Okay, but reality (objectivity, world) and consciousness (subjectivity, self) depend on each other.

They are dependent only in the sense that the whole is dependent on each of its parts. Subjectivity is a part of objective reality. There is one actual event (one reality) and many languages with which to describe it (many subjective perspectives and/or ontologies). Yet the use of those languages is a part of the event, of reality.

Who governs them now?

The SAM body has a philosophy network, the “Angel Network”, governed by the rules of Resolution Debating (not really any different than what is used within every SAM cell). Resolution Debating considers literally every voice from every cell and resolves the most rational response offered by every voice from every cell (a very seriously exact democracy). It is similar to gaming theory resolution. In almost all cases, there is a distinction between cells of concern and cells not affected. In the case of bodily war (the entire SAM body being intentionally attacked) all cells are affected. Defensive strategies are heard from literally every cell and resolved into the greatest balance of IJOT (Integral of Joy over Time). The truly brightest ideas gain highest authority rather than some predesignated, most influential, most popular, or ordained arbitrator.

IJOT is the purpose and deciding factor for life. IJOT is what gives life meaning, purpose, and arbitration capacity. IJOT is the inspiration and goal, Reality is the maze.

IJOT has to first deal with FOOLME - Federal Oligarchic Overhead Layering & Militarized Elections


Life didn’t ask the Earth’s permission to conquer it. Man didn’t ask the jungle’s permission to overcome it. And SAM need not ask anything’s permission to replace it. SAM is merely life perfected.

I think we can agree that dealing with something does not need to involve asking its permission.

At all times, one must “deal with” reality. There is no time wherein IJOT does not provide the greatest hope. And there is no time when SAM does not provide the greatest assurance of that hope.

Or did you have a more specific question?

No further questions.

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A child is a precious resource. A task of a human is to make that resource support itself. A child can be made loyal too anything with the power to please and threaten it. All forms of education are forms of threats and seductions. Some subjects more naturally seduce those of abstract minds and some those of more concrete minds - but all education brings about thresholds of meaning, a basic sense of why we have discourse beyond function at al.

I am of the opinion that the formation of consciousness is the process we see as war; as a child learns by testing its boundaries so does the world. All errors have to be made. It’s good to make them early.

-Error recognition and formulating priorities
-Basic survival skills
-Aggression management (sports, theatre)


Don’t ask me how but if education is bought in order, the state will automatically heal. That is the advantage of death. Mortality is absolutely required to deal with such presumptuous creatures as humans - probably most new life is extremely presumptuous. One is always given life, and the mind will presume a reason for this; ‘I exist therefore it is good that I exist’. Unlearning this presumption can easily lead to death. It is both what philosophy is and what madness is, and in global terms it is nihilism with its most reductive element, reductionistic materialism. A more massive stupidity has never yet existed, it is the product of the deification of science, which is the absolute reversal of scientific ethics. Science is based on modesty, humility before the unfathomably great truth and patience and knowledge one is very most likely ever going to find out more than a few details about the absolute truth. Materialism was never a scientific premise. It was a philosophical theory, and it found its justification in the discovery of the atom. But when afterwards the discovery was made that truth of substance relies on truth of energy, the materialists did not evolve along. Materialism in the reductive sense, which prescribes a billiard ball like universe, is the laziest religion of all - it requires nothing and licenses everything. Its product is anarchy of drives; ill health in men, submission to base violence in mankind. Its ethos is fatalism (a secular form of protestantism) - its expression hedonism, but it claims for itself the throne of austerity. But all it is in the scheme of the rose simply the quality of waste, which it has made into an artform.

I think a benevolent aristocracy consisting of the most educated people of the time would be best. But yeah, “benevolent aristocracy” is almost a contradiction of terms.

So far, democracy is the lesser evil of the three.

Each of the three forms has its degenerated form which can always be interpreted as the negative form. So each of the three positive or better forms and each of the three negative or worse forms are merely subordinated forms of one form, thus there are three superordinated forms and six subordinated forms:

1) the form of one ruler with (1a) monarchy as the positive subordinated form and (1b) tyranny as the subordinated negative form;
2) the form of few rulers with (2a) aristocracy as the positive subordinated form and (2b) oligarchy as the subordinated negative form;
3) the form of many rulers with (3a) democracy as the positive subordinated form and (3b) ochlocracy as the subordinated negative form.

In reality there are often mixed forms; but, if so, then one form dominates the other forms anyway (you may compare it with a club, i.e. a sports club).

“No form” means anarchy.

Would you agree, if someone said that most of the human governments are like cancerous ulcers, so that the said cells become more and more ill cells / cells that wrongly handle their environment and will be dead soon?

Actually it is hard for me to try to describe what typical governments are like, but yes, they are almost always ill formed and spread a malignancy even when they had no such intention. Merely by wondering through a business, church, or country, a person can “see”/sense its governance. How alive the people are or how depressed or whatever reveals that which is governing their lives. But that doesn’t mean that just because the people are happy, the governance is good. Nor does it mean that just because the people are not happy, the governance is bad. It is far more complicated than that.

