"Full Solution" = Final Solution (for Der Juden, ehem, Rep)?


Ironic how the ones “fighting Nazis” are the ones spewing Nazi rhetoric?

That is how they pulled off hypnotizing the population - by merely reversing the names and titles (“reversing the magnetic poles”) - attracting simple minded freedom loving people to the opposite pole.

"Hey I have an idea. Let’s call our fascist brownshirt movement “Anti-Fascist” or “Antifa” for short. And maybe our racist agenda “Black Lives Matter” so those naive children and old sleepy fools will think we are on their side. Then we can get past their conscious reasoning and gain their acceptance to whatever we say. We have to get in the door if we are going to make a sale.

We could even call our far too expensive socialist healthcare plan, “The Affordable Care Act”. Cool, huh?"

lol bitchute

bro blm is a civil rights movement that aims to stop big govt, (cops) from performing summary executions of citizens in the street.