Gravity & 3D

So, I went and watched Gravity last week. I watched it in 3D inside the PleasureDome, ironically within the week of Aldous Huxley’s 50th death-anniversary, which is actually the same day as JFKs. I don’t really care too much about JFK and all that business, yet thought it was an interesting factoid nonetheless…anyway…I do wonder what Huxley would make of today’s world of media-technology and entertainment. Interesting, but I’m glad his vision of the future has turned out more real than Orwell’s.

The film. I enjoyed it. Storywise, it was decent, neither here nor there to be honest. I think it was more of an experience than a gripping story though. There are some beautiful visuals and the 3D only enhances this. I guess this has always been the case with cinema. There’s the experience-type and then there’s the story-type, but I’ve only really taken note since the arrival of 3D. Avatar for instance, shit story, but the the 3D experiencewas awesome.

Not only were the visuals great, but Sandra Bullock’s arse looks great in 3D too. Earth and arse in 3D. Beautiful.

Astronauts would probably laugh at one or two of the scenes though. Especially when she uses a fire extinguisher to jetison herself between space stations. Bullshit? Probably. But I’m more lenient on bullshit theses days.

Bullshit has always been left to be. But, I take horse shit under the plow. I always have.

If you let off a fire extinguisher in space assuming close to zero gravity it would actually launch you in some direction. I think Gravity breaks a huge amount of laws in space, that said as you say, it’s not meant to be honest. :slight_smile: