Gattaca: Best Written and Most In-Depth Movie

Hello everyone, this is my first post, and good day to all. I am about to be 17 and fancy myself a decent writer, so any criticism would be great, nor do I care if you dump on me a bunch of negative comments, still criticism isn’t it.
Recently I watched Gattaca, a science-fiction movie, I would rather not explain the plot, so this post is specific to those who have seen the movie and whether or not they appreciate all the beauty in the movie or do, I hope something that I am going to elaborate on will intrigue something new and awesome to them. If you have not seen Gattaca, watch it and disregard imdb and other review sites because Gattaca is highly underrated. Every scene in this movie is significant and after reading this you will see exactly how. Basically, I would like to share the incredible themes and parallels I observed while watching the movie a bunch of times because the subtlety yet excessiveness of these significant occurrences, I think slips past people for I have not found anything discussing in particular the smoke in the glass parallel, colors and their meanings, the importance of the double helix, the silver medal and the ending,the loss of human nature and other minute details. Also random scenes and random information will be elaborated on as well as the characters and everything about them. I will also talk about another theme which is not my own work and is copyrighted under Insight Publications, we shall get to that later though. Also note that even though themes and analysis are not really Natural Science related, the movie is, as well as the questions and issues I will address in the last paragraph in relation to eugenics and humanity. What you will find is that this movie contains many parallels to The Great Gatsby, which will be explained through unmentioned inclusion and very brief explanation, I hope you are interested.

  1. Colors and their Meanings
    Throughout the movie you will notice that the main colors are: blue, green, white, and black (which is at some points very important). This in, of course my own opinion, was on purpose by brilliant writer Andrew Niccol and there is a large amount of supporting evidence and from what I have observed, my meanings given to the colors are flawless. Throughout the movie there is a constant battle between Blue and Green, battle not of course with the colors, but with the associated meanings and their roles in society. White is the hope, both between and above the battle of Blue and Green, and so is black in a way.

Blue is portrayed as what I would say “investigatory” and associated with the uncertainty that the VALIDS have with the people in society, in relation to keeping the integrity and perfection of their society, in turn the blue people are fake, false, and superficial yet eugenically perfected human superiors. Anton, Irene, the Gattaca place, the DNA place and Eugene’s place are all “blue” at one point or another in the movie. Gattaca itself contains countless examples of this “blueness”: anytime a biological verification test is performed, the screen which indicates if the subject is VALID or INVALID is blue, the rooms in which these tests are performed in are blue, also the fitness room is blue to see if you truly are a VALID, the floors are blue and there are many more blue occurrences that you can find. As for the DNA place where you can basically figure out if your partner is ideal, the whole inner part of the building is very, very blue. Anton is for the most part seen in a blue environment, his workplace, at Gattaca, his tiny pool is clearly blue, when he shows up at the dinner with all of the other investigators a blue light is on them, and again many more instances. Irene, at one point is in a blue robe and asks Vincent about his scars on his legs and shows the investigatory side of her. In Eugene’s place, the incinerator which keeps Vincent VALID by burning the evidence of Vincent’s true green-ness is blue, the freezer which keeps all of the VALID biological evidence so that Vincent the INVALID can be VALID is blue, the falsehood is evident in Vincent. In relation to the deception, Vincent uses a mini-vacuum that is blue to suck up all of his INVALID DNA he left on the keyboard.

