Forum Styles - Your choice


In the spirit of new year freshness is offering you the chance to use different styles of forums. There are a number of different styles which are available, most of which can be seen and tested here:

The beauty of styles is that each user can choose their own style as long as it has been uploaded by the forum owner. So have a look around there and test some new styles and then come back here and tell us your favourite designs. The most popular ones will be uploaded for members to choose from. The current design (subsilver) will still be available as the default.


  • ben

Ben, all of these options rock! Thanks!

I like Charcoal2, DustyGreen, and myth2

I’ll narrow my choices to those of Magius, that is Charcoal2, DustyGreen, and myth2.

Aeolus, dusky green, Helius, and Sky Line Gray our my personal favourits.

But I think Myst 2 is a little scray for a Philosophy site… or it could be I’m just eazly scared! :wink: