Freedom and Knowledge

What does it mean to say freedom is related to knowledge?

if you don’t know any better are you really making a choice?


That truth will set you free?

“Man has free-will to the extent that he is rational.”

-St. Thomas Aquinas

I’m really liking this one…thanks.

I think Knowledge is knowing both premises of the practical syllogism, and akrasia is ignorance to one of those premises, therefore without the knowledge of both premises, you are forced to make the wrong choice, therefore hindering your freedom.

Those are my thoughts. I’m writing a paper on what it means to say freedom to Aristotle is related to knowledge, and I’m kind of cornered with finding a thesis. I’m understanding more Aristotle’s idea of freedom, but according to my prof. I’m not hitting the nail on the head yet.

What are your thoughts?

check out this paper: … d=29&gl=us


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I got a lot from the essay, but I’m still not clear on what exactly freedom means to Aristotle. Clearly, it’s not the idea of freedom that we are free to do as we wish, as in “land of the free, home of the brave”, and it’s also not the idea of free choice of will. If it is neither of those, what exactly is it?

aristotle’s view of freedom is complicated…

he did advocate natural slavery…

and he did have plenty of views about causes…


This is the only thing that got a “you got it!” from my prof:

freedom means being freed from making the wrong choice, and knoweldge makes that freedom possible

Thoughts? Comments?

That at least is a concept I can understand.

yeah, that sounds good…


Ignorance allows a lot more freedoms than knowledge. ignorance means you don’t have to make decisions, someone else will do it for you, Ignorance means that you can depend upon others for charity, you are free to have no decisions, no choices, no problems that you can’t run away from. Ignorance allows you to be irresponsible and free.

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self knowledge will make you free.
In a way we have been programmed to be a part of this society. So in this way we are not free. The conditioning drives our lives. To be come aware of this aspect in our up-bringing and then accepting or rejecting it will be freedom.
Too many of us live with unexamined beliefs; in prisons.