Guide to Internet Philosophy Forums

It would be interesting to hear your reviews of other Philosophy Forum sites, just to facilitate inter-site connections:

Internet Infidels

Main rival to ILP. Lotsa runaround, and around and around. Analytical bent and heavily but very erratically moderated. Some interesting minds.

The Galilean Library - The Academy

Renegade “Continentals” from ‘Internet Infidels’. Very few posters, some interesting subject matter but uninteresting discussion of it.

Mad Philosophers Guild

Largely boring, dominated by a few heavily opinionated (and repetitive) posters. Long threads but lack of poster diversity. Feels encrusted.


Been a while; but driven by the compelling poster “K-punk” (don’t know if he is still posting). Might have the highest I.Q. per post of all the sites, but lack of audience keeps interest paltry, and the “Thought” (philosophy) section is rather meager.


“Secret” ILP branch, pretty much a bunch of Satanists.

Please add sites and/or experiences to the list…


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Not sure how long this thread will last but another is - very good in most respects.

My feelings about xenophillia are well documented.

The only other forum in which I’ve participated for any length of time is madphilosophers, which I generally found to be stale. Internet philosophy is perhaps a contradiction in terms, but of course terms are always shifting so I’ll await developments.

edit - perhaps it’s an issue of generations - few of those who are internet savvy have been doing philosophy for more than a few years…

I stumbled upon “The Cry,” which was an existentialist philosophy, writing and art site, when I was twenty seven. From there I discovered MSN philosophy forums and was a member at Abgrund’s site- “The Abyss”- as well as “The Meaning of Life,” “The Philosophy Cafe,” and “The Thin Edge of Staring.” The Thin Edge continued into a privately managed site which I was a member of for three years. During that time it died three times and was born again. It lives today but is drawing near its end- the contract is expiring and the costs for another year of service are questionable…the managers are deciding what to do currently.

The best times were at The Philosophy Cafe, though I was there for a farely short time. At that site I got to see extremely involved debates of the highest standards…and I learned very much, also having my place in the hierarchy of minds as an ambitous young philosopher looking to start some shit. I did…and it was good. Those were the days.


Other than that ILP and the Thin Edge are my favorites.

Great comments. :slight_smile:


Hello F(r)iends,

I have only been to one forum other than ILP. In fact, I rarely spend longer than six seconds at any website. ILP is the first to garner my short attention span and transform me into a long-term devoted member. I’m in it for the long haul, as it’s said.

The “other” forum of which I speak, is Xenophillia–a forum that began as a secret ILP “cool” kids club where members would mock and bash all the members from ILP that were flat out stupid and we could say it without fear from ILP’s higher code of conduct. In a way, it is an escape from ILP… it is a respite. Think of ILP as a night club where the people are looking to score (the men are dressed to impress, the ladies are out to nab a husband, et al) and think of Xenophillia as a titty-bar where you can shout out a few grotesque things and not be ashamed.

Both sites can be fun, both offer different things. If we can spend time at the night club a few nights a week and still go to the nudy–bar… well sir, you’ve had a nice week.


I can give my input on this thread’s topic, since I am very dilligent about browsing the ILP’s forums on a daily basis (I’m still here guys. I just browse the threads more than I than I actually post). :sunglasses:

I have yet to find the perfect philosophy forum (no offense, ben :slight_smile: ). Unlike many other interests, philosophy just tends to attract some of the strangest people out there. This makes it difficult to create a well-run mega-community of like-minded people talking about a single topic. It is no one’s fault, really…it’s just how life works, I guess…

At anyrate, I love It’s not so big that it’s out of control & full of “politics” (i.e., and it’s not so small that there is no activity for days at a time. A besides, no other forum has ben as the “big-guy”…I’m really sucking-up today… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to check out some of the ‘rival’ forums and then return and offer my comments. I’m sure you won’t be holding your breath…

Breath held. That’s the whole point of the thread – to share opinions and experiences on something that is mutual and a benefit to all.


Seriously Dunamis, I don’t want you turning purple…

I posted at for a while, but it was a bit too popular for my posting frequensy so you’d tend to get lost in a flood of other posters. That’s why I’ve always liked this place, never too busy that you couldn’t get to know the other posters, but busy enough to have a serious philosophical debate if you want to.

