Final straw from terrorists


There is a scope for a new sniper rifle available on the market now that has a range so powerful , it can see the from the uk into america . These images gives you an idea of the model Someone in london can see into new york with this gun . Apparently the american military have had them for years , and have sold some to eastern dictators .

You feel inclined to wonder if some of the shootings that take place in our cities , is,nt the work of some higher miltary based authority , or eastern dictatorship , only blamed on gangland vendettas , maybe there are no gangs in reality ? Vote in the polls to say if you think there are , or are no gangs ?

Sccope for the gun costs around $ 170,000 , so it will be out of reach for the average guy , but not for terrorists .

But It might not be long before every town and city is under attack from snipers , shooting at us all from hundreds of miles away . In the name of religion , sniped from new york while you sit in your patio in england sipping tea . Sniped at from london , as you sit drinking mocachino with friends in new york .

If these guns become available to terrorists round the world it means that any one of us will always be within an arc of enemy sniper fire from perhaps thousands of miles away . The question now is where do we go from here ? Vote in the poll thats up , if you think charlton heston is largely to blame for the law vote yes , or if you think we should be putting the money into agriculture vote no


star wars…

did you ever see the movie “real genius”?

this question was answered 20 years ago…


Which question ?

“If these guns become available to terrorists round the world it means that any one of us will always be within an arc of enemy sniper fire from perhaps thousands of miles away . The question now is where do we go from here ?”

we have had the technology for 20 years…

it isn’t where do we go, it is here we are…

gird your loins…


I view this as an amusing response to the failed rap thread.

Not to go off-topic, but…

That rap thread was rather entertaining, though! It’s kind of like people who are adicted to watching hockey-fights to the point that someone creates a website on it (… :smiley:

The rap thread was witty, zingy, and sharp all the way to the end. :smiley:

I, of course, have already expressed my opions on rap in a thread I posted a few weeks ago here in the Mundane Babble.

How did you hear about these ultra scopes ? I understood they were only just becoming available on the market . I know the american military has had the technology for the past twenty years , I mentioned that originally , but its a relatively new threat I believe . This is,nt a space weapon , but a rifle someone with the cash could pick up , and fire at someone in another country , hundreds of miles away . You could be sittin drinking a coffee in a cafe in new york , and someone could pick you off from a high tower in london , dangerous stuff


Makes me glad I live in Michigan. New York, being a major world commerce center, allways seems to be the first of targets that these terroists attempt to attack… :wink:

Even if a scope could be designed to see that far, which would require a clear line of sight over a vast distance, no rifle could propel a bullet that far.
And even if it could, the windshear and other aerodynamic factors would mean youd need a small miracle to hit anything.
And even if all that were possible…london to new york? The earth is round…that is impossible unless you are going to be shooting through the crust of the earth.
This thread is a joke, right?

I was hoping so.

The answer…coming soon?

as dr. s said, the curvature of the surface of the earth prevents a “straight” shot of more than a few miles…

besides, can you imagine the amount of gunpowder it would require to launch that bullet? or the kick back that shot would produce?


Oh my Lord, those haircuts! What was the human race thinking?

Of course this is all complete nonsense, even if one could produce a gun powerful enough yet accurate enough over such distances (anyone who has tried to shoot something at a distance knows that even the actual detonation can move the barrel enough to turn a good shot bad) one would still need bullets that had a curved trajectory…

However, this is about as believable as Saddam destroying Bradford with a biochemical attack within 45 minutes, so the OP is in good company…

erm. also, the speeds required would make the bullet disintegrate.

you are effectively setting up an orbit, and an orbit that close to the earth would require incredibly stupid speed (ie. you have to be moving quick enough that the curvature of the earth counter acts the acceleration towards the earth).

Last year’s defense budget included $1.05 million for testing blended-metal bullets. Publicly, at least, military officials say RBCD ammo is no more effective than other types now in use and, under certain conditions .

The command apparently has narrowed its search to a 6.8-by-43mm round . Because of this , there could potentially be real danger from terrorists .

Impenitent says ;

Today, the thin line between “good” and “poor” accuracy is usually laid in 1MOA group. 1 MOA (Minute Of Angle) is measure of the angle, that formed with the triangle with muzzle as the top and the group as the base. 1 MOA is roughly equivalent to 1 inch group diameter at 100 yards (91 meter), or to 2 inches at 200 yards etc.

So these guns are easily fired without huge recoil , and because of the tracking device within the bullets can shoot easily from country to country .

Dr satan wrote ;

Terrorism is no joke

In Europe, some sniper rifles are built on sniper rifles (such as Mauser 66, SIG-Sauer SSG2000, Blaser R93 Tactical), and some built on hunting rifles (such as Steyr Scout Tactical). LE/CT sniper rifles use many kinds of ammunition, from .22LR for training and short-range sniping, to .308 Win, 6.5x55mm, .300 Win magnum etc.

The new range of bullets can shoot easily from london to new york . We will all soon be within an arc of fire , anywhere in the world , and nobody can really stop it , you may be sitting in spain , and some guy can pick you off from morroco . with a self loading sniper rifle . How will you like that ? Holidays wont be the same anymore , still , you,ll always get cheap tuna in algeirs


Sweet Christ, you really, really know nothing whatsoever about firearms.

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Good points doc.
Im wondering about the range of laser and the size/weight of it.
Laser rifles are way more expencive then machine guns,
and it was always about money in war, so they wont use laser if it is to expencive, just like they dont use hydrogen fule in cars because its x4$ vs gas.

Maybe sanity and common sence are boring illusions.
Dont let yourself doubt the truth. :smiley:

“Bullet man & bullet girl”???
She looked way older then 18… actualy nvm about her,
i was actualy gunnu say about the nice brush work on the smoke clouds.

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This thread is yet more pure genius.


Wether they get you with lazer gun or the new self loading Mauser 66 SIG-Sauer SSG2000 , does,nt matter .The important thing to remember is that as long as theres a window big enough for the terrorists to see into , we may all potentially be within an arc of enemy sniper fire , anywhere in the world , very soon !