Future together in the face of the technoworld.

Will we succeed together as a sexually unified race in a technologically advanced world?

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My own answer will probably require some imagaination to harvest some underlying themes that I am presenting. Human beings tend to learn through positive reinforcement and its negative counterpart. Right now we are culturing a negative pseudo-outcome - an outcome that will not come to fruition. A slightly more positive discourse needs to take place to get a grip on the outcome and to bring such an outcome to fruition.

We need to bring about what iambiguous has termed “what is deemed to be rational or virtuous behavior”. Which I would change to what is deemed to be rational and virtuous behavior. I suggest that this will be an effort that will involve men and women and not men alone. I also suggest that it will not be one philosopher that will be able to claim such a glory of changing the world back into a place that makes sense again but a great many.

Recent conversation that I have held on the concept of misogyny have highlighted for me that men are scared of a feminised world - but tell me how men and women working together leads to a feminised world - I simply do not believe that a feminised world is on the horizon. I believe a technological world is in fact what is on the horizon and both men and women need to help shape the future - which is going to happen anyway.

You are welcome to bring up libtards and what ever other derogatory political crap you wish to bring up in this conversation - I am neither here nor there when it comes to political alignment as I see the current political climate as something in dire need of a swift death.

What is a “technological world”?

If women are better at some things should we encourage them to do those things?

If men are better at some things should we encourage them to do those things?

I have met a female psychologist who is brilliant at her job and a female psychiatrist that is able make quick and accurate diagnoses and wonder why they seem to fit what was traditionally a male dominated field. Science and engineering still seem to be dominated by males.

A technological world is a world that is relating to or using technology to help us make decisions. That is my simple definition.

Living in a technological world will come with negative and positive effects to our lives.

Innovation is assuming control over our reality, we live during a time where most, if not every one of us utilize mechanical gadgets throughout the day, ordinary. From cell phones, to iPads, to workstations and TVs, we’re continually utilizing innovation. There are even types of innovation that we use amid our rest, wellness watches that track our rest and the preferences.

Be that as it may, what are the impacts of living in a mechanical world? There’s no denying that we adore every last new mechanical progress, yet there are some positive and negative impacts of utilizing innovation consistently that men and women should be aware of and should decide upon together.

One of the positive effects is that learning has never been easier.

We can talk to anyone, anywhere, any time.

One of the negative effects is that some of us become too dependent on technology.

Technology can interfere with our sleep.

I also think it is obvious that because there is so much information in this modern world it is more difficult to filter information well enough to form proper opinions.

There are also issues surrounding false news.


That’s an illusion. Worldwide, 1.2 billion people don’t have electricity.

OK, I have to admit you do have a point there. I will say however that it is possible that in the near future this will no longer be an illusion - say the next 50 years.

Yeah, that’s a huge problem and what’s most troubling is that it’s getting worse.

People are not able to process the huge amount of information and to make rational decisions.

What are women’s strengths? I ask for I don’t think this concept has been fleshed out. What are men’s strengths? Answers to that question are more readily available in terms of biology taller, faster, stronger.

What does false news mean? How does it come about and for what purpose? Even the scientific community partakes in false news concerning their research and findings.

Sorry, but I do not adore every last new mechanical progress. I agree that people, all people, need to regulate new innovations to ensure that they are produced greenly, of high quality, and useful in more ways than they are detrimental. Look at all the litter and pollution on land, in the seas, and even in space, it’s killing our ecosystems.

I totally agree.

Again I agree. I am also concerned at how quick technology is able to catch up with the processing of this information to help us make those rational decisions because it is obvious right now that technological based decision making is very much in it’s infancy.

More technology is the solution?

That will make people completely dependent on the technology. They will lose the remaining ability to make decisions - the decisions will be made for them by the technology and whoever controls it.

You know, it is such a difficult question for me to answer so feel free to correct me if you think I am wrong.

  1. I think women have strengths in empathy - even so much to say that a woman can empathize with a man easier than another man can.
  2. I think women can pick up on inconsistency quicker than men even if they can not easily verbalize it because it maybe subconscious.
  3. Women seem to have a deeper sense of justice than men << I could be wrong here though.
  4. Women are able to bring a situation into a sense of balance when allowed to.

I have more to add here and I will add more as we get further into the thread. I think a civilized world should include the powers of women as well as men.

Also: I may not have offered the best examples of women’s strengths but I am tired, so sue me :laughing:

Gee - you have hammered me with this one. I was more or less talking about the political agendas of some mainstream news outlets and the total bullshit coming out of some of the alternative news outlets.

Science on the other hand has always partaken in rubbish, mainly to increase research dollars - the truth must be embellished(polite word for bullshit).

Yes I should have reworded the part about all of us adoring every last mechanical progress to something like: it is easy to perceive that most people seem to adore every last mechanical progress especially in the city.

Sad but true. I think we have gone too far down the rabbit hole to return now. I like to think that we will not lose our ability to make decisions but I see your point here. It is whoever controls the technology that we should be most concerned with most - but I am sure I am not saying anything you dont already know phyllo.

I’m looking forward to that and I agree. Even as a woman, I find my question regarding a woman’s strengths difficult for woman have not explored all that we may excel at. I think women have higher pain thresholds, more endurance, and a better sense of balance physically and abstractly.

What is the purpose of the political agenda or is it agendas?

Is science embroiled in the political agenda/s?

