GOD WITHOUT RELIGION: Questioning Accepted Truths

It is out of grave concern for a world being torn into bits by religious divisiveness that I am spreading the word about a new book that is a powerful guide to discovering God on one’s own. Written as a bridge between traditional organized religion and mystical spirituality, God Without Religion invites readers to examine their beliefs and explore the nature of the divine. Author Sankara Saranam (a former monk of the swami order and the son of self-exiled Iraqi Jews) welcomes the reader’s willingness to question, and offers seventeen universal techniques for developing a personal relationship with God. The book is an honestly written accounting stemming from Sankara’s deep faith in a higher power, if not necessarily in any one institution that claims to serve a higher power.

Called ‘a spiritual masterpiece’ that is ‘a direct path to God’ and a way out of ‘religious shackles and abuse,’ God Without Religion: Questioning Centuries of Accepted Truths was written especially for people who believe organized religion continues as the cause of humanity’s worst wars and most acute suffering, and who seek a more expansive relationship with God. I invite you to learn more at godwithoutreligion.com

This sounds like a good book.

We could all get together and form a book club and study it.

We could organize ourselves into a group of people who are interested in the ideas of this book and who all believe in the tenets of this book and we could all get together and study it and meet once a week and…

never mind…

there is a song by a band called spiritualized called “no god, only religion” that is also very good.