Feelings of Eternity

What are the feelings of forever? Heaven is eternal, but how can things systematically function without characteristics/emotions such as worrying, hoping, etc? Don’t people revolve their lives around an end to everything?

∆ [O] Forever…in association with Heaven… is said to be eternal and full of all good things, according to the Bible.

∆ [T] After humanly death, the soul has left the encaging body and eventually makes it’s way to Heaven. Therefore one could say that any feeling(s) in Heaven is unearthly and unimaginable to us since all we can feel are the physiological effects of the world around us.

∆ [T2] Heaven consists completely of the good memories that each individual experienced in their human life.

∆ [T3] “People revolve their lives around an end to everything.” This quote refers to people seeing Death to their lives. In Heaven, souls will obviously not have an “end” to fear. Therefore all souls in Heaven will be worry-free, resulting in an eccentric lifestyle.

[o=observation, t=theory #]

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no one can give you an honest answer for the feelings of forever. but beyond that, i for one do not believe in the soul, there has been no logic findings that we do infact have a soul. when we do die, we just become one with the earth, spreading everywhere… peacefully.

everything that starts must have an end… souls must have an end(if they do exist). so they must worry about their end, whatever it may be.

the feeling of forever. the human brain was designed for eternity,if you dont agree,research it. our short life-spans dont EVER tap our potential.
that aint natural to me. and i dont know where the church got the idea all souls go to heaven or that the soul is a seperate entity.

well again, i feel my responce is nominal to be put in the religion section,so i wont elaborate on bible quotes. but man,the feeling of eternity is VERY religious i guess.and this lifetime is temperary and unsatisfying. you gunnu prove me wrong on that last sentance???

i have myriads to say here BUT will only elaborate is someone takes an interest…

the full physical being is assigned with a soul by the works of Heaven.
our souls arrive in Heaven if we believe there is one,that is the only possibility.the brain isn’t fully designed for eternity,but our memory plays the larger part for our brains.

I can proove the idea of eternal life wrong,but then i would be supporting cubists/satanists because they claim there is a "rational’ sense in a very harsha nd what seems like a “godless” life.

“i for one do not believe in the soul”…but you are one,why contradict yourself?.the logical find is that you exist,it doesn’t have to be ALL physical.peace is a nice way of seeing death,as a part of life,but a soul is needed for this proccess to happen,as well for a body.

not entirely but i see what your interpeting,notice you said every THING…the soul is not an item it is a essence of heaven (because God is our creator).there is nothing to worry about in the end,no matter how irrational christianity (and other related religions) seem they are needed to take on the next dimension (afterlife).

the scriptures where made to teach humanity views like this,and feelings like Love for eachother,you have a good view on this.

not “death”…just a diffrent experience of Life.yes the body is a form of “prison”,but god wants us to be happy with what we have,this includes our flesh,we make it to heaven if we have faith.
to experience the function of your soul in heaven,requries virtual reality,like an RPG game…you have control only OUTSIDE of what you say,this is the guidance of God,he is the “player”…helping our character(s) into heaven.
but you have your own opnion i don’t want to argue against your choice of faith.

that’s a personal statment,how do you know,is this a theory?.
you ahve the right idea,but it is made of Love not memories love is the building blocks of creation…count out heterosexuals.

“death to their lives”…death is a form of completion (depends on what word you want to view this thought),of course no “end” to fear because they believe in this place called heaven,thus nothing to worry about.
“accentric lifestyle”…sounds like your saying you don’t mind the thought.

it’s a matter of choice and perception of how your thoughts would wavelength,since they are not in matter anymore it would seem the best view of this would be GOD that is the father,the complete trinity,etc,etc.

OP: Do you mean oceanic feelings, as your O-Ts suggest a topic different from the thread’s title and your post’s opening lines?

Myself, oceanic feelings are always fleeting. I have come to distrust visions. Today’s vision may contradict tomorrow’s.

“worrying, hoping, etc” are sometimes overflown by oceanic feelings.

I’m not sure why “heaven” relates to this topic?

The “end of everything” or the center of everything is your groin. Cut off your member and see what your life will “revolve” around.

The groin is the truest Truth. The stomach is second. The heart is not particularly honest. The head in general lies. The hands are the decievers: they even change the way things are. But also our hands can touch our member.

“Heaven” would be orgasm “forever.”

your words disgust me.
please take no offense.

perhaps there was merely something disgusting in your interpretation?

no my mind is set on a mature level,
though i do suggest you use a diffrent set of word’s.

joanna newsome in an intrview talks about a dream she had when she was young. she saw a cat and a dog holding a bowl of jelly beans, at the top of a giant staircase…she thought she saw eternity in that dream. either you have to believe in eternity or that it is possible for somthing to come out of nothing. theres now way around it scientists.