Group pride

Anybody care to explain this?

My explanation is the one I already gave in another thread, that whites are the biggest threat, and for this reason any movement that would make a white society functional and strong is heavily attacked by those who would benefit from weak, cucked white nations (enemies of whites), or rather, (((enemies of whites))). Hence all the anti-white propaganda and indoctrination.

I do not need to join any ethnic pride group to be proud of my ethnic background, but I think such platforms should be there for those who do, but using derogatory racial terminologies does not help in implementing that across the board.

I follow Afropunk etc. but the minute they start deriding the other, I get turned off from that message. Not everyone has the stomach for such strong messages and ideals…

It’s really not all that difficult to understand.

Historically, those born of a particular race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity etc., have often presumed that their own race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity etc., reflected the superior…genes? So they set about making sure that those who are not “one of us” were thought of as, say, genetically defective. Or at the very least of lesser worth.

In some particular historical contexts however these “inferior” folks created political movements to change all of that. And one method often used is to insist that one ought to take pride in a trait that the ruling class/caste had long since deemed a mark of inferiority.

So certain blacks, women, homosexuals, ethnic communities etc., insisted that being what they are was not something to be ashamed of at all. That they could be just as prideful as well.

So, for example, “black pride” revolved more around not feeling inferior to white folks, then in feeling superior to them. It’s all about historical context. And perspective.

And it’s mostly been about power. About those white men who were able [historically] to translate their economic power into a political superstructure that sustained this power. And, in part, by pitting all of the “inferior” folks against each other so as to prevent them from coming together politically to change things.

And it still works like a charm. Indeed, just ask all those Don Trump supporters among the proletariat.

We live in a victim culture where anything that is perceived as successful is also perceived as an oppressor. The more something is considered weak and feeble, the more it is encouraged to have pride. The more something is perceived as strong and successful, the less it is allowed to have pride. If this seems completely ass backwards, it’s because it is.

Having pride in oppressing others is generally frowned upon.

So this is all just about reducing the superior to inferiority and the inferior to superiority ad infinitum?

If one century group X dominates group Y then this needs to be rectified and we need to support Y power movements but ban X power movements, then when power changes hands and Y become more powerful and X are the oppressed then we need to ban Y power movements and support X power movements, and so on for eternity?

So in essence you just hate whoever is powerful and superior and able to dominate/conquer/enslave another group, right?

You always identify and side with the losers, no matter what?

Could be that the gays, the black people, and the other non white ones haven’t been as nasty in thier politics in recent history. Like owning slaves, burning crosses, etc.

A better thinker than you once suggested that it’s better to rise with your class than to rise above it. Given your obsession with an efficient society, its strange that you would advocate for such a divisive, weak hierarchy.

You forgot transgendered pride.

Yeah. He’s one of those, “exclude others” types.

It is the same as the difference between patriotism and nationalism. One seeks to celebrate itself without denigrating others as a consequence while
the other does not. I would not however ban white priders from expressing themselves since their right to free speech is the same as every one elses

This is what I’m saying. You’re basically blaming white people for being dominant and superior.

What I wonder is if you hate it only when white people are dominant and superior, or do you hate all groups which managed to dominate some other group. Somehow I suspect the former.


What in particular is “weak” about what I’m proposing, and what is it that you think I’m proposing?

So owning slaves and burning crosses makes a group superior? I just thought that meant they had leverage. Ever heard of luck?

What do we care that Blacks exclude Whites or whoever. Nobody cares. Because we don’t want to be part of them.
But those who overestimate their own worth don’t like it when their perceived betters would exclude them.

That makes them resentful.
Fascism has a lot of jealous enemies with too much narcissism.


There is a lot of hatred in the simple-minded liberal doofus.
But you also have to offer him a target for all that resentment.
And at this stage, he is being taught to hate those other, evil, Whites.

Did the average liberal doofus hate Whites with such intensity 20 years ago?
30 years ago? Of course not. They got worked through the wringer of education and the media complex.
They could have also programmed them to hate on some other races or ideologies.
Plenty of subject matter to highlight among all of them. You just have to know what makes them go emotionally ape-shit.

No, your mom.

No. Your ugly whore mom.

As an egalitarian I am against all dominance wherever it emanates from as the principle is the same regardless of origin or circumstances