Green is the true nature of the subject and the environment in which that subject is in, is green. True nature as in truth itself or human nature, characteristics and morals. Green is mostly evident in Vincent, but also appears with the doctor at Gattaca and Irene. The green observation can begin with the conception of Vincent. Vincent’s parents are gettin’ their slam on, haha, in a green car, foreshadowing that this would be a God Child, also the crucifix which is simultaneously rocking back and forth with the car that is hanging on the rearview mirror which has a hint of green from the reflection of the car on it hints the God-Child. Then with the birth, the mother is on the green bed in green clothes surrounded by green dressed doctors. When baby Vincent is being held by the mother, he is wrapped in what appears to be a teal or blue-green towel, which is so important it is unbelievable how unnoticed the event is. When the parents go in to actually “make” a baby, Anton, the screen of the eggs is green because at this point they are in true nature sort of, but notice the doctor has a blue-green coat. Then the boys are swimming, now you’ll see that Vincent’s shorts are black and Anton’s are blue-green. As for the doctor at Gattaca, he assumes the role of in a way similar to that of the blue investigators. This is seen when Vincent must take the unexpected urine test at the end. The doctor’s eyes appear to be blue, but this is only subjective and no one can be for sure about this or really any of the character’s eye colors, and at first he acts as an investigator, but once he sees the INVALID on the screen, he becomes blue-green. Notice the camera angle in which writer and director Andrew Niccol purposely uses to show the blue eyes with the backdrop of green lights in the walls, and the doctor’s humility and green-ness appears despite being blue. This theme is very important as you have seen “blue-green” a lot by now. When Vincent is running on the treadmill, the heart monitoring screen has green lines because it shows the true physical nature of the subject, even Vincent cannot fool it with Jerome’s heart rhythms, the heart is what is true, both the heart physically, but also emotionally. After Irene starts to question about Jerome’s true persona, they slam in the backdrop of the green waves crashing in, which is a sign as if she is coming over from the blue side to the green side. Also when Vincent hands her a strand of his hair she is wearing a green top and there is a green reflection on Vincent, the scene is completely green because the true human that lives within Irene has been fully blossomed. If you notice when they bloody keyboard is picked up you can slightly see a green light inside which logically would make no sense, therefore, it was put there on purpose by Niccol. It shows the true nature of the director who murders the head director despite being blue. The car’s headlights are very green, but I have yet to discern why, help would be appreciated.

Blue-Green, the battle between the two is clear in the movie as you see Vincent, Anton, Jerome, the parents, Irene, the VALID/INVALID screens, the doctor and the director struggle between the two colors and their importance. It is the battle between the human and the false human and the qualities that associate with the opposite of traits. Vincent has to struggle with it because well that is the plot and I am not going to explain that one, or Anton’s, the parents’, or the doctor’s. Although special interest must be put into Vincent and Anton together, because whenever the two are together notice that there is always blue and green together or because of the particular situation all green. When the two go on their competitive swims, the water is blue-green because both “colors” are the solutes in the presumably previously clear solvent of water, this is a metaphor for society by the way. When the two finally see each other in Gattaca’s room of cubicles everyone else’s computers have on them blue screensavers, but Vincent’s has a hint of green. As for Jerome, he is one of the most dynamic characters in the movie maybe other than Irene because of his transformation of blue to green. Up to this point I have tried to avoid all instances regarding the last scenes of the movie because that whole sequence deserves it’s own paragraph, so we will get to Jerome’s final transformation later. Jerome was obsessed with perfection and of course 1st place, but through his experiences with a God-Child (a 2nd placer in a 2 place society), which may hold weight in why he was so inspirational towards everyone (religious connection I suppose), he learned the value of humanity and gave his VALID humanity to Vincent so Vincent could become VALID (even though we know that being a true human is better than being genetically perfect i.e. “no gene for the human spirit”) which in turn gave Jerome a TRUE humanity to himself (Just damn beautiful).

As for Irene, another pivotal, dynamic character, she is a great representation and possibly the best in distinguishing the battle of blue vs green. “You are the authority on what is not possible, aren’t you Irene, they have got you looking so hard for any flaw that after a while that’s all that you see”. This is why Irene is blue-green, if you recall at the dinner-dance she pulls out the little container that is aqua colored, which aqua is composed of the mixing of blue and green and presumably contains pills to help or sustain her heart. Those pills are the green (although I understand completely how one could reject the pills as green seeing as they are an outside force helping her, a blue force), but the falsehood of staying perfect is the blue, the container. This flaw is all that she sees, her obsession with her imperfection is equal and opposite to Jerome’s infatuation with his perfection. There is some beautiful irony in this, because although Irene believes she is imperfect she is actually perfect, at least to Jerome, because she really has one flaw and Jerome although he believes he is perfect, after a revelation through Vincent he now realizes he is human and imperfect. Irene then believes that she is the authority not specifically on what is not possible, but the idea that something is not possible or you could see it as she controls what is not possible in her world, that being that many things are actually possible. These confusing yet elegant words mask the true meaning of self-determination and “human spirit” which Vincent encompassed in the beginning and she is only now realizing. This is also seen in the final swim between Vincent and Anton where Vincent tells Anton his secret that he “never saved anything for the swim back”. His only concern was achieving his goal even if it took everything out of him possibly even his death or incarceration for posing, which is still a possibility with him going into space. Also this swim is parallel to him blindly crossing the street, so his determination is nearly equal towards the three things he wishes to accomplish and are all relative to one another, i.e. space dream, swim race, and Irene’s love, Niccol is awesome.

