getting stoned

MAN THAT WOULD HURT! all those rocks would friggin hurt…

what kind of person picks up a rock and hurls it at someone else, maybe a helpless child, with intent to kill.

personally i would throw it has hard and accurate as i could to provide as quick a death as possible…

assuming i had no rocks big enough for the mob instead of the helpless.


read this story it is one of my absolute favorites.

basically im bored… this is perhaps a joke thread combined with a moral standpoint which i expected to be challenged on :laughing:

Jewish Official: I’m warning you. If you say ‘Jehovah’ once more–
[Mrs. A. throws a rock at the Jewish Official]
Jewish Official: Right! Who threw that stone? Come on. Who threw that?
Crowd: She did! It was her! [suddenly speaking as men] He! He. Him. Him. Him. Him. Him. Him.
Jewish Official: Was it you?
Mrs. A.: Yes.
Jewish Official: Right…
Mrs. A.: Well, you did say ‘Jehovah.’
Crowd: Ah! Ooh!..
[Crowd throws rocks at Mrs. A.]
Jewish Official (stamping up and down): Stop! Stop, will you?! Stop that! Stop it! Now, look! No one is to stone anyone until I blow this whistle! Do you understand?! Even, and I want to make this absolutely clear, even if they do say ‘Jehovah’!
Crowd: Ooh…!
[Jewish Official gets stoned to death]

great movie…

I was actually looking for a picture from that scene to post here…too bad I got beaten to it. :imp: