Final Quarter: Humans v Corporations

Final Quarter: Humans v Corporations

As a human grows older s/he generally loses power to the final end when all power disappears.

As a corporation grows older its power and wealth generally increases and its life has no obvious termination.

Do humans control corporations or do corporations control humans? As time goes on how does this power ratio change?

We seem to have developed a fetish (obsessive devotion) for commodification (making an entity an object of commerce) and reification (making an object of an idea). In other words, we seem to be obsessed with making more of what were human values into objects and making these objects valued in dollars.

In a world of such fetishes it seems to me that the corporation constantly gains and humans constantly lose.

What is the logical end for such a process? I think the logical end is that humans slowly morph into a machine controlled by our invented machines, i.e. our corporations.

I don’t beilieve we control them or they control us, we are symbiont (…i should purchase a dictionary…) a coprations “life force” depends on the leader of the coporation and the people running it, if some key people were to die or be struck off with no one to take their place, the corporation could die, and if the coporation died, then the people who worked within it would be without jobs, so although not dead, their quality of life would surely be diminished. And theres always a possibiltiy of key people in a coporation killing themselves if the coporation “dies” , so in sense corporations can BE our lives. just as we are theirs.

Well, it sounds as if you recently watched the original version Of Rollerball with James Caan. If you haven’t seen the flick, you ought to.

On the one hand, we have granted corporations all the perogatives of entity without any of the normal social obligations. The only saving grace is that corporations eventually have to have consumers, and that is the ‘hook’ that reins them in. Capitalism is one giant game of musical chairs, and the corporations can only steal so many chairs before the ‘game’ collapses.

On the other hand, we are more than capable of adapting to ever lower levels of expectation, which the corporations are more than glad to fill.

At some point there is reciprocity failure. The corporations can only take from us just so much before there is nothing left to take. We aren’t there yet, but we are certainly moving in that direction at an ever increasing rate.


can’t we make more chairs? preferebltly smaller ones that average folk can sit on…but would just be crushed if a whole coporation tried to do it…


Nope. There are only a finite number of chairs available, and that number always has to be less than avaiable butts. The corporations exist to run the game, they don’t occupy chairs themselves. They just collect the ‘entry fee’ into the game. Works fine for anyone who can find a chair. The issue is that, in a rigged game, how long before the participants no longer have the required entry fees? :astonished:


lost… are we talking about coporations or a 5 year olds birthday party >_> head hurts now…


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Capitalism: Entity taking a bit more (or a lot more) out than is being put in. PROFIT Where does profit come from? From an entity who puts in a bit more (or a lot more) than they take out. And around and around we go… Everyone takes a little more than they put in (butt in chair) and it works fine as long as there are extra players who are capable of putting more in than they are taking out in the hopes that they will eventually land in a chair. The issue finally gets to: what happens when the amount being taken out exceeds the amount being put in? The game collapses.

I realize this is a bit simplistic. :unamused: But the elemental factors are really just that simple. If one looks at corporate structure, they are there for one purpose only; they are there to return a profit to their shareholders. How much profit? All that they can. As greed continues driving the game, how long before it begins to self destruct?

better grab a chair while you can…


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to quote my favorite enlightened woman "the modern things have always existed, theyve just been hiding in a mountain, waiting for the rite time to come out, and take over.—bjork nike killed skateboarding. wallmart makes somthing like 21 million an hour.

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