God; a good father or a deadbeat dad. Which is the truth?

God; a good father or a deadbeat dad. Which is the truth?

The use of the term Father in speaking of God is quite ancient and was around way before Jesus started using the term, even though he used son of man a lot more than son of God.

A son calling someone father in the proud way Jesus did is respecting a worthy father, but if we look at Yahweh, I do not see how anyone could be proud of such a father.

Yahweh is definitely portrayed as being quite vile thanks to his use of genocide, infanticide and punishing the innocent instead of the guilty quite often. Yahweh is also shown to covet Joseph’s wife, cuckold Joseph, produce a son and then take off for parts unknown leaving his responsibility for his son to others thus showing himself to be a deadbeat dad.

Scripture say that we are all sons of God. To be relevant to his children, a father has to be around to interact with them. It seems that God does not want to be relevant to us as he remains absent and places us, his children, at the mercy of people who have written scripture more to enrich themselves than to give us the messages from God that they claim to know. Even though scriptures say that God id unknowable and unfathomable and his desires cannot be known.

My analysis of the bible and God does not show God to be a good father.

Do you, as a child of God, see God as a good father or as more of a deadbeat dad?


God is definitely a good Father.

I can testify of this and so can countless other Christians.

God is not just a Father figure, but also a Commander. There is spiritual warfare that goes on and we are expected to be warriors of God. Women are expected to act like warrioresses too. In war, there will be moments when you are tested, but the power of The Holy Spirit gets us through.

God is our commander and He is right there in the heat of battle with us. Think of Aslan, from the Chronicles of Narnia. Aslan was a very endearing figure and also mighty in battle.

The truth is that God is NOT angry, nor distant. He is slow to anger and with us, right with us, always. We simply need to remember this.

God is a loving Father.

Jesus bless you.

Thanks for this thoughtless dogma.

Why are you not bothered by God doing this.

1Peter 1:20 0 He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.

If you had a hard and dangerous task you wanted done, would you step up or send your only son?

God’s second and third children were A & E.
God murdered them through neglect and locking away what would have kept them alive.

How do you see that as God being a good father?


You kind of have to WANT to be around people, or have no choice. What makes you think the motherfucker wants to be around you or even try to do anything with your disrespectful bullshit? What would you ever expect from God or Jesus Christ except to get knocked the fuck out?

Being Omni-present takes that choice away from God. No?

Are you saying you respect a genocidal son murdering God?

Why? What do you like about genocide?


Are you omnipresent? You might say so if you look at the whole of the creation all at once; in that moment, your presence is everywhere; but do you really expect us to be made in the Bastards image unless certain things beyond the flesh are true for all of us?

I say God with a God complex is not God. It needed to humble itself. Thought it had already gotten there until I whupped the fuck out of it.

I like the fact that it exists and is possible. That it is what happens to every species, every living thing; each in turn; and doesn’t have to be done all at once. Just to be sure nobody gets to be immortal. And, some times, an entire species can piss you off so much that it becomes entirely reasonable and rational; emotionally; and logic had to bend to that fact. If you’re going to pretend to define morality without emotion and situational nuances and ethics, you might as well just see what I broke through to get this far with all of this.

Besides, who doesn’t like the idea of being able to kill everything?

I do not think we can have a fruitful dialog, but thanks for this post.


Yeah, you’re not actually able to accept what I say as right, openly and seem very unable to actually have a fruitful dialogue with anyone, let alone me. Seems all you’re good at it is talking shit about everything and tearing down anything that is worth a damn. Have a nice life.

Jesus got corrupted and in the end made christians eat his flesh and drink his blood like Baal the sun god ate sacrificed children children.
Christians worship idols, bowing down before him and all the saints. The catholic church rewrote the 10 commandments, that’s why God send the plague upon the world for our sins.

God, a good father or dead beat dad?

Neither, since he doesn’t exist.

There’s also a reality where he was lead out into the desert at 16 by the powers that be by his best friends growing up whereupon they (the friends) surprised the powers that be by stabbing Jesus full of holes and gouging his eyes out and leaving him in the desert. (better to die by hand of a friend in revenge of your combined enemies than by your enemies) His eyes regenerated and his flesh healed, pushing out the spirit that he was born with and bringing in a spirit that had ridden in the background his entire life. He then walked around the desert for 3 years without rest or sleep, never once stopping from walking; not once starving or dehydrating until he started having his mind come back to him. Brought back to consciousness in a small village (pop. 2) he spent a few years in recovery only to kill them and walk away, back to the village he spent most of his child years in, where he then ran across the paths of his best friends who followed him outside the village and allowed him to kill them.

He (Jesus) then goes through and systematically kills every single living being on the face of the earth.

This is likely true but we can still opine on how he is represented in the so called holy books.

This is a moral issue. Would you like to opine?


The fact that you both sit here arguing over the existence of God only proves that God exists, for how could God not exist and still have you arguing the existence of it?

And for it being a moral issue, I fail to see the morality in it. Only a lot of seeming dead ends that cause people to act the way that they do responding to the enemies of reality that riddle us with inadequacy and prod our insecurities, our paranoias and fears and refuse to allow us to get free from them by threatening so many things, by breaking us and causing us to give in and be used as slaves and tools just to have them issue good feeling for doing the wrong things and claim it for the greater good of us all.

And, why wouldn’t that be rebeled and fought against as they blame it on a God that they’re trying to kill for not fitting their god-complex God that they can control and have be their bitch?

This is indeed a moral issue, the issue is, this God guy seems to have no morals or issues with not having morals.

Honestly, I’m not seeing the logic of this statement.

Think of it like this, if you had superpowers and you were told 1 million entities and had miserable, unfulfilling lives full of torment and suffering, and all you had to do is push a button to stop it, and you decided not to push the button, you’d be an immoral person.

But you’d be downright sadistic to create 1 million of these entities, knowing that their lives were going to be shitshows.

Neither do fathers of 50% of all households in the U.S., — that are manned by single women.

They do not see the immorality of being deadbeat dads either.



He is in fact proud of it.


Jesus agreed, before the foundation of the world, to sacrifice himself for us. It was not something he was forced to do. Yes, God sent him, but it was already within Jesus’ heart to accomplish the mission.

The story of Adam and Eve is probably symbolic. And in NO wise did God neglect them, nor do anything bad to them, in the story.

God is good always.

Erik, why don’t you try being reasonable for once, you either act like an insane viking warmonger who wants the world to suffer in eternal blight, or some jesus preacher telling us all to be a bunch of goodie-two-shoes.

I am a very extreme person and unfortunately I was on the wrong path for quite some time in the past, but God woke me up to the Truth of His son Jesus and I will never forsake him.

Being a Christian is who I truly am.