"Gulf War Syndrome" explained.

“Gulf war syndrome”, characterized by veterans with bouts of insomnia, full body paralysis, and mental illness, has an unknown cause until today.

The cause, is being in a morally ambiguous war, and not having karmic unison with your spiritual energies.

“World War 2 syndrome?” Said no vet ever. Nobody gets disabled after killing hordes of Nazis.

No, the main reason is poor training and preparation. Boot camp training is not the same. After Vietnam, passive voices became influential in training our military. Today a D.I. is a hand holder not a preparer.
Another reason, people sign up for just a term as a thing to do for the moment until something better comes along. They mentally are not soldiers. Mental attitude about what you are doing affects outcome.

So, soldiers should kill each other during training, in order to prepare for real deaths on the battlefield. Seems similar to Spartan training in the Halo universe.

Where do you get kill each other? Are you really that unknowledgable? Rarely did a recruit get shot or killed. Perhaps a search on training will give you insight. The basic training was about physical and mental preparation for severe traumatic situation so that soldiers would not break down and suffer or more important, endanger others by not being able to mentally process danger safely. Many recruits or draftees were removed from the military because they could not handle training. Now that the process is gentler, those that can not handle stress go right through training. The military leaders are against this but, as their bosses are civilians that have no clue, they must follow orders.

They are merely trying to massage it into being a women’s sport.

It does play a role in trauma and aftereffecs if the war in question seems or is shameful, meaningless, for less honorable reasons and/or the soldiers are not treated with respect, etc. That said there were WW2 and WW1 vets who also had terrible psychological aftereffects, but in those days you did not talk about them, the drugs on hand were generally milder people looked the other way.

Sorry that I am not a total Halo nerd.

As someone who enlisted in the Army to serve at the start of Desert Shield, and who served through the entire Liberation of Kuwait beside fellow soldier’s that came down with “Gulf War Syndrome”, I can tall you that you are totally and ignorantly off base on this one. Many vets were given experimental vaccinations, and were also exposed to multiple chemical agents and burning petrol in the air that they had to breathe for the duration of their deployments. I have very close friends who have died and are dying of very rare cancers and other strange diseases that were perfectly healthy before they were sent over and exposed to unknown contagion. I have friends who have developed tremors and twitches that are a direct sign of neurological damage, and who still get rashes and unexplained skin lesions that are not a result of mental damage or “karma”. Many children who were born after the Gulf War vets returned, suffer from rashes, unexplained neurological impairments, and other issues. They were not there, only affected by the chemicals that biologically altered their parents sperm or eggs to result in these kinds of compromised and weakened immune systems.

The Liberation of Kuwait was not an “unjust” war, and any Kuwaiti citizen will tell you this. But that’s not even the point… Most war vets of ANY war suffer from some sort of PTSD or mental health issue, it was just not documented as well as it is documented today. My own father served during the Korean War, and was never the same after his return. He still will not speak of it to this day, and his illness and associated depression was never documented. His grandfather served in WWI, and committed suicide 4 years after returning from depression and addiction related to the time that he served. His children were 9, 4, and 2 at the time and prior to the war he was a very successful businessman with a great family and was very well regarded in his community.

War is difficult for any man or woman to experience. To have someone who is so willfully ignorant talk about it as if it they had the “answer” to why, is really offensive and unjust.

Who’s offensive and injust? You’re telling me these things as if I had some kind of role. Yet you just sit there, as if you don’t care about what the government did to your comrades. What kind of soldier are you? Where is the justice?

wtf are you on about?

You were the one who stated it was “karma”.

And I do support my fellow soldiers. I attend support groups, and help both the families and the vets. In fact, I made a career change to become a palliative care nurse and often take patients who have served first as a priority over others because of my expertise in the matter.

Really, there are some things that the ignorant should not try to talk about. Do your research and then try to form an opinion, not the other way around.

Hmm, so you let the government experiment on your comrades, and then treat them after they are diseased. How noble.

How passive and feminine.

No one knew the effects beforehand. No one. And no one knew that the vaccines had not been approved at the level we had any control over.

I see you’d rather sling shit than actually think about what you are saying. So I’m not going to waste my time anymore.

They injected your comrades with chemicals and they didn’t know the effects? That’s even worse.

You sit there, like an assembly line, waiting for them to damage your friends, just so you can heal them. How reactive, and not pro-active. It’s idiocy, symptom blaming, ignoring the root cause.

For example, why would you enlist in a military that removed democratically elected governments in the 50’s, and then replaced them with tyrants and oil tycoons?

are you just being deliberately dense and or obtuse?

You women are being dense, not me. I mentioned the metaphor of the assembly line…do you understand this?

Rather than try to fix the source of the problem you instead enlist in it’s tentacles. Then when you do not enlist in the tentacles, you rapidly try to heal it’s victims. Soon the rate of victims will exceed the rate at which you can heal them (it already has, actually, since you do nothing to alleviate the head of the beast.)

Do you understand, or are you too dense?

There is so much wrong with this.
First springs to mind the falsehood that WW2 vets come home happy. It’s rubbish. Every one that is forced to kill or be killed can be haunted for life, and many were.
All wars carry this burden to varying degrees. “Spiritual Energies” has fuck all to do with it.
It varies according to the degree of cultural preparedness, and the degree to which death and killing fits within the culture’s symbolic order.
Compare Afghanistan that has been at war from 1980 to the present. Death is an every present factor. Animal slaughter is a domestic chore.
In the USA people expect to live forever, death is clean and sanitised, even meat is bloodless carefully packed in styrofoam.
We don’t even see guts anymore. Imagine when the first time you see animals guts is your best buddy who has just stepped on a mine, or a child that your tank has just run over!!

Let’s do something fun and merge the two female’s logic together.

Krislogic - Soldiers do not prep enough for combat, and we should also weed out the mental weaklings from fighting.
Auslogic - You don’t know what it’s like, ignoramus. We were exposed to harmful chemicals overseas. The government gave us untested vaccines.

Let’s add the two lgloos together, Kris+Auslogic = Let’s give soldiers harmful chemicals while training, so they will be prepared for overseas. Then we will do our duty, like noble idiots, nursing them back to health, even though it was our country that made them sick in the first place (by destabilizing the Middle East in 1950.) We will just let the idiocy continue, run rampant and recur for all time, never looking at the source of the problem, but perpetually fixing it’s victims, Humpty Dumpty style.

Soldiers that can’t get over it are hypocrits and wealkings. I got over my PTSD before age 21. We live in a world of fat hypocrits who eat mcdonalds and pretend to care about animals but don’t even have the balls to kill one themselves. Someone who can’t take a life should not go to war for a country they don’t even know anything about.

Sounds like you are pretty fucked up to me.

“Fucked up” is the Way of Nature and Reality. When a lion gets ejected from his tribe, and his friends are killed by the alpha male, don’t you think he feels “fucked up”? If you can’t take a life, how do you expect to survive in Nature?

Whats more sickening is pretending to live in a civilized world when nothing about it is civilized. It’s all greed and politics, global unconsciousness is what’s sickening. What’s “fucked up” is stupid fat kids or women who eat mcdonalds and then 5 minutes later preach about how much they care about animals. That’s what’s fucked up.