God is very simple.

God is either the GREAT consent violator


God is the great eradicator of consent violation.

It’s binary.

In the above your assumed ‘God exists’?

For me the question of God whether;
God is either the GREAT consent violator, Or,
God is the great eradicator of consent violation.
is moot, i.e. a non-starter because God is an impossibility to be real empirically and philosophically.

God is an Impossibility

Contrary to your claim, ecmandu, I find your thesis to be anything but simple.

You want simple? here’s simple.

Do you wonder why one of the “holy names of god” in every single religion has never been “the great eradicator of consent violation?”

Because it’s immediately falsifiable!

Sad, but true.

lol no, that’s not why. no philosopher had ever thought ‘i better not include in my definition of god that he is the great consent violation eradicator because clearly that is falsifiable and people will therefore not believe in this god’.

instead, since these philosophers feel and believe the have freewill, as well as a moral intuition that there are ‘good’ and ‘evil’ actions, they are only able to conceive of a god that would have purposely designed it that way. because of this they have to include in their understanding of life that it is something that necessarily includes the possibility of consent violation; it was supposed to be that way so humans can practice their freewill, choose ‘good’ over ‘evil’, and prevent consent violation as much as they can.

but spinoza cleared up all this clutter very well.

That’s simply not true. In the conception of god, god sends the non consent violators to heaven and the consent violators to hell. No free will there. I’ve been to hell, trust me, the Pavlovian training itself will make saints of anyone. Do you think that’s free will ?

Why not just create hyperdimensional mirror realities so people can do and experience anything they want (even the illusion of consent violation) while never violating consent ??