Good vs bad (actions)

In your view, do you think that you absorb a reaction within yourself when you do an action, good results from good actions and bad results from bad actions. I don’t mean in the karma sense as we know it, or a science sense of action - reaction, but perhaps your “spiritual state” inclines towards a specific direction based upon your actions… Also lets not complicate the definition of good and bad, ok good is giving charity and bad is stealing…keep it simple like that…


What your saying is the equivalent of if a kid does a science experiment. And his heart was in the right place, and he did a good thing. Doesn’t meant that its suddenly going to benefit him. It has to be carefully elaborated so that you can somehow benefit from it. This is one of the things feminists can’t understand. They act like if you are always nice and respectful to women, you will get a girlfriend. When its usually assholes that get the girl. And also, simply being an asshole will not get you the girl either. You can’t just throw a bottle in the air and expect stuff to happen just because you want it to. You can give 50 dollars to a homeless person. And then go to work and be treated like shit by your coworkers.

Basically, people do stuff because of incentives. Not tyrannized proclivities. For instance, males would be more inclined to treat women nicer, if feminists said they would do something for them. Like legalize prostitution and treat males nicer. Instead they play hardball, do as we say or else get punished. I used to give money to charities and homeless. And yet my life was still always shitty. So I lost interest. People start to lose interest when it all feels like that.

The christian dogma doesn’t apply. Some people say the joy is in helping. But if you help people, yet your life is always suffering, then you’re still adding to the amount of suffering on this planet because you are the one suffering.