One sign of a good governance is that for generations, the people are very joyfully busy. And a critically important sign of a good governance is that the highest authority in the land is always merely a few steps away. That is the one they just can’t hold onto. They keep wanting to spread themselves out over the entire world; Godwannabes. If they are to be gods, they really should be very small, local gods only and never presume authority beyond one’s reach.

SAM accounts for all of these things and much more through the concept of IJOT, mini-constitutions, and philosophically interconnected coops, the “Angel Network”.

“IJOT” is the Integral of Joy Over Time.


Imagine a mother keeping very close tabs on her family such that she can keep a diary of about how good each member is feeling day by day. In a SAM Coop that same thing is a very high priority. And each day an accumulating IJOT value is calculated so as to reflect how much total joy is being experienced by each life, regardless of how or why. The mother figures out ways to keep her family as happy as possible and the Analyst in the SAM Coop figures out ways to keep the IJOT figure as high as possible.

The purpose of a government is to improve the lives of those it governs. And the purpose of each life is to increase its IJOT. Thus for a government to improve lives, it must be aware of and understand how to affect the IJOT levels of all members. And that is why the SAM Coops must always be very small. If a SAM Coop gets very big at all, the intimate awareness of the actual quality of life of each member cannot be known or governed efficiently.

It’s a principle throughout all of nature requiring local support for local concerns. Even subatomic particles exactly obey the same principle (which is why larger nuclei are radioactive, falling apart, staying small). Individual living bodies have size limits for that exact same reason. If a body gets so large that parts cannot be sensed properly or adjusted, those parts atrophy. When governments get too large, … guess what.

And the Communists still think that the entire world can be remotely governed by merely a few people with computers, surveillance cameras, microphones, and drones.

That’s all true, James. SAM must work according to the principle of subsidiarity.

Very much so. And no doubt even more than the RCC.

People think in terms of a government making decisions and the people doing the work. There is a degree of sense to that of course. The problem is that just as the work must be distributed, the decision making must also be distributed. And many throughout history figured that out too. That issue has been proven to death. But the problem is that they never seemed to have understood upon what basis to divide decision making. They are always globalizing the wrong things and localizing the wrong things.

And that is the practical function in the belief in God (a wiser decision maker). But the remaining problem is that those who speak for God haven’t sufficient reason to be trusted. Thus even though religions can govern a vast population through prophets and preaching, they cannot do it harmoniously enough to establish true “Heaven on Earth”. The belief that there is a wiser decision maker somewhere way up there on the governing mountain or sky is insufficient.

God must be brought down to Earth so that people need not put faith and trust in remote controllers from afar. It isn’t God whom people mistrust, rather those who speak for God. SAM removes the middle men (generally upsetting their change tables).

Intentionally. On purpose. By design.

How can SAM do this successfully?

Merely by very carefully documenting the current rationale and accepting resolution debating to correct for mistakes. It doesn’t take long before the mountain comes to all seekers.

Again, the only purpose of governing is to improve the lives of those who bow to that government’s demands. Any sensible government (or religion for that matter) has serious cause to display the exact, step by step rationale for WHY it is making the demands that it makes. The simple minded idea that drives the world today is merely “there are bad guys over there, so give me all of your money and support to fight them for you”. That is very much too little detail to lead toward anything more than more of the same, generation after generation, with never an end to the suffering (aka “eternal Hell”).

There can be nothing more important to social individuals than to know the goal of their society … and ensure that it is being properly pursued. Do any of you know that? Anyone? Not one.

SAM requires that every single little rule is not merely documented, but documented along with the exact intended rationale as to WHY it should be obeyed by anyone. Merely being a favorite or most popular vote is not sufficient. How it relates to IJOT ends up being the most fundamental concern for every action taken. IJOT is the sole purpose of all life and wisdom is the rationale as to how to accomplish it. A part of that wisdom is to openly document exactly why everything is being done, thus leaving no room for doubt, distrust, or disbelief in the governing principles being applied.

As I already said several times: That can work only then, if SAM is and remains small, and if there is no other form of society and corporation than SAM.

No. Each SAM coop is small but there can be any number of them. And the more there are, the better for everyone. But what other governing types are also going on elsewhere is irrelevant other than them being a potential hazard to navigation. SAM doesn’t at all require that the entire world population be SAM. SAM can exist inside just about any other governing style. Otherwise you would be saying that for humans to live, all animals must become human. SAM is a higher intelligence form of society, higher on an evolutionary scale and doesn’t require revolution at all.

That is what I am saying.

If the others are not like SAM, then they try to Infiltrate SAM and will perhaps destroy SAM.

No. Animals are not capable of destroying human governing styles.

That does not necessarily prevent the danger of Infiltration and destroying of SAM by others.