnation equation explains the manner in which consciousness enters our bodies and it’s destination of where it leaves our bodies (the afterlife destination, ie “final destination”.) But again it is all about feeling…we desire to seek these truths so that we can potentially avoid an afterlife of bad feelings…also if there was no “eureka” feeling or grand mystery feeling associated with such philosophical discoveries most would not be philosophers, the feeling of truth is in of itself a good feeling that we chase after.

…and more specifically I would say, generally, that those “everything” feelings are rooted in anxiety which relates to a underlying fear. The beings of fearfulness, which is probably heavily related to the unknown. To explore the unknown to make the self known to self through other, potentially reducing fear. Science and philosophy are relative conflicts, where technology has reduced it to a forum, the rebellious souls grew a womb decreasing creativity of the mind and increasing obedience with the body.

even more specifically, i would say it’s about energy vs fatigue, energy used to produce certain feelings often in the form of progressive results, otherwise failure through inability…which is where reality is determined,

nope you are all wrong lol; Feelings are emanations of perceptions. You can’t feel something prior to perceiving it, though the feelings which you can feel prior to that, are based in what has previously been perceived.

What is an uniformed feeling?

Exactly! Explain one’s philosophy or theory is essentially describing how one’s thoughts feel.

Tell that to those that feel things prior to perceiving them.