Freedom, Democracy, And Exceptionalism American Style.

Post examples of freedom, democracy, social progress, and American exceptionalism in this thread . I feel it is important as Americans to show just how exceptional our nation really is in this world.

I’ll start by posting this video as example:


Tonight from the Vandenberg air force base in California the United States military will be displaying a test run of the Minuteman inter-continental ballistic missile.

What can we learn from this concerning the international political stage? “Rules for thee not for me.”

August 4th starting in 2018 will officially become a public holiday in the state of Illinois celebrating Barack Obama. No, this is not a joke as the governor is signing it in law. Between that and the new Obama highway between Chicago and Springfield I can’t quite help feel pity for those living in the state. So ILP, how will you be celebrating Barack Obama day on August 4th next year? :laughing:


It begins…

If you describe yourself as a European (white) separatist you’re a terrorist or even if you’re suspected as possibly being one. This is one state of course but the goal is implementation nationwide with harsher penalties. This will not succeed of course because as you illegalize thoughts making them forbidden it will only embolden would be insurrectionists. I swear you communist liberals don’t understand the fire you’re playing with but by all means create a civil war or revolutionary environment, the United States needs it more than ever. History repeats often.

What did you silly American conservatives expect with a president that kisses the ass of Chabad Lubavitch? :laughing:

Oh, and by the way, he’ll never build that border wall despite it being a campaign promise. He can’t even get health or tax reform accomplished let alone a border wall beyond his feeble Twitter posts.

Understand this, he never really gave a damn about the white working class or its families. Time to wake up and understand you have been all played for fools.

The system can’t be reformed, voting accomplishes nothing, and with the many enemies foreign or domestic that have taken over the United States government there is no hope for you ever reclaiming it back. It’s time to start thinking outside of the box and learning how to work outside of the controlled system itself. It’s time to start thinking and acting for yourselves if you ever wish to reclaim any semblance of independence.


The communist left of the United States may one day make public gatherings illegal to be held, censor the internet entirely, and describe any European man or woman that desires to have their own ethnic communities as domestic terrorists. All of those things will probably come to pass eventually. This will not of course work in the communist or globalist political left’s favor however as it will only embolden the will of those who yearn to be independent all the more.

This will only strengthen the fire in people’s hearts and minds even more.

Separatists will only retreat to the dark shadows under society’s belly and it is from there all insurrection, revolution, or rebellion originates from. What will the communist/ globalist liberals do when separatists communicate or gather amongst themselves in a way that cannot be electronically tracked and observed? Secret societies, meetings, and communities being created in the private confines of people’s homes it what usually comes next. Good luck trying to regulate or outlaw that, you cannot outlaw and regulate everything.

What you got against Obama?

Nothing now that he is out of office but he did run the United States into the ground economically and invaded a couple of nations. He was a horrible president and not just because be was a mulatto either. I know he’s your hero and you’re a dumb liberal where nothing will change your mind. No, you’re just in this thread to antagonize but it makes no difference at all.

Do you mean Bush?

Technically several presidents, stop playing coy.

So why did you single one out? I voted for Bush so the whole I’m a liberal bit is just sort of weird. Some people don’t base their political views around the latest fad. So not everyone who disagrees with you is Elizabeth Warren.

It’s really just one big party.

Why do you even care?

I’m merely a spectator or observer waiting for the big event that throws this country along with the rest in the world into chaos for that is the only true thing that will change anything, not politics, not governments, and certainly not idealism. The next five years or less will be interesting. :sunglasses: Everything is interconnected.

You some kind of Buddhist?

That’s an odd question.

Is it?

People can record what goes on in people’s homes, most of these rebels are fucking morons who talk with their cellphones turned on and not only that, talk with the lights on in which case anybody with a sonic microphone can listen to conversations with the lights on. and most of these fuckheads talk about committing crimes loudly in public when they are next to people like fucking retards.

Explain why you asked the question in the first place.