Really dredging out the un-intellectual topics here, but bear with me. Who’s the fittest person in the world? Male and/or female.

I’m still mulling over female. Male has to be Brad Pitt… oh yes. It does. You convince yourself that you don’t fancy him but hang on! You’re female (or gay) and you DO … you do. He’s SUCH a fittie.


besides brad pitt, obviously, mine is lucy, but she doesn’t want me

speaking of un-intelectual things whats everyone’s favourite drink, white lightning has to be the king of all things liquid

hm… drink. blates apple sours (sourz?)

errrrrr yeah nice story. white lightning is god’s gift to people wanting to get drunk on £2.50. the best beers are Foster’s, and Bud Ice, but for a stand alone drink it is bong water and cider, made into tea. it’s soooooo mmmmmmmmmmmm nice. but best spirit is a Russian Leigion (50 shots of vodka), but nobody has managed to finish one off yet…

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errr… woman… - i dont know but it definitely isnt jenifer lopes… what the hell were FHM readers thinking!

drink - i gotta say the classic smirnoff ice on the alcoholic side… although sometimes nothing beats a nice pint!

but i would defintely say that vodka and cider and fosters are disgusting… we (me, ben and loz) used to drink lots of that, when we were younger and wanted to get drunk quickly… not old enough or mature enough for pub life… sorry if this is patronising!

jude law. or jeff buckley. course, wouldn’t say no to an early marlon brando.

drink, pernod. without a doubt. its the only drink which is so refreshing you want to gulp it down in one go (and don’t anyone say that about a pint, because you know that last half is always warm and sickly).

k … if you HAD to have sex with either peter stringfellow or big rick from pop idol, who’d it be?

firstly it would be stringfellow, that man must have somehting if he can have sex with so many good looking women.

anyway, foster and budweiser (especially bud ice) are the nicest tasting beers. they just are. and it isn’t my fault if you get crucified off a few cans but the rest of us don’t. as for white lightning it is briliant, you get 4 litres for £2.50, granted it tastes like rat piss and you HAVE to drink it from a bottle or can so you can’t smell it but it is an extreemly cheap way to have a drinking session.

also try enjoying your drink with vodka, and you are not alcoholic enough to say “i like the taste”

lastly “pub life”, pub life is a heap of arse, the fun is hiding from you a clubs and house partys.


Naturally prettiest women in the world are Sandra Bullock and Liv Tyler. They’re both incredible and heaps above the ones I’m gonna mention now.

Sexiest women in the world are Britney Spears (the way she shakes that ass when she dances!!!), Denise Richards (blowjob lips) and J-Lo (she has a look on her face like she’s just wiped the cum from her mouth after giving someone head!!)

Most good looking men are Brad, Jude Law, lead singer of Incubus (brandon boyd ??) and Pierce Brosnan. Can’t say who’s the sexiest cos frankly I don’t find any men sexy.

Best drink: to fuck you up - snakebite and black. to get fuddled - tequila. to look sophisticated - red wine or sweet martini and coke.

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liv tyler? ugh. i can honestly say that my rectum has had more appealing days.

gotta agree with you on the liv tyler thing, she is minging, eg the lord of the rings film, ugh!

yeah, you’re right about the incubus man, al.

Stop the abuse on the Liv Tyler front!! Firstly it’s quite obvious that she’s unbelievable. Secondly she’s made to look a bit odd in the Lord of The Rings film. If you want to see her at her best then watch “Stealing Beauty” which incidentally is a very good film. Also i forgot to include NATALIE PORTMAN in my naturally incredibly beautiful list. And finally can someone send me a mail or something saying what happened in the last half hour of Lord of The Rings - I had to leave early to get the last train home. Please :slight_smile:. I got to the bit where Frodo and Sam go off in the boat and the others go to find the other 2 hobbits.

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that is like the end, i think, i was pretty stoned while i was watching

you’re my hero.

i think that was pretty much it, al. they reach somewhere (not the black place) and frodo tells sam hes glad they’re together. and i think thats about your lot.

oh yeah more fit ladies, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Katies Holmes and Sarah Polley, and not forgetting Eliza Dushku or Kirsten Dunst. anyway…

but theres nothing about them which stands out. i’m not saying you need a lazy eye or green hair to be attractive, but they’re all so conventionally pretty. no appeal whatsoever if you ask me.

i suppose they’re pretty, not attractive. hmm…

they are attractive, i’m not going into blow-job lips territory, i’ll leave that upto you to figure out. and anyway more than a handful is a waste

incubus man is tres sexy. on the band theme - daniel johns from silverchair (kaa) and… .EVEN BETTER, gavin rossdale, who… .ARGH, he’s just so sexy. ahem i’ll get my coat… and i realise this post is hideously late

a bit off the subject…lord of the rings…pissed me off it did. film is completely inaccurate. Liv Tyler did NOT have any kind of a part. frodo actually rode to rivendell on his own…not with old ugly-chops. grrr…don’t create parts for people just because they’re fit. which she;s not. twat.

fittest person in the world? jude law, aragorn from lord of the rings…me.

I’m afraid I’m forced to agree. It’s definitely Lena.