Really? I’ll be…

from my experience:

madphilosophers have a couple very bright minds, but the forum does honour it’s name

in fact, the ultimate crazyness of both the posters and the administration team often makes for such an awkward and extreme environment that many people don’t last
nobody is deceiving anyone here, though, mpg draws out your deepest emotions :slight_smile:

activity goes up and down, but there’s always room for a good (heated?) convo

ilovephilosophy is definately one of the kindest forums i’ve been on
a great crowd and moderation team make for constructive, intelligent debates without being oppressive

good forum, intelligent minds, but some bigheads
too serious about themselves, imho
you have to stand strong in your shoes to get around here…
and it’s huge, too

My career:

  1. Atheist Network

In terms of straight atheist rhetoric, this place was quite good to me. I made a reasonable name for myself as an atheist ‘big dog’ with respect to demolishing theistic arguments. At some point, the community turned sour and many folks whom I enjoyed reading stopped posting. Presently, the board’s Freethinker’s section is the only one I look at, and it leaves a lot to be desired. I seldom post.

  1. Graveyard of the Gods

In many ways an offshoot of the above; many of the aforementioned posters wound up here, including one Francois Tremblay who now owns Graveyard and is the main contributor to the board. Bascially, if you post here, it’s you against him. He’s worth the effort - maybe the smartest guy I’ve met online - but can be quite tunnel-visoned with respect to his atheistic objectivism. Board has seen its best days and, like Atheist Network, has lost a majority of the posters I enjoyed reading. Moreover, a certain thread on this board I was very active in led to my rejection of atheism; this occurence led to the overall rejection of the board’s main vernacular and made posting very difficult. In a recent attempt to return to this board, I had a run-in with Franc in which, I thought, he lacked the overall sense of open-mindedness to be taken seriously as a philosopher. Haven’t returned.

  1. Able2Know - Philosophy Forum

Able2Know, for those who don’t know, is a ‘megaboard’ with probably several thousand active posters and some 30 or more forums. Its philosophy forum is composed of a handful of very good posters (I want to say I’ve seen SIATD there, e.g., though he doesn’t mention it above) but overall, the forum lacks excitement. This had been my main board until finding ILP and is still listed in my Favorites folder.

  1. Mad Philosophers

Mentioned a couple times already, I concur with what’s been said: boring overall, and dominated by a few regs who bring nothing much too exciting. Indeed, contrary to what what willem said, the forum does not honour its name, imo. Also, much too slow. Haven’t been there in months.

  1. Frostcloud

I still say this board has lots of potential. The pace is excellent - relatively slow but with steady movement - and it’s organized exceptionally. Thread titles are great; but its downfall is that seldom is there a thread that lives up to its title: i.e. subjects are excellent, posts are not. I would often be forced to point this out, and I got the sense most people there thought I was an asshole. Eventually gave up.

  1. Internet Infidels

First, I should mention the first time I attempted to register here, the mods rejected my application because I put ‘Solitude’ as my location, saying something like, ‘We only want serious posters here.’ A few months later I overlooked this and re-registered. Presently, I’d say this board is worthwhile, but haven’t been there since finding ILP.

  1. ILP

For the moment, I’d say this is the best philosophy board on the net. We’ll see how long this opinion lasts. :wink:

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Daybreak, great contributions!


I’ve been glancing over some of these boards over the last 24 hours (obviously not in a continuous fashion) and the one that struck me most was the Galilean Library.

As Dunamis said, the topics are interesting but the discussion is not. There seems no healthy range of opinions and as such the conversations go round in circles with everyone simply confirming the beliefs that they brought to the discussion in the first instance. I read about a dozen threads on the topic of philosophy of media (obviously one of my more favoured topics) and to be honest the arguments were no better than those found in a highschool media studies class, though were obviously much more lucidly presented. The failure to see the tension between the demand for a free press and the demand for objectivity, for example, resulted in a series of conversations that reminded me primarily of Sisyphus and his rock pushing exploits.

My only conclusion from this is that dissent, disagreement, agonistics, these are the basis for lively and dynamic discussion. One of the problems of ‘renegade’ forums (i.e. splitters from other forums) is that all the people are of similar minds and consequently you don’t really get a discussion, you get people hanging their opinions on the wall and not really doing much else…

Able2know - no idea about that, I certainly don’t remember posting on it. Maybe some infidel has purloined my monicker and is spreading malicious gossip…

Ben Maimon discussion

Medieval forum

Boy, that’s almost as busy as ILP’s Heavily Moderated Philosophy forum…profundity seems to have a very long wavelength. :slight_smile:


It’s not a popular topic outside of institutions, as you no doubt know. I am looking for another purely medieval one which I used to post on and have since forgotten. is a good small one with alot of nice people. philosophyforums promptly banned me with no warning or clear explanation as to why. I have a feeling they don’t appreciate free thought. I have never been banned without a warning first. If you are over there sometime, tell tobis I am still waiting.