The VALID/INVALID screen shows the struggle too. Once the substance is put into the machine, the image kind of stutters and first you see the color green and then blue, Niccol would not have made a shaky screen in a technologically advanced future, so the meaning is irrefutable. The machine processes the fluid and is thinking that well it is human DNA, but overpowering the green is blue, the perfect human DNA or rather that the machine is like society and all they see is perfection and prefer and so does even the machines.

Also the director who is supposed to have been presumably bred to not be violent and essentially be perfect, committed murder. It is a fallacy in the blue nature, and goes to show that no matter how much blue is in you, it is impossible to escape completely the human nature of who you are, this realization also takes place in Anton as he slightly admits to Vincent’s journey being remarkable. Now I understand that this is all subjective because the director may have been born before the technology because we have no indication of when these eugenics were perfected, but if he was then this would only strengthen the case I am making for why Gattaca is the best movie ever made (Woooo).

Those are the main blue-green references I found, but I know I left some minor ones out. One may point out that the black shorts and blue-green shorts scene is a flaw in my thoughts, I say nay. Because remember black is sometimes important. As a reference point I will address another scene in which you see black as neutral. When Tony Shaloub (DNA broker), or the guy who introduces Vincent and Jerome together, is shown, he has black eyes, hair, suit, tie and shoes. He is the middle man, but in reality neutral, he has no bias towards either blue or green. Now onto the shorts scene, notice before young Vincent and Anton go for their swim, Vincent uses a shell to cut his thumb open symbolizing that he wants to become blood brothers with Anton, he has yet to fully notice the difference between himself and Anton, but he has sort of caught on to it. Anton knows he is perfect and rejects the offer, but still is too young to be his own perfect man and is still under the upbringing of his parents, both greens (Nature vs Nurture so he cannot completely escape the green and inevitably never can no matter how much he thinks he can). So that is why Vincent’s shorts are black, he is neutral and knows nothing of this color battle in society and Anton’s are blue-green. So yea that is why I say nay. :banana-dance: Ya totally just did that.

Now I am not going to explain white yet because white has only a role in three scenes that are the some of the most important ones in the movie and will be explained in each owns’ paragraph. If you have not picked up on the parallels with Gattaca and The Great Gatsby, then try and think about the plot and the color symbolism Fitzgerald uses throughout the novel just as Niccol does. One man alone in society trying to achieve what everyone else has, fast cars, “Dream”, the girl, green, setting as in yellow (the sun represents high tension and crazy occurrences), irony in Daisy which is irony in perfection (Daisy is perfect and “white” to Nick), and many other aspects that I do not want to explain because it would take a while. Also note that in Gatsby, commodity culture owned everyone and there was excessive behavior in being drunk and materialistic, plus the old money vs nouveau-riche battle, in Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, main character (Edward Norton) is also consumed by this search for identity so he buys everything out of the IKEA catalog but is not satisfied and the “underclass” vs the people who own everyones’ debts is the battle or the battle of conformity and non-conformity, now in Gattaca you have the obsession with perfection, mainly in genetics i.e. the place where you can test your partner’s genetic perfection and even that does not satisfy some people, i.e. Jerome, and the greens vs the blues battle also the “valued commodity” that lies with someone’s DNA and the people who extort that business. These three would seem quite unrelated, but you must know that Fight Club was simply a modern Great Gatsby, words of Palahniuk himself, and now I see Gattaca as a futuristic Great Gatsby. Simply my interpretation, but I have supporting evidence that links all three works together. If you love Fight Club and The Great Gatsby please I encourage you to read this incredible analysis of the two and their absolute parallels by Suzanne Del Gizzo, a professor on literature. … htClub.pdf

  1. The Dinner Scene
    This is without a doubt the 2nd most significant scene in the entire movie and I guarantee you that you have never thought about this (I personally believe it to be the most but undoubtedly it is at least 2nd). The dinner scene between Vincent and Jerome is the topic of discussion. This scene foreshadows the meaning of white and the last minute of the movie, shows Jerome indirectly telling Vincent that he is going to commit suicide whenever Vincent leaves and that Titan is an analogy for everything that is Vincent (literally it is like a prophecy of Vincent’s life). Hope you’re intrigued.

