Future of Cars

I was in this electric KIA recently being taken to a sports event, and what pleased me the most about it was the lush navigation system. Otherwise I think electric cars are a crappy idea, the whole thing is uneconomic, the batteries are charged using fossil fuels, batteries in general take a long time to charge, and they leak over time, unlike a gas tank. But what is sublimely elegant and economic is a hydrogen engine. The only problem now is how to most economically produce the hydrogen, quite a lot of electricity is needed for the electrolyse (separating hydrogen from oxygen) and this would easily be solved with nuclear plants, which are coming back in vogue.

I recently saw a car brochure with some hydrogen BMWs in it. I wasn’t aware these things are already being sold. There’s naturally a bunch of videos to be seen.


The future looks bright. It’s just a matter of phasing out the battery powered cars, which are now attempting to take over the markets. My estimate is about 50 years for hydrogen to become the norm.

Since he only byproduct of hydrogen conversion into power is water, I think this is ultimately the most elegant method of propulsion, until we discover a self-generating power. Toyota is also working on hydrogen, has produced a hydrogen engine that promises to give 67 city miles on a gallon. I dont know how expensive hydrogen will be.


BMW and Toyota pioneering a technology seems like it is a solid future. Possibly my 50 years estimate is even conservative. The number of EV’s at this point;