God in 25 words or less...

Do poor old Tabula a favour and give him an idea of what you think God is in a little creative-writing exercise.

One person - one post - “To me, God is + 25 words or less.”

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“Principle of coherence”


God is “meaning.”


Our ego, without the selfishness.


“god” is an attempted representation of that which is impossible to represent…



God is an excuse to not be accountable for your own actions.

Although I really like Crooked Mouths answer, I would simply say “God” is a fictional characture born out of jewish culture, further defined in a fun work of fantasy called the bible, which has inspired millions of putty minded cattle to lose sight of what life really is in favor of a bowl full of sugar and a blindfold.

(Yes, more than 25 words…sorry tab)

God is One

Hmm…you must be a sikh

God is man’s invention to explain the unknown; morphed into the notion of everything; which subsequently enslaves its creator. God is irony at its best.

Precisely 25 words.

You must be conditioned.


The only representation of God that I admit currently is a spirit, which is more powerful than others, but not the creator of everything.

The attempts to define God as a kind of Absolute, be it transcendent or immanent, are doomed to failure, to my mind. They are entangled in paradoxes. Perhaps I am too demanding, but I can’t make sense of it.

God is a child with his nose pressed against a snow-globe.

Everyone is conditioned. It is only a question of degree.

My hair’s conditioned - but that’s about it.

Anyway - hate to butt into your little tete-et-tete Dr.S and LiquidAngel, but the rules are 1 post a person. (Look - now you’ve made me break it too :confused: )

So, as politely as possible… Stop pissing about.

the christian god is the dead transcended self-deceptive imaginative figure of the crucified decadent jew

Jewish tradition teaches that God came to different cultures and people and asked them to give their opinion on what God was; the philosophers gave there awnsers, the wise men, other people who God was asking gave their awnsers as well – and then God asked Abraham.

He responded: “I don’t know. How can I learn?”

God is lazy (if he exist.)