Feminism, Abortion, And State Eugenics

So you live in the „world“ of nobility and feminism. Do you live in Buckingham Palace or in one of the banks of the City of London? According to your funny posts one can conclude that you live in a noble „world“ and have to marry your sister, or your cousin, or your niece.

We don’t have much to do with the nobility. Nobody of us Westerners does have to marry relatives.

You are talking about the exceptions of the rule that there is no insider marriages in the Occidental society. In other cultures the reverse is true, namely: insider marrriage as the rule and other marriages as the exceptions.

Hard work is the work of male humans, oxen, horses, and - of course - machines. Machine work has replaced oxen work, horse work, and most of the typical male human work. If it had not, then there would still be more male work than female work. We have more female work than male work because of the fact that male work is almost completely replaced by machine work.

Your examples are ridiculous.

Greetings to your lovely mama and your „scrubbing“ queen in Buckingham Palace.