Food for thought.. and for fuel

dave.asprey [b][i]When you eat foods that are high in oxalates, they form tiny razor sharp calcium oxalate crystals that can cause gout and kidney stones, but they only do that after they’ve had a chance to shred your gut.
If you have frequent urination or sore joints with no explanation, see what happens it you reduce these high oxalate foods:
-Kale (replace with arugula)
-Raspberries (replace with blueberries)
-Spinach (replace with lettuce)
-Almonds (macadamias are better)
-Beets (turnips or kohlrabi)
-Sweet or white potato (white rice)

I’m not saying you have to never eat any oxalate, just that you’re probably getting too much if you eat the bigger offenders.[/i][/b]

The amount of phytochemicals found in plant matter, is astounding…

Thank you for posting this.

Doesn’t cooking break down the oxalates ?

Well… it varies depending on plant type and cooking method, so not always 100% of the oxalates are removed through cooking. Also… not all oxalates are water-soluble and these types are therefore irremovable.

…and let’s not forget the other various and many phytochemicals (lectins and flavonoids and such) that plants also contain, of which some have been proven to be beneficial and some, not so. Not everyone reacts badly to all or some of these chemical-compounds, but for those of us that do, it is best/wise to avoid/minimise them.

…and once you’re all fuelled up, how’s best to utilise it.


Why on the 1 minute get-up-and-move movement, of course…