God, space and time

Do you think it’s possible that space and time are without end too?

God created the universe. I have always assumed that God created everything else, since He created the universe. But I always wondered things like when did God create time and where did God create space? I don’t think these things can be answered but it’s not relevant to my question.

I wondered. With the concept of eternal God, I imagine God to be able to tranverse through time that He is not limited by time. With the concept of omnipresent God, I imagine that God to be able to anywhere and everywhere through space that He is not limited by space.

But does this mean that God are within time and space, but He was only not bound by them?

Perhaps this is one of the mysteries of God that we will not know before we face God because it’s hard to imagine something without space and time. Even though it was mentioned that heavens have golden grass, the new Jerusalem, etc. was not without the concept of space. Eternal life and eternal death also have a concept of time, that time must play a part.

It’s just in my imagination, if this is so, then space and time are as indestructible as God. I’m not talking about the universe = space. Just, space. A container for something to exist.

What do you people think?

I would imagine that God created space and time and thus space and time is of God.


Hi kvn_m

I believe in the trinity and that God is simultaneously one and three. From this perspective, it makes your question a lot easier for me.

It isn’t that God is within time and space but instead that time and space is within God.

God as “one” is unity where time and space exist within. However, it was necessary for God separate into the three complimentary aspects of the trinity to become “three”. All of creation is the extension of this “three” into time and space created by this division of one into three. But all this exists simultaneously as “one.” and the “Three” exist also as “one” putting time and space within God as unity.

Hi Nick_A,

I also believe in trinity. =) I find your analogy very interesting. Then according to your analogy, then it’s inevitable for time and space to at least share the self-existing attribute?

Hi kvn_m

I’m not sure what you mean here by self-existing attribute.

The nature of the six dimensions unifying time and space as I’ve come to understand them is really awe inspiring for me. I’ve been more accustomed to consider them in relation to the cosmology I’ve been studying but recently, since I’ve been also studying Simone Weil, her perceptions as to your question is just another way of looking at it from my normal perspective.

Are you familiar with the concept of creation being the breath of Brahma? Basically, the universe is alive and the cycle beginning with what we call the big bang and ending again into something we can only appreciate as nothing, is just one breath of Brahma. The exhalation manifests as the levels of creation and the inhalation culminates in the completed return to the source.

Simone Weil describes it this way. She believed that God created by an act of self-delimitation–in other words, because God is conceived as a kind of utter fullness, a perfect being, no creature could exist except where he was not. Thus creation occurred only when God withdrew a part of himself.

So from the point of view of creation, God is withdrawing. This withdrawal creates space and time to fill this void with creation.

Imagine a block of marble as God. part of it leaves by being chipped away exposing a created thing or a part of the marble. An infinite number of fractions of this marble could be obtained but it is done by the marble no longer being whole.

Now, when the marble is eventually made whole again as in the inhalation of Brahma or universal evolution God is now “One” and existence is only potential. Time and space is now within God. Existence as opposed to non-existence is now “Isness” which is beyond time and space.

So for me, time and space is not only a self sustaining cyclical perpetual motion machine but the result of isness beyond time and space.

It’s a good thing I don’t drink because when I start thinking like this I could easily go overboard. :slight_smile:

i think the the body of god is a cluster of universes we are test subjects and truth can never be found because lies are given and put to good use like the bible someone made it and their lies are being put into the brains of innocent children who really want to know “who is god?” i would answer “the universe” they would reply “what’s that?'” and the answer is “he’s all around you” that explains why he can read our mind why he is
here and why we ask questions the sun and moon are his eyes and the other planets are holograms that are really spy scientists “above god”
testing the universe we live in we were dropped here as tools for our own fate mistakes and arguments are recorded natural disasters take care of themselves and other gods and goddesses did use to roam earth before us just given more pleasure of power they are the sources of christs power it all relies on the past the universe wants to destroy satan our “sins gathered” only to save us from ourselves.
thanks, TC

In terms of a 3D computer game, it is just a few hours programming to create an infinate universe, with infinate amount of planets, and running in real time. So if God were to program the universe, he could easily do it by using a random formula.

yes but i see him as the universe explaining contact with jesus correct?