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to soothe plaintive hearts
the mind would create a soul
for companionship

for companionship
matrices are created
in an empty womb

in an empty womb
(your turn :slight_smile: )

In an empty womb,
Lies an unfertilized egg,
That’s where I come in.

That’s where I come in.
But when? And how? And for what?
Can I split these hairs?

Can I split these hairs
sprung from angel heads dancing
on pins we fashion

You dare part the hair
and poke it about in there
in the buff and bare


Oh heck I did that wrong didn’t I?!?

Hang about

OK from Oughtist’s last one

On pins we fashion
On tender hooks we ration
With whiskey lashin

With whiskey lashin’
These insides, water not with-
Standing, I’m falling.

(oops, sorry for the poetus interruptis, krossie, …fine save!! :laughing: )

With whisky lashin
eyes glimpse blinks blur’d by spirits
of life drunk in swigs

oops again… way to quicken the pace, anon… I return respectfully to yours (but have to rush off at the moment)

Choice is a good thing. :slight_smile:

no wait

mash up!!! (saving me much work!)

Standing, I’m falling.
Spinning while thinking too much
of life drunk in swigs

Thanks for making the day a little less boring chaps!

Of life drunk in swigs -
Is my stomach big enough?


anon wrote,

Qualitatively? How little asked for….
Though nature still beckons…
Away! we say…quantitatively remains

In this alas we bare our shame:
Syllable count goes right out the window!
Sloppy? Or carefree?

anon wrote:

Sloppy? Or carefree?
An apple hangs on a tree…
What answer given?

[size=50](I’m seeing it now!) :laughing: [/size]

What answer given?
Why does the fair weather fig
Bear his name instead?

anan wrote:

Bear his name instead?
Why such trivial matters!
Still, Anon it is!

Still, Anon it is
sitting, motionless, focused
on and on, Anon.

On and on, Anon
A transcendental Buddha
Aum – deeply embraced!!

Aum - deeply embraced:
Many (a) pad may hum bums
numb from wisdom won