Females vs. Males a debate of genders in society

Example: Question 1; Did men give women the vote or did women win the right to vote?

Now in this challenge I propose 2 women vs. two males
A series of questions to be debated

How many questions?
How many posts per question per person?

Who represents which side?

Who will the judges be?

What will the winners win?? I do believe some sort of trophy should be given to the winners; Along the lines of posting type or something like that. Say if the males lose they cannot post anything gender biased against women for 2 months or they must only say good things about women, and visa versa should the men win :laughing:

Any volunteers??? This could be fun.

Oh brother… #-o

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Hmmph, I like Oh sister, i have the wrong plumbing to be a brother, :wink: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

This is one that Satyr would actually be good for. I would volunteer, but I am on the side that says women won the right to vote, so I don’t think my fellow male would like to be my teammate.

It would be interesting if we were better represented by super conservative women, because mixed teams would be fun.

That’s a good point. However, Carleas, you are an excellent philosopher, debater, and you could probably take any side on an issue (regardless of the extent to which you agree with that issue) and put together a reasonable argument.

That being said, I would like to see the following, provided of course that all parties are agreeing and KrisWest is willing to take on the handicap.

Arguing that women won the right to vote:

KrisWest and PavlovianModel146


Arguing that women were given the right to vote:

Carleas and any partner of his choosing. (But preferably female, maybe Echo?)

FYI, the premise for the debate is horrible and both sides would lose.

Actually Arcturas rising or Anitas could be considered more conservative than we middle of the ground females or the hardcore feminists. If either of those two would be interested , yes mixed teams would be darn good. Who would be the more liberals??? I know I am middle ground and I believe Magsj is middle ground. Ingenium, I am not sure about her stance.

Lets do some invites and see who comes in. This thread has only been up for one day. So lets see what we can do, I am glad to see interest… It could build itself up to a very educational debate for both sides.
Pavlov, I am flattered and I think we would do well. We just might end up being one of the teams. :smiley:

Not really, if it was just one question then yes it is quite possible both sides would fail. But, since it is to be set up as multiple questions then one will gain a foothold and lead. And since it will follow debate rules with judges One side will come ahead. Since any who judge will be honor bound to not let emotions sway them. Only see facts.

Kris, that’s the first time I’ve ever been called that particular ‘C’ word - have I done something to offend you?! :laughing: If i’m coming across as conservative than I am even worse at expressing myself than I thought!

Although I sometimes enjoy playing Devil’s Advocate, if you asked me to assume the Phyllis Schlafly role in this debate, I can promise you I’d sabotage it beyond repair. And that wouldn’t be very fair to my partner. So instead, I’ll just be a spectator and expect you and Pav to pound your opponents into the ground.

But no pressure or anything. :evilfun:

Pav, what a tricky thing to do! I suppose I could play devils advocate, but there’d have to be a BIG disclaimer saying so in the OP. I think I would offend myself with everything I say.

Kris, what other questions would you want to see addressed?

Anita, well crap, conservative in this text must mean different things to both of us.Sorry, I did not mean stiff necked right wing republican, I just meant more, ummmmm Oh , helll this could go either way, can I plead the fifth??? let me try this, You and arcturus seem to be more refined ladylike than Magsj or myself. Please understand me, I am not sure,Oh, crap I think i am in deep, the words “mommy help” comes to mind… ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)
umm there is more to it but, right now I am tasting foot, and I think I need to think. :laughing:


The premise should probably be framed to:

“Did men willingly give women the right to vote -or- was the right to vote won forcefully by (only) women (without the aid of any men at all).”

Carleas: I like playing dirty, actually if KrisWest were to end up my partner I would be extremely fortunate, but I also have the utmost respect for you, taking you on may end up being a challenge I am not equal to.

KrisWest: I am flattered that you are flattered. I think that we would make an excellent team, and if my idea comes to fruition, I hope that we also make excellent co-judges.

Anita: You do come off as being very lady-like and traditional, but I thought that you were a political liberal myself.

Ur, nope hon, nuhhhhuhhhhhhh tsstskkkk, not yet, no debating yet… [-X [-X :laughing: If you want that as a question then you have to be either a judge or a team member…

well Pav, lets see what flys in the next day or few, it could end up with us., we still have to gather opponents, UR is sounding so very very overman. :wink: :laughing:


No, I mean judges for the ILP v. ILO debate. I hope I can pull this idea off.

Oh, sorry, I meant that tsssk tssk to UR, Yes I do to look forward to both.


I really want to see this debate happen… What can I do to help?

When judges are finalized you can volunteer to represent ILP, unless you post regularly over there, then you can volunteer to be considered by KrisWest and myself to judge.

UMMMMMMMMM, this is the gender debate thread folks, Mad man did you want this debate or the forum vs forum debate?

If its this debate , we need teams. mixed teams or genderized teams or both types and judges.

I’ll have you know I wear skirts, and dresses, and 4+ inch heels, and lip gloss, and… and I don’t hit anyone, well, unless a good-looking guy wants me to :laughing: