Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA)

After watching a documentary on GSA, my curiosity was aroused and I wanted to know more about this. Below is an extract of one of many articles available on the net.
On Genetic Sexual Attraction and How I fell in Love with my Father by Lynn Meisner.

"I had been waiting my whole life to meet this man, and I knew with absolute certainty that I wanted to have him as a part of my daily life forever. "

The above never got to sexually consummate this new found relationship with her father, but many have with sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, some have conceived children with them.

“Like other people who have experienced GSA, I can only say that what came over me seemed irresistible”.

Perhaps these feelings would never be created if adopted families, and biological families kept in contact during the formative years of a child’s development.

Better to play together when children than play together in bed as adults.

There are several countries where incest is now legal, so it is wrong mainly because the law in most countries deem it so.

Not all conservative standards are without cause:

Although no direct experience and despite the source, I suspect they are right.

Not to mention that incest is a form of disgusting desperation so intense that it blinds individuals from seeing another unrelated worthy partner, so they play house with close family members rather than seek an alternative source for a partnership outside of the family…very desperate and quite possibly very lazy.(Today is all about pointing out the lazy folks.)

How would you like to have been the woman in that study required to produce all of those healthy and unhealthy kids just in the name of science?

Science is so fucked up, paying messed up women to be impregnated multiple times by different men, some their relations, is an atrocity and those scientists should be shot or drawn and quartered.

Stop posting demented stuff JSS! I know the world is twisted and then to turn around and call it scientific research is beyond bogus. Those poor children never had a real chance for anything normal.

I think this study refers to incestuous relationships which had already occurred rather than ones
that were initiated for reasons pertaining to science as that would be both unethical and illegal

Genetic Sexual Attraction happens in up to half of all situations in which pubescent or post-pubescent genetic relatives meet for the first time or reunite after having been separated since at least one of them was a child.

Most people are attracted to people who look like them, then add in emotional and psychological factors involved in reuniting with a lost family member, and you have something extremely powerful. I recall in one documentary where the adult male was married with a son. He reunited with his sister with whom he had been separated since he was a young boy. He said the attraction was immediate by both when they met and his wife and son had to endure this powerful and ultimate sexual attraction. He recalled, with tears in his eyes, one incident where he physically fought his son in front of his house, because the son was trying to prevent him from travelling to London to meet up with the sister. He said he was powerless and he regretted the pain and suffering his family went through. Ultimately, he and his sister decided it had to stop and to this day he speaks about it with sorrow and much love. To continue would have destroyed his family. In these circumstances the pain and loneliness of the decision to once more separate would be almost unbearable.

Ancient Egyptians practiced incest and so did royals. But besides the undesirable genetic mutations couldn’t familiarity also breed contempt? Too much similarity is also stifling. I can see incest naturally happening in isolated and stressed populations (with no other options). I was watching a doc about a Christian family living in the wilderness and the father had to exile the son after a certain age because he started to have sexual feelings towards his sister. And this family was devout conservative Christian in their values.
I don’t think that physiologically or genetically we are inherently sexually drawn towards our own relatives; I just don’t think our bodies have that kind of intelligence. If it happens, it’s probably just circumstantial. Culture also plays a role and I think different people have different degrees of inherent self-discipline, and that, I think, is probably genetic. This is why incest also happens in strict religious communities but it doesn’t affect everyone the same, so some can have more control over themselves than others, inherently.

I agree with what you write, but.

This condition GSA is specific to siblings, parents who have been separated at a specific time of their lives and for some, not all, an intense bond will be formed when meeting again after many, many years.
Has acting sexually on GSA ruined the lives of some people? Like all sexual relationships, the answer is yes, for some it has. Some people are not right for each other, even if they are strongly attracted to each other, nevertheless GSA is real and common and must be bewildering to those who first experience this. Technically it is incest, but with a different set of circumstances.

I don’t know about that. For some it may work the other way.

A Shieldmaiden wrote:


I agree. I did write

One psychologist likens it to “falling in love — a byproduct of delayed bonding that would normally have taken place in infancy, had they not been separated by adoption. When people fall into this dangerous emotional trap of GSA education and intervention are needed. When family members who are strangers finally meet as adults, the brain struggles to associate each other as family and instead, they become ‘captivated’ with one another”.

The Last Taboo, this is the documentary on GSA I watched.