Greetings from Australia

Hello, new member here, introducing myself and saying hello and all. My name is Adam, I’m ex-navy, now a computer engineering student. I’ll try to be a reasonable human being here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Mate,

Welcome to the group! Gosh, it feels like I already know you. Isn’t that strange? :laughing:


Australia is the best country in the world! Of course, this is just my opinion and I’m biased, because I have been an Aussie my whole life. Anyway, I would also like to say G’day from Australia. Although I usually don’t say G’day, I think it is appropriate for this post. I usually say hi, if anyone was wondering.

If anyone wants to visit Australia, I recommend they go to our national capital of Canberra (A.C.T.), but only if they like museums. Otherwise go to NSW capital Sydney. Sydney is better than Melbourne (IMO).

A bit of Aussie history- when Australia was trying to decide on a capital, both Sydney and Melbourne wanted to be the capital, but of course we could only have 1 capital, so they made a separate territory for Canberra, so that NSW and VIC wouldn’t be unhappy.

I don’t know much about Australia. I see that you put three letter words. When you say different terrotories (sp), do you mean like states? Because the U.S. has 50, and the U.K. has England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, etc. I’m not too sure about the U.K.

Because I thought that Australia was one big country.

NSW = New South Wales, VIC = Victoria, they are both states. ACT = Australian Capital Territory, which didn’t used to be a state, but I don’t know if it is a state yet. NT = Northern Territory and it’s a territory not a state. But QLD, WA, SA, TAS, NSW, VIC are all states. A territory is a part of Australia that doesn’t have enough people to be called a state. We also have a few islands which are Australian territories. I put the abbreviations, because it is easier to write than the full state name.

Australia is one big country.

So what is the capital of Australia the country? I know I could just go to a Search engine. But I’m lazy as all hell.

If you were paying attention when you read this thread, you would know that our national capital is Canberra. I would have just said Canberra, but I don’t like one word posts. So Canberra is the capital of Australia. Sydney and Melbourne are only state capitals.

greetings there in australia. im in teh asia pacific region too. singapore actually. you’re probably the closest (geographically) to me. :smiley:

In re-reading this thread I see how dumb I was to ask again. But I was confused. I get confused a lot. Simple things mess me up. Why is that? :unamused:

G’DAY mates.

This thread seems like an appropriate one to introduce myself.

I’m up Brisbane way and I currently drive a Taxi{the ideal job for philosophers}.
I consider philosophy as the ongoing accumulation of proper knowledge leading to ever increasing levels of wisdom and virtue{you must act upon your superior knowledge}.

I have an interest in the environment and social justice and based on my reading of ecology and the various scientific papers and warnings that have been issued, I suspect we’re heading for some rather serious problems.
As a fully functional environment is the key to successful and sustainable economies, it seem curious to say the least that our Global practices are geared towards exhausting our life support systems.

I want to state first up that I respect differing opinions, although I reserve the right to thoroughly question those differences, and will reciprocate.
Things are bit hectic at the moment{work related}, so I’m not certain of my posting routine, but will mention that as I don’t have a computer job, my response times might be in the order of 12 or more hrs at times, but I will always respond to polite and valid questions or comments.

Pogma{Internet Commando}

You seem like a very polite person smooth, I would have told our mate from NSW to F**K off.
Just for your info, Sydney is a cesspit and it’s residents are considered arrogant, LOL.{although I’m not sure this guy lives in Sydney}

Hi there. My screen name is reminiscent of many of my thought processes. I come from the eastern U.S. I live north of Boston on the coast. There is a lovely power plant with three great big brown stacks that reach up into the heavens, situated from my bedroom window.

I have lots to talk about.

I don’t live in Sydney. I live abut 2 hours away in a nice country area. Sydney has many attractions and is great for shopping. I wouldn’t want to live there though. I’m just saying it’s a fun place to visit. Melbourne being in a lower region to Sydney is often colder, and it rains a lot there. You’re a banana bender? I didn’t mention Brisbane, but it is just as nice to visit as Sydney, and has some better attractions. But sydney has the opera house.

I’ve been there 8-10 times, 1999 the last and probably final time…and I consider it as an undesirable place to live.
Í would recommend those from overseas visit Sydney as part of their package, but my garage is bigger than most Units down there and I don’t need a Million$ to buy a dump.

No doubt about it, colder, and weather more variable…but a better paced city with more reasonable people{I lived there for a couple of years}…and what’s wrong with rain?

Sydney is the 5th most expensive city in the world{ahead of London}, it’s traffic is a joke, and is the smog champion of Australia…only redeeming feature is the women, especially the red head Michele from Aerobics OZ sytle…LOL.

I am also from Australia, I figure I will introduce myself here.

I’m 16, still at high school studying physics, chemistry, IPT, and drama on top of the required english and maths.

Hi all

have been posting for a while but never really got a response
so I guess I’ll try to make friends here as you all seem friendly enough
not from Australia but Manchester UK and have nothing against Australians
except they got the last laugh on the British

Well lets get to know one another and babble on the everyday

Pleased to meet and greet you all and have a very merry Christmas