Fundamental denial of modern society

I’ve recently realized there is one specific fundamental denial that modern society seems to be based upon, which is,ultimately, the passing on of one’s genes and the methods by which one does it. Everything, in mind, seems to relate back to this. Also the methods relate to the purpose in the way one does it.

Procreation has become something of a mere lifestyle choice as oppose to a biological destiny. it seems to me that there is a hidden war against this biological destiny, especially the conscious purpose part of it. The conscious purpose aspect relates to being self-aware which seems to be constantly attacked in modern society.

The self must be in tune with the self through nature, if this does not take place then all else is trivial, and subject to exploitation.

Modernity = an exploitation upon the biological destiny through unconscious awareness of the self.

Procreation as a lifestyle choice? We’d better hope so. The primordial need for procreation to insure survival of the species has long passed. We quickly learned how to out-produce natural occurring deaths and are approaching the lemming dilemma. Live births do not come without costs. The planets ability to provide the necessary support for human life isn’t infinite. Without population control (choice) large scale die-offs are inevitable. If this is denial, we need lots more of it.

I think the ideas around family planning are well intentioned

But I would say some of the patterns are not the best choices… for example… delaying/avoiding pregnancy. Well intentioned, but its a bad pattern… what if one learns to commit to this delay and then can’t “normalize” (so to speak) around actually procreating when the time is “right” (whatever that means)

Society tends to assume people will eventually “figure it out”… starting off on the false front really bugs me

“Live births”???

Why don’t you just say “Children do not come without costs” ?

Or “People do not come without costs” ?


Using the term live birth only indicates procreation. It does not assume adulthood. The mortality rate among “children” is staggering in some countries. So, a society may honor and encourage live births, but a high mortality rate may result in population decline. The term live birth = procreation is a precise description without all the post-birth variables. Sometimes, definitions do count.

“Live birth” sanitizes what you are saying which is effectively that humans are a burden.

The OP doesn’t refer to third world countries with a high mortality rate when he writes “modern society” and “lifestyle choice”.

And you were obviously not referring to a society with “population decline” when you wrote the post.

Sanitizes? Humans are a burden? You are making some wild assumptions about what I said. If you don’t like the term live birth, that is your personal problem, not mine.

True, the OP doesn’t mention third world countries, but even with their high mortality rate, they are also the countries with the greatest population growth, which reinforces my point that denial might be a good thing.

I was referring to ALL societies since interconnectedness is all we have in the “modern” world. What happens in Bangladesh affects what happens in Peoria.

Are you people retarded?

I wasn’t talking about excessive procreation or the negation of it for population control. Nor was I talking about primordial vs lifestyle choice…

I was talking about racial preservation in the context of purpose regarding ones genes, more specifically birthing children in paganistic culture and bloodlines.

The lifestyle choice was meant to indicate the trivialisation of procreation where one pointlessly chooses to procreate for the sake of it or not to procreate for sake of it.

Please don’t spam my thread with your fears, concerns or your humanity bullshit.

Pardon me! I didn’t realize this thread was all about the racial purity complaint. I have nothing positive to say to that.

Over and out.

A tiny tiny fraction of mankind has fought to control and preserve it’s gene pool since time immemorial … TGP(s). Of course wanting to control and preserve a gene pool is not enough … idiots were born inside the TGP(s) and genius was born outside … nonetheless the strategy remains in place. The TGP(s) has more or less controlled the emergence and evolution of all societies/cultures across time and space.

For a very very long time the TGP exploited the masses for brawn alone, however as the TGP’s appetite for increasingly complex projects grew they found it necessary to educate the masses … as more intelligent beings were required for their projects.

Seems the law of unintentional consequences entered the unfolding drama … expressed eloquently by a senior architect of the TGP … Brzezinski




The Gene Pool / The Gene Pools

Moderns seem rabidly pro-sex and rabidly anti-sex.

Nothing they do adds up to anything. A rational mind can only see moderns as a bunch of blithering retards.