Habitable planet found. Why not?

scitechdaily.com/first-habitabl … nter-tess/

The article did not confirm water on the planet so is it really able to sustain life? No. That article purports nothing useful but pipe dreams, misdirection, and lies. It’s all about guesswork based off of simulations, nothing concrete or substantial and should not be a representation of science.

Scientific sensationalism eh? Cool. You’re on it, thanks for pointing that out.

I think we need a category named, “Sciencie”.

Isn’t there already a category called pseudoscience which most of science these days should fall into? Most everything concerning models, simulations, and statistics falls into the pseudoscience region because it’s all about politically biased data manipulation which is transformed into newsworthy lies and political agenda’s fronting for big money interests.

I thought of that but pseudoscience implies shoty, sloppy science efforts. What I am talking about is all of the subject matter that is science related speculation about subjects typically related to science like space travel or distant planets, not that any of it is bad science. It is just not related to actual experimentation (which is what science is supposed to be entirely about).

Their statistics, models, and simulations are their experimentation with specific goals to obtain continued funding guiding their dishonesty in the manipulation of their data or the propping up of insufficient data which renders their experimentation shotty at best, definitely pseudo since much of their findings are fabricated.

Their models and simulations are their speculations. They have no statistics involving other worlds. How many times did someone go to another world to find out how well their model was accurate? How many tests have they made? - None. Isn’t it 100% speculation? The only relation to science is that they use high tech devices to capture pictures. Everything more than that doesn’t take a scientist. It’s mere speculation about a subject that is associated with science. It is sciencie stuff.

I agree that what is reported as science news is purely about politics and who is funding what. Political and financial corruption has invaded everything.

Well yes, they say their deep space satellites, probes, and cameras captured this and measured that but it’s bold faced lies. And I made a generalized statement about the hocus pocus of modern science when I included the flagrant use of statistics in today’s peer reviewed studies referring to other areas of science. I think I’m more grieved that this stuff is peddled as sciencie even than you because of all their falsification of what they submit as evidence. And notice how the article portrays this “potentially habitable” planet as legitimate based off of nothing, reading like thousands of peer reviewed, unfortunately legitimized, scientific studies of pure sensationalism and propaganda.

Back off, wendy. Conservatives will never get that planet so give it up.

Politics leaves nothing to truth.

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I’d be a contender to go, but that would be to get away from this divisive/constantly-warring planet… not that I live in a war-zone or anything (not counting the IRA bombings or terror-attacks). :neutral_face: