God of various religions

Do you think that the God of various religions are the same, especially in relations to the viewpoint of salvation in each of the religions.

No I do not think they are the same.

No. Every person in every religion, that holds a belief in God, does not hold the exact same and precise belief in God than any other person. While the baseline may be the same as many other people, we each add our own details and attributes, making our personal image of God, slightly unique and different from what another person sees God as. Though, this doesn’t mean that each person believes in a totally different God. It only happens to be different, when we add so many details and personal opinions, that the baseline is no longer held-up by equalization of cultural beliefs. Thats why you will begin to see throughout the years, Christians claiming to believe in the same God, but each Christian having their own God, by the fact that they seem to ‘know’ that their personal opinions of ‘God’ are the correct facts and truths that apply to all reality.
People just distort the image, and therefore reinstate inside their minds that all illusions are really realities of their own, yet cannot be pierced by other’s views and opinions.