Genetically Modified Humanoids


Do you really want to alter your RNA/DNA?
Become a GMO, a GMH (genetically modified humanoid), a mutant?
Where does it end?
Does it end?
Will we genetically modify ourselves for the next virus too, and the one after?
This is a gateway drug of sorts, if you’ll let yourself be coerced into accepting this, you’ll be more likely to modify your DNA, and your children’s DNA for other, less ‘necessary’ and more ‘frivolous’ reasons.
From what I gather, it’s been illegal to alter our DNA in the west, until now.
I think China has been doing it for some time.
This sets a dangerous precedent.
Technologies have come and some have gone, but not like this.
We’re moving from a fully human world, into a posthuman or transhumanist world.
And of course TPTB are making it like it’s no big deal.
It’s a huge deal, this is a trojan horse.

Karpel mentioned China is getting old fashioned vaxxes for covid, why aren’t we getting them?
Or at the very least why aren’t we getting the option?
It’s insane.
I’m sure they have their excuses.

This is similar you my own theory of humanically modified genenoids.

The real reason is national neofeudalist China is already GMing and reducing its population.

The global lite neofeudalist west needs crises to be coerced into it.
Despite this being BBC they give a fair shake on the Chinese motivations for using the traditional (and well tested) type of vaccine. None of which is to say I trust the Chinese vaccination or their government. Hardly.
However it creates a nice contrast. They went the traditional route, and I have yet to see why the West needed to experiment NOW. It is faster to develop the traditional vaccines, it’s better tested, it requires less care (very low temperatures.)

None of that proves it’s a conspiracy. Scientists and companies like to produce new shit. That in itself is marketing. Hell, it might even be a more effective way to vaccinate. But it immediately makes it more of a guesswork operation. Even without an conspiracy we are giving profit motivated entities a free opportunity to rapidlyh produce something new with no possible losses on their part if they do it poorly. Precisely because it is an emergency and what usually takes a decade to develop safely (according to the FDA).

Sometimes I wonder if, hm, the conspiracy is in a lot of ways half unconscious. I do think some individuals are trying to consciously moving things towards a totalitarian dystopia, but when I watch these things develop it often looks like the decision making is almost that of a collective unconscious. Something bigger than individuals. You don’t need to have a vaccine maker create intentionally a toxic product. Their lack of care and disdain will create something that sure, many of the scientists working for them (with their reductionist worldview) think will ‘work’
a product that will likely cause all sorts of long term not so dramatic weakening of our immune systems,say.

IOW they can trust that the hubris and lack of care will produce a product that diminishes us, just as tv, smartphones, flouride in the water, psychotropic medications, additives in food, big pharma products in general, what passes for education, etc. are always doing.

Slowly but surely picking us, weakening our bodies and mental health in general. It doesn’t have to be some well thought out plot, just an almost disembodied hatred of life that can count on these organizations and politicians to FIND THEIR OWN gain in letting things slide that way.

They will point to the past and say now many more survive and longevity.

But survive as what???

Addicted, muddy minded, pickled emotionally dampened, poisoned organisms.

Yea, even if there is no intent to harm people, at the very least there’s potential for financial exploitation, reckless endangerment and mad scientist experimentation run amok.

I am certain that what you cannot see will be used against you. The evidence is overwhelming.