God of self

I was wondering what people though of this idea

there is either no god or everyone is a god- when you die the universe ends for you and as such you are the master of your own personal universe god of yourself and the world as you contact it, like how as i act now i am mearly a factor in your personal universe and your replies are a factor in mine.

There seems to be something intuitively false about this-  If I am the master of my own personal universe, why do things happen to me that I don't want?  Why do I fail?


“there is either no god or everyone is a god”

Surely there is a gamut of possible scenarios, so why exclusive either/or propositions?

“when you die the universe ends for you”

What do you mean by ‘you?’

“you are the master of your own personal universe god of yourself and the world as you contact it”

A prohairesis maintained in the proper condition makes one invincible. You can be master but only if you are perfectly moral.

Back to ‘you’ above: if by ‘you’ you mean your prohairesis then the ‘universe’ never ends for ‘you’ because your prohairesis is indestructible.

If by ‘you’ you mean anything else then you die.

Since almost all men are unenlightened and believe ‘their’ bodies, etc., actually belong to them they are doomed to extinction.

However, the enlightened, (those who are morally perfect,) are immortal, i.e., morally imperishable and therefore indestructible.

But there is a lot of hard work and study required to know these truths.

Interesting thought and I have considered it myself. I am the master of how I perceive the universe. There are some external phenomenon going on, but the reality I hold is mine. And even if I choose not to hold onto reality, I have fantasy at my disposal to make-up for it.

If you think of all the silly theories we through out to define “God,” then it is not too farfetched to propose that we ourselves could be Gods.

 Can you elaborate on this a bit? It seems pretty much straight-out false to me.  With a few exceptions, I have no control over what I believe about the universe, and what I percieve. I didn't choose what color the sky appears to me, and I percieve/experience things all the time that if it were up to me, I would not percieve/experience.  If you offered me 1000000 dollars right now to start believing in unicorns, I couldn't in good faith take the money.