First as they take their seats, Jerome begins to complain about the wine not being able to breathe, not a surprise Jerome is on his normal, alcoholic and arrogant agenda, but then he says quietly to Vincent “remember that”, the wine must have time to breathe. Then Vincent not making anything of this statement, nor should he logically have, talks how being weightless, of course in space, is the closest thing to being in the womb, this will be beautifully and elegantly tied into “white” and the last scene. Vincent then also says that he cannot imagine Jerome stuck in that room for a whole year, and Jerome is quick to the trigger in telling Vincent “well don’t think about it”. Vincent asks what Jerome is truly going to do, and Jerome says jocularly that he has his books. So on so forth then Jerome says that he “wouldn’t have it any other way”. Again Vincent asks Jerome in a grave, but also sincere tone what is he going to do. Jerome then says I am going to “finish this” and gulps down the rest of his wine. Now, all of these odd actions by Jerome seem to be defense mechanisms, the quick remarks, humor to alleviate the situation, chugging the wine in disregard towards Vincent’s honest question and appears to be a repressed alcoholic. That is not the case however. Put all of these actions together and one realizes that he did repress his true feelings in a way, but not to avoid them for himself, but instead as a selfless act towards Vincent. He simply did not want Vincent to worry, because Jerome had made his mind up that he was going to finish this. By finishing this, he means that he is going to kill himself and if you look at it one way to end his depressing, shallow and alcoholic lifestyle by finishing the wine, ridding his body of it by burning himself at the end.

Next, Jerome continues his aversive tendencies by asking Vincent what is Titan like this time of year. Vincent then exhales the drag of his cigarette slowly into the glass which creates a white haze. He says that Titan is like this all of the time and the cloud is so thick that no one can tell what is actually beneath it. Jerome replies that “maybe there’s nothing there” and Vincent says that there is something there. Vincent then tells Jerome that he should be going not him, but Jerome as a good friend and finally a human after spending time with a real human simply says that he is afraid of heights. This piece of information holds absolutely no weight in anything, but you might think that the eugenics would take care of acrophobia hinting that Jerome just made that up to be helpful to Vincent. What is important is that these references to Titan are both mythological and realistic in terms of analyzing Vincent’s life. Here is where I needed help and found this great excerpt from Insight Publications and by the way all rights belong to Sue Tweg under Insight Publications found on … -pages.pdf,

“There is, nonetheless, a strongly mystical underlay in the film which needs to be recognised. First, Vincent’s mission is to Titan, the largest moon circling Saturn. This is an appropriate choice – even though the film story is fiction – because, following Voyager 1’s encounter with Titan in 1980, scientific information about its atmospheric chemistry makes it a possibility for earth-like evolution in the distant future.‘Titan’ and ‘Saturn’ are names worth considering. In classic mythology, the Titans were a family of gods, sons of Uranus, the original creator god (Father Time). Cronos (like the Roman god, Saturn, and also a ‘time’ god), was a Titan: he overthrew Uranus and, in turn, was overthrown by Zeus, the leader of the next generation of young gods. This saga of young gods overthrowing old ones is all about the way succeeding generations surpass their elders in knowledge and skill. Both Uranus and Cronos tried to devour their children and were only prevented, and finally overthrown, by cleverness. Because time devours human beings, some people are already speculating about ‘immortality’ through genetic intervention in the ageing process (see Broderick, The First Immortal Generation transcript, details in References & Reading).Vincent, then, is the young rocket-navigator hero going out to encounter powerful forces, genetic ones on earth and unknown challenges in the cosmos. As the ‘God-child’ of mother Maria and protective ‘father’ figure Director Josef, his story may suggest an even more profound mythic base to some viewers.”

I could not have figured this out on my own, and also I have not read the whole book of her’s, so my views may have already been expressed, but I do not wanna pay money to buy this book, feel I have understood almost everything. Anyway, back to the point of the prophecy for Vincent, this is practical because as I am sure you know many cultures throughout history have used the stars and the planets to predict events, weather, prophecies and many other things. This meaning that his prophecy was written in the planets (Gods, so this might again be meaning God-Child and that the Judeo-Christian God specifically performs miracles like Vincent succeeding, note that this is not to say that no other Gods possess these powers nor am I saying I believe in God nor do you have to, just making that clear). Also with the dinner scene, the cloud that was so huge that it masked the true nature of the planet is parallel to Vincent as his 9.3/10 rating of genetic perfection which is actually Jerome’s, is so staggering that no one around him either over or under looks him when they should because he is very imperfect.

