Getting logged out automatically

Is there a way to prevent it? I was writing a post, went to take a shit, came back, finished the post and it showed that I was logged out and my post was gone.

Not a solution, but something that might help - if you hit your browser’s back button right away it can bring you back to what you were typing. It works for me sometimes. I’ve also gotten in the habit of copying longer stuff in case I get logged out.

If you click the login link at the top of the boards when you login, you can opt to keep logged in until you personally log your self out. I’ve ran into the same problem a good number of times but mostly because idgaf.

If you check the box that says “keep me logged in” you should stay logged in for a long time; even if your session expires, it should renew automatically and just ask you to submit your post again. But it will depend on your browser cookie policies - ILP will create a cookie and will accept that as a login credential, but if you delete the cookie on your computer (manually or by setting your browser to clear out old cookies) you’ll get logged out.

And I’m not sure why you lost your post, I’ve always been able to hit back (on this and other sites) and recover what I’d written. I think this too must have to do with browser configuration.

Reading the responses I felt deja vu, as if I created a thread like this before. I did.

Thing is, it only lets me press the back button if I login first. I accidentally clicked back before logging in and lost my post.

I usually save longer responses by copying them as some of you suggested, but this one time I really screwed up - forgot to copy AND clicked the back button before logging in. It’s probably cause I took a pause in middle of writing the post so I lost sense of time.

I probably cleaned the cookie with CCleaner, is there a way to somehow get it back?

Anyway, if not, you can lock this and thanks for advice people.

The cookies come back the next time you log in. I don’t use CCleaner, but looking around it seems you can whitelist sites so that their cookies don’t get removed (based on this article; I can’t verify that the information is good).