Forum Adjustments

You may have noticed a few changes to the forums, as we’ve tweaked some of the names and purposes to make them slightly better equipped to house discussions. Specifically:

The Academy is no more. The forum was an experiment in creating a more rigorously moderated forum for somehow better discussion, but it was underused and misunderstood. Rather than try again to strike the tenuous balance between strict moderation and open forums, the threads in the Academy were moved to the forum that seemed most appropriate, and the forum was dissolved (let me know if you think a thread was moved to the wrong forum, I’m happy to relocate it).

In its place is the new Sandbox forum. This forum is meant to satisfy several purposes. It will house threads that aren’t quite ready for prime time in the main forums: generally philosophical one-liners, poorly written or expressed ideas that read more like thinking out loud than expressing any considered position, and similarly inchoate expressions that still qualify as philosophy. In the same vein, it has absorbed the Hall of Questions, because questions are quintessential of early efforts philosophical investigation. But a well-formulated question might be better placed in the main forums, so the divide is not based on polish rather than structure.

Finally, Mundane Babble has been changed to Off Topic. This change is totally cosmetic; Mundane Babble didn’t clearly express what the forum was for, and was slightly derogatory of the conversations it contains. It’s still the forum for social chat, forum games, and whatever else people want to discuss that exactly philosophy.

These are the changes we’ve already implemented, but you may see some more tweaking in the coming weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

Am I the only person that finds the name ‘Off Topic’ jarring because it is the only forum named with an adjective rather than a noun?

Probably, but it just irritates me slightly. Could it be ‘Off-Topic Conversations’ or something?

“Off Topic” doesn’t seem to me to mean what Carlaes suggests. Unfortunately “Scattergories” is already taken, but it was the best suggestion I had. sigh

I found a email that lead to a pm that linked me here… and I dont know why…


Why was it necessary to make me come all this way to see this silly shit that has nothing to do with me?

While your at it, make the logic forum the new mundane babble. Only change that is legit.

Im stuck in academic servitude now, was a research assistant and promoted to philosopher extraordinare with a threat of a textbook for people I dont know who in the works. I was happy merely to destroy the work of a academic conference… now I’m being awkwardly dragged into becoming one… I made a bad move somewhere and lost my way… I think of my days as a hobo cynic, and wish longingly for an escape back to it. This forum sucks ass, it fits neither the hardcore Cynic Philosopher I was nor the translator of philosophical works, and co writer of fucking useless books I am becoming.This may be the most worthless site for a philosopher in existence.

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