Fridges Blowing Up

Theory: If they can circulate water through the insulation strip to prevent condensation, they can heat it in another way that makes the strip glow in the dark. If the refrigerator is connected to the Internet, could not a hacker make it heat hotter than normal and ignite the combustible cyclopentane? If a whole bunch of fridges blow up all over the world at the same time, you will have a confirmation (on zero day) and not just proof of concept. Better late than never? Not in this case.

So what do you think? Is my hunch off?

Bad design or conspiracy theory?

Haha, that’s a great conspiracy theory, thank you :laughing: =D>

…when the critical heat-level is reached, the appliance will trigger a thermal overload cutout –a safety mechanism, that cannot be bypassed- so the fridge or freezer will simply stop working.

All modern household appliances have such a safety mechanism built-in… my electric induction-hob and own fridge-freezer, for instance.

In not-knowing how/what modern electrical technology works/contains, one can imagine all sorts of fanciful conspiratorial theories.

The dumb-downed/unknowledgeable helping dumb down the world, one post/idea at a time.

So… explain why the fridges that have blown up … have… blown up.

Go f yourself!

How would that explain anything?

The illknowledged^ exhibiting their illknowledge, by showing their lack of knowledge, by their inability to theorise deduce how something could occur using basic educational tools.

…all theory and no fact, makes the ‘illknowledged’ a dumb human/sucker/pawn/troll. :wink:

I am a Google scholar, and Google is no help.

…and a lack of comprehension, of what has actually been said… so illknowledge, in that they^ don’t know what they should be searching for.

A knowledgeable person, would…

I’m sorry you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, MagsJ. That must be very hard for you.

Imagine a child, being smarter than [b]that![1]! smh

  1. /b ↩︎

Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

Google yo’self and tell me what you find that’s better than what I got up there (in the OP).

Lel… so basic^

…mind filled with trash.

So that’s why the fridges are blowing up?

I’ll give you one more try.

They^ still obviously have no idea what I’m talking about, do they.


Are you as Hungarian as the grand façade?

You guys should take notes together & give us all a summary later.

I did my own homework… never cheated once.

If they re-read that post, they may [eventually] get it… or probably not. :open_mouth:

…but what has it got to do with [i]them[1], in the first place.

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If it matters to you, I mind. If it doesn’t, I don’t.

—& it should be that way across the board (vice versa) according to the appropriate context already mentioned.

It’s not rocket surgery.

This is not why fridges are blowing up:

Comprehension is key in moving forward, on any matter…

pertinent to the OP:

First piece:

use these keywords for a summary of what is happening & theories as to why (& their counter-arguments)

refrigerator explode explosion blow up cyclopentane

The second piece is:

If your refrigerator is hooked up to the Internet, and there are certain aspects of your refrigerator that are controllable from the Internet, the aspects you rely on as safety features may actually be used unsafely, or disabled, in order to trigger that which they would normally prevent. That is why cyber security is important.

Third piece:

Certain kinds of tech glow in the dark. That’s easy to mask as an aesthetic feature.


I’m not saying it’s a thing. But I’m not saying fridges aren’t blowing up without any explanation that doesn’t have a reasonable counterargument. I’m not counting all the negatives. You fix it.