general notice..

It is no secret I haven’t been pleased as to the
direction ILP has taken these last few years…
I am tired, very tired of fighting idiotic, right wing
polemics… actually to be truly correct, pointless, idiotic
right wing polemics… ILP is a place to investigate philosophy,
not engage in these insane polemics…

I concede the field the to the right wing polemics,
they have won and what exactly have they won?
A dying website which they themselves have killed
and because all ILP is now is right wing polemics,
it will soon die… at the hands of the insane right wing…

I already begun to move to another website, one
that will actually engage in philosophy, I hope…
unlike ECU, I won’t threaten to leave for years, and not leave…

I am just going to reduce my presence here until the website dies
from the insane right wing polemics… hopefully, I will be established
on the other site by then…

as for me, I foresee the country suffering the exact same fate…
the insane right wing will get their right wing dictatorship and
in the process destroy the country… but they can say, we won!
and kill the country in the process… my hope is to have moved
to another country by then… as I am now old, I don’t have
the energy to fight either the right wing polemics
nor the destruction of my country…

and when the right wing wins, they will happily build their concentration
camps for lefties like myself along with homosexuals, communist (all three of them)
and anyone else who doesn’t pass the right-wing purity test…

I don’t have the inclination or energy to fight that, so I will bail…
the only question is which country we will go to, its gotta be
a cheap one… anyway, I haven’t permanently left, I just don’t
have the energy to fight pointless and stupid polemics…


The website started dying the day they got rid of the one moderator that cared and was keeping things alive, because some schizophrenic lunatic yelled for her head.

But your sentiments are appreciated.

We will try to get by with a reduction in the frequency of your brilliant insights.

No offence meant to Dan, who I respect very much and am proud of his achievements irl.

K: says one of the right-wing polemist actively engaged in killing ILP…


Who’s your daddy?


Know this.

The internet died in 2007.

George Bush won.

Real thinking has been attacked with trillions of dollars.

The internet is the front lines.

Take no solace in this though…

There is no heaven.

We all live forever.

There is only lesser or greater hell.

I can assure you that Bush, et al…

Are going to be condemned to hell realms they can’t even comprehend… ones so harsh, even I shudder to think of it.

Guard yourself Peter.


I admire your fortitude for making it this long.

This site has been perpetually undermined, resulting in members being pushed away.

I hope you find brighter pastures.

Keep fighting the good fight, friend.

Tell me how this isn’t you wanting an echo chamber & you can go.