  1. The Final Scenes
    Final scenes, obviously very important. It begins with the two in the freezer room, and Jerome tells Vincent that he has all of his samples prepared, and Vincent tells him he won’t need any samples where he is going. Once again Jerome hints that he is going to commit suicide, but not blatantly to again help Vincent feel better. Then Jerome tells him that Vincent lent him his dream which was better than Jerome’s body, this symbolizes his final transformation into a green person, but he is not completely green because just as a blue cannot escape his green, a transformed green still cannot escape all of his blue and you will see why. Jerome hands a letter to Vincent which he is not to open till he’s “upstairs”, upstairs is very important and is symbolic as well. The final urine test scene has already been explained, then it takes us to where he is walking away, toward a green tunnel. This green tunnel shows all of the humans going into it, but more importantly what they come out of it as, recall that even when those eggs appeared on the screen that were outside the female, were still green, this tunnel seen is another birth for all of those who are venturing to Titan. They all enter naturally, but you see the other end of the tunnel is white, this tunnel is the vagina and they come out on a white side to go to a “white” planet, Titan. There are white dressed doctors waiting at the end of the tunnel, like a birth in a hospital. Jerome then gets into the incinerator, his own space shuttle for him to “travel” in. Although, the incinerator is blue, and so it is ultimately his blue obsession that is killing him and he physically dies blue, in that environment, but really he dies mostly green based upon the inside of his heart. Travel as into death, which he is finally content with, as you see him look at his “silver” medal he realizes that not being perfect is alright, both in terms of placing, but also as being a 2nd placer or a God-Child, INVALID which his best friend and savior Vincent is, and I feel that he is glad about the life he lived as he found true meaning in it. As for the letter with Jerome’s hair, I cannot honestly figure out what that means at all, possibly it is actually Vincent’s hair, so it is Jerome telling him that he doesn’t need Jerome any more, any help would be much appreciated. Then Vincent says that “every atom in our bodies was once part of a star, maybe I’m not leaving, maybe I’m going home”. If you click the link to the Insight Publications website you can see where this comes from, it has to do with Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. Anyway the focus is on the going home part, white in the movie is a representation of “hope”. The dinner scene with the glass of smoke which Vincent replies that “there is something there” is in reference to the real surface of Titan and also himself, because people only see him as a genetically perfect human which “clouds” their judgement because there is something more human and genuine to him. The planet of Titan and white is between and above the battle of blue vs green because it represents hope, a hope to a new world and new future where there is no discrimination and everyone can be equal, because remember Vincent won’t need those samples where he is going. As for Jerome’s silver medal burning, people see that as turning to gold due to the reflection. I do not believe this is true because really it doesn’t even look that gold and I think meaning would be lost because it was beautiful that Jerome finally accepted his second place and would die with it.

White also plays a role in the second swimming contest you see between Vincent and Anton. You see that Anton’s shorts are white and Vincent’s are not able to be determined, but the focus is on Anton’s. Anton loses that race and the “hope” lies within him after that event because the next scene as you see Vincent about to walk out of the door, Anton approaches as if to want to say something to him, but you never know. The hope was that Anton would denounce his discriminatory ways and finally be a brother to Vincent as he sees himself being flawed because he lost to a imperfect human.

All major scenes and colors have been fully analyzed as well as the morphing of the characters in the movie. Next, I will explain another theme and other random, yet significant happenings in the movie.

The double helix of DNA is a key component for the basis of the whole movie. As you know, Vincent has half of the “ladder” we will say and Jerome also has half of the ladder, and combine to complete the double helix. Vincent has the intellect, but not the physical stamina and Jerome has the physical stamina and intellect, but because of the injury the physical prowess of Jerome means nothing. Now, recall the scene when the two meet and Vincent asks “who lives up there?”, and Jerome replies “I certainly don’t”. The winding stairwell represents 1/2 of the double helix, and Vincent and Jerome in their own regards can fulfill the double helix and is shown in the movie. After Vincent had made it into Gattaca, the next scene shows him coming down the steps overlooking Jerome in his wheelchair, and now you see that Vincent has successfully become 2/2 in terms of the double helix, whereas Jerome is wasting away as a 1/2 on the bottom floor because he has not reached prominence and “certainly” does not live on the “top floor”. Although, later in the movie when the investigator is coming over, Jerome must pull himself up the staircase to protect his identity and achieves his old status, because he is upstairs, gets a girl visitor, one that which he does not pay, and appears to be able to walk to both Irene and Anton. To the untrained eye, he appears to be perfect, and is 2/2, and notice that Vincent is hiding away on the bottom floor because at this point he could no longer have a fantastic genetic makeup if the investigator, who he does not know is his brother, finds out the truth. As Anton leaves, Vincent slowly walks up the steps and him and Jerome play a little dialogue game calling each other by Jerome, both of them have achieved 2/2 because they are currently sharing their identities in front of confused Irene, borrowing each other’s ladders. If you fast forward now to the card which Jerome hands Vincent and tells him not to open until Vincent is “upstairs”, you can now tie into that into the double helix meaning, because to get “upstairs”/outer space he must enter Gattaca which would fulfill his “upstairs”, in that he is now perfect 2/2, and to get to outer space. Also do not overlook the absolute beauty in Jerome pulling himself up that giant staircase to save his friend.