First I will approach the political with a broad sword rather than a scalpel.

That I believe is one of the most difficult questions to answer because the actions taken by media tend to be subtle in the mainstream - not so subtle in the alternative outlets however. Each company has it’s own political agenda and this would include media companies.

A snippet from Wikipedia: Media bias in the United States occurs when the US media systematically skews reporting in a way that crosses standards of professional journalism. Claims of media bias in the United States include claims of liberal bias, conservative bias, mainstream bias, and corporate bias. A variety of watchdog groups combat this by fact-checking both biased reporting and unfounded claims of bias. A variety of scholarly disciplines study media bias.

This leaves us at the mercy of the watchdog groups which usually have their own agenda and bias. Before rolling out an improvement to a framework, we need to comprehend that people are inclined to accomplish an option rather than nothing. “Intervention Bias makes us likely to introduce changes that aren’t necessary in order to feel in control of a situation”. The situation to be controlled is the neutrality of the bias. Either way somebody wins because no-one is perfect.

Unfortunately science is embroiled in the political agenda/s, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly but either way these days science is affiliated with politics and political decision making - this certainly applies here in Australia. I read in an article something that goes like this: science is the pursuit of knowledge, knowledge is power, and power is politics. Generally the scientific establishment is funded by government which means it is funded by the people but the people do not get much of a say in what research gets to be conducted, this becomes the domain of policy makers and you guessed it the policy makers involved in politics which usually furnish the pockets of companies through products born from scientific research just to condense it a little.

That is just for starters.

Men are turning into women and women into men. The sexes are converging, which may be construed as feminizing from a masculine perspective.

Technology has enabled thinner women to have babies easier which shifted what was considered a sexy body type from Michelangelo-ian to slender and lean.

Modern dentistry has changed selection of desired faces as well.

Round faces have more room for teeth while narrow faces could indicate calcium deficiency (poor bone formation) during fetal development due to heath or environmental problems suffered by the mother. I’ve read that condition can be passed down through the subsequent generations as well. Anyway, narrow faces weren’t sexy before technology for obvious reasons, but now people seem to favor them.

There was also a study done online correlating the heathcare ranking of a nation to the preferred faces in terms of masculinity by women. I forgot whether women in nations with good healthcare favored masculine or feminine men, but that’s ok since I just wanted to show that technology changed something. If women select more-feminine men in nations with better healthcare, then it’s obvious how men are going to evolve.

The evidence is overwhelming. Women are catching men in sports as further confirmation of their increasing masculinity. More women are entering into tech while the need for blue-collar manly type jobs diminishes. The incentive to be a super-hunk wanes while women are increasingly going for the goober-types.

Once we have the technology to grow a fetus outside the womb, then it will be a political/legal/ethical issue that will invariably relieve women of the burden of carrying a child just like abortion did. After that, women will lose the ability. Maybe sex itself will eventually disappear as sex-identify becomes increasingly meaningless and if so, then the gentialia will whither. There is no sense in being sexually attracted to someone of one’s own sex anyway, since we’d all be the same sex at that point, so no reason to have sex. Technology will probably replace the pleasure aspect of it, somehow, and more reliably and consistently, I’m sure.

If I have to hazard a guess, I’d bet by our standards today that people are going to be quite ugly in the future… or at least not at all sexy.

I have no idea what we should do. I can only tell you what will happen if we do something.

Women are better at empathy.

Men are systemizers
Women are empathizers.

Autism is has been defined as extreme-male.

Men and women really have nothing in common, but that’s why they complement each other in surviving, but if tech eliminates the natural selection forces, then there is no reason to complement and instead they find common ground and converge.

All I’m doing is extrapolating in a straight line, but who knows what variables will popup in the future.

Btw, everyone will be white in the future since we wear clothes and stay indoors too much (no UV light). I don’t see that trend reversing.

Whoever conceived the Greys (aliens) put a lot of thought into it. Big heads, little bodies, little mouth, white skin, unisex. Babies grown in labs under ideal conditions for growing a brain much too large for a woman to bear, probably genetically engineered and free of defect, they probably will live a long time and won’t need to reproduce much. But, again, that’s a simple extrapolation and can’t possibly take into account incalculable happenings, like the solar system drifting into a spiral arm or the earth precessing on its axis or flipping the magnetic field (which is due soon), diseases, political, who knows.

Interesting Serendipper - I would never have thought to take the conversation in that direction.

I will consider what you are saying and have a response for you - but expect that I will go off in yet another direction.

What I am trying to achieve here is a realistic picture of the future as it stands at this minute.

That of course would change. There are things we can not change and there are things we can ready ourselves for.

At the moment we have men, women and technology!!!


I seemed to have missed a part of what you were saying regarding new innovations - my sincere apologies for that. I want to experiment a little here by taking us a little off track and involving space in the picture as it seems humans are going to space no matter what. I will bring the conversation back to something more normal after this.

I promise :wink:

I totally agree with you here. The current way we as the human race are making decisions is full of flaws. The governments are hardly making our decision making powers as individuals efficient and corporate responsibility seems to be a buzzword for making more sales in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on space exploration Wendy? I am curious to know what a person like you thinks about this.

I always thought that space would be a better place for some industry and research, than the earth, as a younger man, but I am now starting to question this myself - I mean we have to be realistic here, there are some things that are going to go ahead no matter how we feel about them.


I would also be interested in your thoughts on what I just posted to Wendy in my last post.