For Brian

Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

Hope you’re doing good.

Well, now I know who that secret voice you were referring to was.
A devout Christian, I’m sure.
Did he pretend you could proselytize him? :wink:

Great minds congregate…
I bet he tried to fuck you…ahem, I mean meet you in the real world.

He didn’t try.

Sorry… :frowning:
You keep taking advice from him…he’s the best.

There is an incongruence between his life choices and some conversations we’ve had. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

You only know what he told you.

But I will not tell you…it’s none of my business.
You can trust his opinions…spot on.

Obsess much?


We have not because we a) ask not, b) share not. B is a, because we keep without asking, so that eventually even what we think we have is taken away and given to those who both ask and share.


For the sake of clarity to whom it mayn’t concern:

I have never knowingly met him in —or out— of the flesh (in any sense).