As for other aspects of the movie which can be explained. If you have not figured or found out about already, Gattaca is composed of the four nucleotide bases in DNA, Guanine Adenine Thymine Cytosine, and their beginning letters. Which is also seen in the credits of course highlighting those letters in the peoples’ names. In the scene where Vincent throws the suit on the bed, the dry cleaning thing reads “Confidentiality Guaranteed”, CG and in DNA C is always paired with G and A is always paired with T, although I have not found any instances of A and T together. The rocket which falls with Vincent in the beginning of the movie has a blue-green base and a silver top, now I don’t know why I feel this way, but I feel like a part of the fuselage of a rocket must fall off before the ship enters space, and if this is true then when Vincent shoots toward Titan, the blue-green world would be left behind and the silver top which I would say is close to white would be his new world. Any conformation on this rocket ship business would be appreciated. On the VALID/INVALID screens, if you a VALID you will see an infinity symbol in the upper right corner, which I truly do not know what it stands for, but for the INVALID there will be a crucifix as a symbol for a God-Child. As for the six-fingered piano player, I feel that this is a glimpse of the future, because soon six will not be enough and the uses of genetics will be pushed further into creating seven fingered humans and then 12 toed humans. Also, the poster in which the pianist is covering his face with his fingers might be significant in that again the true nature of humans is being further covered up by his perfections and extensions of perfections, and he does not want you to see who he truly is, or rather society doesn’t want to see who humans are. That is all I have for you and if you made it this far I appreciate your interest and hope you learned something new, thank you.

Let me be clear in saying that these are all my opinions, and are not all statements of fact, but appear to be pretty solid, so I do welcome contention. This is just a shot in the dark, but if anyone knows Andrew Niccol, haha again shot in the dark, would you please refer him to this and have him read and reply to this because I love that man’s work and would love to hear his own opinion on my analysis. I also welcome contention on the basis of genetic perfection and that we should have limits on it’s uses, because I do feel that society would turn out something similar to Gattaca and that is what humanity does not need. Although I do agree with Christopher Langan’s opinion that “freedom” should not be a right and should be a privilege that the individual must fulfill and respect. I honestly hate saying that because I am a firm believer in freedom and equality, but after living in America for 16 of 17 years of my life I must say that these rights are abused, the fact that everyone gets one vote really makes me furious because I can truly say that I know more on the issues this country is plagued with than the average American. Now, with saying that I must acknowledge that some of those people who do not know more than me have a right to not be worried about these issues as they are overwhelmed with their own. These people being the working class, the mothers and fathers going to work full-time and parenting in such a severe economic time, the people who are discriminated against and work for what they can get, the immigrants busting their asses to earn barely anything, and anyone else who has been put into a proletariat class by the country and society. Although, this does not excuse the selfish, rich people in America voting Republican so that they can receive tax cuts to create jobs or at least supposed to, but most will not because lets be honest, this country is obsessed with money, it controls the individual, ergo, society. It is the root of all evil, I could give you a history lesson on this, but believe me plenty of information is out there on this, but not of course in your American History textbooks. So, I do believe that the human needs conditioning in becoming a more enlightened individual to recreate a society and government in which liberties are protected and everyone can actually achieve their American Dream, which we know is impossible, but not to the extent of eugenics. Any thoughts on this is appreciated, because I love having conversations with people who are well learned, and please be respectful because I would do the same, but even if you are not respectful well it’s your loss because then that is the point where I make you look like a fool. Thank you for your time and I look forward to any responses. I also highly recommend that you check out this awesome video with a great song to Gattaca scenes, I watch it every day because it is just incredible, Again thank you and peace out, deuces.

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