And being human does not prevent the possibility of a lion attacking and eating you or perhaps a gang of apes from attacking your family. So is that going to stop you from trying to be human? Would you rather be an ape or a lion?

Would it make a great difference in the case of the certain extinction of all human beings?

Other than finding another planet to invade, SAM is the only hope homosapian has left. SAM knows how to use machines … and how not to.

I thought so: SAM is a matter of hope.

It yields the highest probability of experiencing the greatest average degree of joy for the longest period of time (IJOT) and for the most number of people. What else could the purpose of a governance be?

But many humans . especailly most of the current humans - do not want to hope. Those humans want evrything now!

That is the result of the way that they have been governed, greed from atop playing itself out. But at all times, there are a few who sense what life is actually about (anentropic harmony) and respect only that. Eventually a few of those will get together under the proper constitution and from that point on, the world of Man will never be the same (much as Moses predicted).

All people (and all living things) are always guided by PHT. Once that PHT keys on SAM, it will never change away from it. SAM is the “chariot” upon which Love arrives to establish an everlasting throne of joyful harmony. Those who do not like it, need not participate in it. There will come enough who will (assuming anyone is left).

How many people would prefer to have a family member who had access to any and every professional field required in life; medical, law, military, finance,…? SAM is what arranges for that in a way similar to having one person (or preferably a small department) internet linked to every strategy involved, the “Angel Network”.

That person or dept. is the “seat of wisdom” in the Coop. And everyone in the group personally knows that person and everyone in that dept… Everything that dept. does is recorded for examination at any time to verify its wisdom or lack thereof. There is no waiting in lines, phone calls waiting for medical service or legal service from strangers, shopping for best prices, hoping that you don’t get fooled too badly, and hoping that you are not merely chasing a false flag or red herring wasting your money away, never really having enough for the best service and never knowing how good the service really is or isn’t.

With SAM, you see why everything is the way it is and can openly (authentically) discuss it at any time with anyone in the group. That is why your “authentic living” can happen with SAM.

Actually it is analogous to the first time someone used a computer. Look what came of it. The vast distinction is that SAM coops are directly aimed at IJOT, perhaps like a computer that was designed to only calculate how to have more fun over a long period of time and could do nothing else.

Different forms of government.

Tell us how you want the centralized dick in your asshole and rape into oblivion concerning your indentured servitude.

Would you like your anal rape Communist, Capitalistic, Democratic, or of a mixed variety?

What kind of political socio economic rape fest system can we sell you today? Act now and we’ll throw in some Vasoline which you can cleverly disguise as free choice or an impartial social system.

Would you like fries with that also served up with a nice fructose corn syrup softdrink?