Feminism, Abortion, And State Eugenics

I think it is very interesting not many people have speculated that with the rise of feminism in the 1960’s with the culture of permissible abortion it is the case of actually playing into and complimenting the state eugenics movement.

Permissible and readily accessible abortion to the greater portion of the population being entirely sponsored by a form of state eugenics.

Feminism as a means of controlling female reproduction.

Feminism seems to go hand in hand with state eugenics.

So you want all females forced to be incubators?

Did I say that? Where in my post did you read that?

I guess I was wrong but, it seemed implied with the way you worded your post.

Do you know statistically how many abortions are performed in the United States yearly the last twenty years?

When you support a massive campaign of abortion like that on such a large enough scale it becomes pointless to hide that the feminists support a eugenics state agenda either knowingly or unknowingly.

Hon, the overwhelming majority of abortions are for extremely valid reasons, affordable, not fit to be a parent, father runs faster than a rabbit, health, age.
None of which has a damn thing to do with feminism or eugenics. A few will yes but, most, no.

My ex aborted two of mine. Second one I said not to, first one I was iffy I guess.

There is no argument in your post.
Your declaration does not make it so.
Like this:
Feminism seems NOT to go hand in hand with state eugenics.
That is my counter-argument!

I did not abort because my husband wanted our child, we were engaged, a commitment was made. You said girlfriend, to a female, that is not a commitment. You could run like a scared chicken when you realize the scope of how drastic the change would be. Or a very real probability is, she was not ready to commit to a life of parenting yet. Do you want a woman to be a mother when she cannot mentally be one? What kind of life is that for the child, mother or you?

Still missing something!
What on earth does feminism have to do with abortion?
Even if you describe feminism as a movement to provide equal human rights for females, it is still a cause of abortions.
If a male has something growing inside them, they don’t want, they can go to a sergeant and have it removed.
If males could get pregnant, they would have abortions too.
So, what does feminism have to do with abortion?

Subtle messages of controlled eugenics in your reasoning there…

Language in written form can indeed be quite compelling and revealing.

You had a problem and needed it surgically removed, didn’t you babe?

Feminism and abortion are a product of state eugenics.

Now, argue your countering claim. Let’s give it a listen.

Anything that decries responsibility or commitment beyond the easiest-possible no-suffering kind is praised and elevated in our modern world. Raising kids is mocked outright and declared impossible. Feminism is a philosophy of radical freedom (to be enslaved), same with homosexualism/multigenderism. Have you ever seen more perfect servant-types?

Is it true that if a woman gives her child up for adoption after giving birth she’s not obligated to pay child support to the new family, but a man is obligated to pay child support even if he doesn’t want to have the child with her after she gets pregnant(and eventually gives birth)?

The ‘rationality’ of modern society would have broken down this logic of “child support” already if not for the increasing pressure of a feminist psychology. Each new law has its exceptions, these which indicate the junctures where supervening orders of tectonics grind and push into the lesser flows.

You called for it!

States do not do eugenics! People do!
Selective breeding can not be contributed to the State, only to people do the breeding.
China for example. Yes the state can regulate the one child policy, but the preference of boys is not the state’s decision, it is the parents’ choice.
Some argue that abortion effects the pour, but they have no money to pay for it, and they are more influenced by tradition as well.
If you are correct, why are western countries like Canada refused to fund abortion in Africa?

Eugenics, as a type of selective breeding can not be supported by abortion, because abortion happens without any consideration of the fetus’s characteristics.

Feminism, has nothing to do with abortions or eugenics either. Feminism is against eugenics, because it is empowering women to make their own selective choices.
You are suggesting that the ‘State’ invented feminism to deploy it’s own eugenics agenda?

If we go to the examples where you might claim ‘State eugenics’ like Australia for the English or Quebec for the French, it always effected a specific minority segment of the population, not random.
State eugenics can be claimed when the American entertainment industry refuses to acknowledge the ‘possibility’ of interracial relationships.
Racism, intolerance, discrimination of many forms used principles of eugenics to justify forceful interruption of pregnancies through hard labour, starvation or psychological stress (all versions of abortion invented by righteous man). Also used principles of the idea to segregate the British nobility, justify the extermination of Jews, threaten and suppress identifiable segment of the population for exploitation. The list is long, and this is not even a judgement on the idea or the practice. Simply examples.

Your turn!
What does ‘State eugenics’ have to do with feminism?

I thank you for this thread, Laughing Man. Most people do not have the courage to speak about such taboos. The so-called „feminism“ does not do anything for female humans - the reverse is true. If there were no or almost no abortion the reproduction of the Europeans in the whole world would be exactly 1 (that means ideal because both no growth and no shrinkage). With the abortion that reproduction is about 0.4. Who benefits from the abortion? Cui bono?

Feminism is one of the means of controlling human reproduction.

Feminism goes hand in hand with eugenics.

Hmm, so you would rather see beaten and abused kids live hellish lives just because you happen to believe women should birth. You seem to think that all people are capable of being loving caring parents. I would rather see thousands of aborted fetuses then one abused unloved unwanted child or a dead child.

I simply hate to do this, but you give me no other choice!
“There is no argument in your post.
Your declaration does not make it so.
Like this:
Feminism seems NOT to go hand in hand with state eugenics.
That is my counter-argument!”